5 Herbs for Natural Healing-How to Improve Your Health Through Natural Means

cup of tulsi tea

1. Tumeric

turmeric powder and rootsTumeric is a spice that can benefit us in many different ways, and is especially well known for its ability to fight cancer and maintain cognitive ability. It is a spice that is very similar to ginger and in fact is in the same family.
You may not be familiar with the spice as it originates in India, and is mainly used in cuisines from this area of the world. It is one of the main ingredients found in curry as well as other foods because not only of its high anti oxen value and other health benefits it brings to the table but pet peppery hot flavor.
While many people especially in the west are tentative about eating spicy food, eating more of these types of spices can improve our health, especially when it comes to the colon and digestive tract as a whole.

2. Aloe Vera

chopped aloe vera and jar full of aloe vera

Aloe vera is a plant that many of us are familiar with, as it is one that is popularly used to treat wounds to accelerate the healing process. Not only is the aloe vera plant useful in this manner but it contains a load of other vitamins and minerals that are beneficial.

Aloe vera contains other compounds which also can help with the digestive process as it can act as a laxative. Another benefit that provides is that’s it contains many anti inflammatory agents as well, which can help us in many different ways. Inflammation is a root cause of virtually every type of disease that affects us so the ways in which aloe vera can benefit our health are numerous.

3. Tulsi (Holy Basil)

Holy basil may not be something that you’re too familiar with as it is not the same as the basil you’re probably used to seeing in your favor pasta dish or in a pesto sauce. With that being said, if you are of Indian heritage holy basil tea is something you probably very familiar with, as it is even considered to be a sacred plant among many people’s who are from this area.

Holy basil is slowly becoming more popular in the west as more and more people in these regions are beginning to realize how beneficial this herb can beat to their health. It is one that’s can be extremely beneficial to the functioning of the cardiovascular system as well has anti-fungal properties making it an effective fighter against disease.

4. Cinnamon

This spice is not only one that tastes great that you regularly see in many types of desserts and other dishes, but is one that can provide us with many health benefits as well. Cinnamon is especially of note here because of its ability to help better regulate our blood glucose levels, which is a problem that many people deal with.

If you are someone that is prediabetic or is someone that has type 2 diabetes, adding more cinnamon to your diet can help you beat the disease, while providing other anti-inflammatory benefits as well.

5. Rosemary

This aromatic herb is one that is in the mint family, and is something that we’re looking for mainly because of its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This is because it contains caffeic and rosemarinic acids, both known for their therapeutic properties.

While you could chop up some rosemary to add to your dishes, most people prefer to take a supplement or to defuse rosemary oil to get the benefits of the plant.