5 Flirting Mistakes All Men Make


That initial step in seducing women is the whole game of flirting. No matter how many times you give it a go, there are bound to be times that you mess up. Just when you think everything is going smoothly, you put your foot in it and spew out the most ridiculous phrase or ask a genuinely insane question. Sometimes this will result in a strange look from the woman, but it could end up with them turning on their heels and making a swift exit, or throwing a beverage in your face. If you find that this happens to you frequently, you are likely to be making one of these key flirting mistakes:

 1. Information overload

preview-full-Couple-texting-phone-sms-fight-866x487When you first meet someone, you are trying to get a feel for them. It is like eating a sample in Costco. You don’t have to give them the whole block of cheese, just a nibble. However, we are all guilty of trying to impress women so hard that we give them every detail of our lives to try and find one thing they will be impressed about. She probably doesn’t care about your Auntie Mary’s dog who can walk, so leave the extended family out! Stick to the basics and ask her plenty of questions.

 2. Your mind is on the result

Flirting can be considered a means to an end; either she falls in bed with you or she falls in love with you. However, it’s so much more than that and the exciting, tempting journey of seduction holds a powerful energy of sexual tension. This energy is interrupted when your mind is focusing on the end goal. While you might not think this is true, thinking about what you might get from the interaction rather than the interaction itself leads to a number of things. Firstly, you get nervous and end up saying stupid things before you brain thinks about it because you’re not concentrating. Secondly, she notices you are not concentrating, mainly because of the way your eyes will frequently and subconsciously glance at her boobs. Keep your head in the game if you want to use your game in the bed.

 3. Treat them mean, keep them keen

Nobody likes to be made fun of. Nobody likes to be messed around. Nobody wants to hear how you think they should improve. Treating her mean, with the cold shoulder, sarcasm, and snide remarks may have worked in the 1940’s, but it sure as hell won’t work these days. If your aim is to come across as arrogant and self-important, this is a great mantra to have, but if you really want girls to be intrigued by you, you need to be inviting.

 4. Being overly friendly

Are you looking to get your rocks off or to make a good buddy? Bing a good friend to a lady in a bar can be seen as either condescending or a one way ticket to the friendzone. She may not understand that you like her with your friendly remarks. You need to induce sexual tension through your voice and your body language.

 5. Lying to look cool


So, she says she like house music. Don’t say you do too if you don’t know anything. You can’t talk your way out of that and you will come across like an agreeable idiot. It’s ok to understand what she’s talking about or to have differences, just don’t pretend you know because you’ll get caught short.

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