How 30 Minutes of Exercise Changes Your Body

man doing crunches and started taking Progentra

If you begin to exercise for 30 minutes, a couple times a week, you will see significant changes in your body. There are many health benefits that come from this much exercise. Whether you are going for daily walks, or hitting the gym hard, just 30 minutes will be all that your body needs to stay healthy. Here are a few things to expect when you begin exercising for 30 minutes, a few times a week:

During Exercise:

Metabolic rate increases. Your metabolism will increase every time that you spend just 30 minutes working out. Your metabolism will get better and better each week if you keep up this amount of exercise. Remember that your metabolism will increase quicker if you are spending time in the gym. If you are only staying active for about 30 minutes, it will take longer for your metabolism to improve, but it will get there!

Blood viscosity is improved. This means that you blood will flow easier through your veins. This can help many things, especially your cardiovascular system. Your heart will begin beating easier every time you exercise.

Oxygen flow increases. When you are resting, like sitting on the couch, your oxygen flow rate is about 8 liters per minute. Once you are exercising, your oxygen flow rate goes up to about 100 liters per minute. Of course, your body is working harder so you need more oxygen, but this is very beneficial to your heart, brain, and many other organs.

Increased blood flow. Once you begin exercising for 30 minutes a couple times a week, your blood flow increases. This is super beneficial to all of your organs. It can help everything, from your brain health to your sexual health. Once your blood flow increases, you will begin to notice many benefits.

Right after Exercise:

fit guy who takes Progentra doing push ups outdoorsYou begin digesting faster. Once you are done exercising, your body begins to break down foods faster. It can break down carbohydrates and proteins four times faster than before you exercised. Exercising kicks your body into high gear, which help you to lose weight easier and quicker. The more you exercise, the more weight you will lose.

Your brain releases endorphins. After exercise, your brain releases endorphins, otherwise known as “feel good hormones.” This is why many people feel a high after exercise. It is a great thing for your body to release more endorphins. It can help to battle mental illness and make you healthier overall.

A Few Hours after Exercise:

Your self-esteem rises. Exercise can help make you more confident in yourself. With increased endorphins, blood flow, and every other positive aspect of exercise, you will begin feeling more confident in yourself. Once you start seeing physical changes in your body, you will have even more confidence than you have ever had.

Your blood pressure normalizes. Exercise can help to reduce stress, which can help to decrease your blood pressure. Once your blood pressure decreases, you will see a difference in how your body works. You might not even know the effects that higher blood pressure caused by stress has on your body, but you will see the differences after you begin exercising regularly.

You sleep better. The quality of your sleep improves, which leads to sleeping better overall. After exercising, the benefits of an increased confidence level, lower blood pressure, and everything in between, you will notice your sleep patterns becoming regular. Once you begin exercising regularly, you will be more likely to get a good night’s sleep every night.

After A Few Weeks of Exercise:

Lung capacity is increased. Along with your cardiovascular system, your lungs also become healthier. By exercising regularly, for just a couple weeks, you will be able to do more for longer. You will notice that you are able to spend more time in the gym, doing activities with your family, or anything else that you do that you found yourself getting tired from before.

Your blood vessels work better. This is a side effect of your heart getting healthier. Once your heart and blood vessels begin to work better, you will find yourself being more active on a daily basis. You will feel better and you will feel like getting up and doing something more often than you did before.

fit guy lifting kettle bell during a workoutYou become sturdier. You may not get larger from regular exercise, unless you want to, but regular exercise will help you become sturdier. If you are exercising correctly, as in not causing unnecessary injury, you will find that you are stronger than ever before.

Your hemoglobin level improves. This means that your number of red blood cells increases. It can increase from 5 million to 6 million after just a few weeks of regular exercise. This helps to increase your overall health and wellness.

Your immune system improves. You will be less likely to get sick if you exercise regularly. Exercise will increase your lymphocytes in your blood. These will help to fight off any illnesses that you may contract. These lymphocytes will fight off illness before you ever start to feel the symptoms.

Your body regulates better. Your body will regulate sugar, and everything else, in your blood more easily. This can help to fight off many different conditions and diseases, especially diabetes and heart disease. Once your body is regulating these things better, your chance of contracting many different conditions and diseases drops by almost half.

Your body stores less fat. Your body will be less likely to store unhealthy fats once you begin exercising regularly. Once you are active regularly, your body will burn fat and build muscle, compared to when you are not active and it is more likely to store fat.

After A Few Months of Exercise:

You will be less stressed. Things may not change in your life, but you will notice that you are less likely to be stressed about things you were before. You will also be less likely to experience symptoms of depression and mood swings.

Your life expectancy increases. Although this will only increase as you continue working out regularly, your life expectancy increases. This is a major benefit of regular exercise. Make sure you are exercising for at least 30 minutes a few times a week.