Add That Extra Spice to Your Love Life


Your love life can be something special. You don’t have to follow the herd and have a boring sex life that you would never brag about. Instead, choose to add that extra spice to your love life. Decide to do things differently for a change and make the most of what you have. Decide to spend more time with your partner and do so with love and respect. Find out the best ways you can add more spice to your love life right here today!

Deep Breathing

There may be many things in your life that are catching you up or bringing you stress. You may have a ton of emails from work that you need to go through. Maybe there are errands you need to run or household maintenance items on the task list. Don’t put your mind into these things too much. Yes, you do need to get them done but you don’t need to stress over them. By doing some deep breathing techniques, you can let your mind become calm. This way when you get to spending time with your partner you will be able to focus more on her instead of everything else that needs to be done.

Keep a Flashlight in the Bedroom

Right, now you may be wondering how a flashlight is going to help you add spice to your love life? Well, you can lay under the covers with your partner with a flashlight and just talk. You could also use the flashlight to play the light off her skin. Touch her on the areas you are flashing the light. This is often very intriguing for women.

Get Reading

Did you know many women find it quite romantic when their man reads to them? The best way to do this is to bring some wine or even some chocolate to bed. Lay in the bed with or without clothes and read her a hot and heavy romance novel. There are many books in this genre that can heat up your love life.

Flirt with Her


Another way you can increase that spice in your love life is to flirt with her. Whether you have just started dating, you are engaged, you just got married or you have been married for years, women love when their man flirts with them. They want to know you are still attracted to them and that you will still take the effort to give them butterflies again.

Choose the Movie

You may be used to watching chick flicks by now but you can change this up. If you have been in the relationship for a bit, you should choose the movie. It might be a slightly sexual chick flick or you may go all the way and get into an erotic film as well. Surprise her and watch her reactions when you turn on the movie as well.

Have Fun Playing Games

preview-full-kiss couple loveThis doesn’t mean you should be a sore winner or a sore loser. The way to get competitive with your partner is to play games with her. Whether it is a fun game of basketball or a card game, play the fun way. Don’t follow by the rules and make up your own together before the game starts. You can make any game a bit more interesting by adding in some sexual rules to it.

Tease Her in a New Way

You may not realize this but after a while your lady is going to get bored if you tease her in the same way all the time. You need to tease her in a new way. Find that place on her neck that you haven’t teased since you got together. Kiss her ear or touch that spot on her leg that you know gets to her. These are just some ideas but surely you can come up with some more.

If you are in a relationship, it could always use some extra spice. Many people end up losing their relationships because they become boring. You can use these tips to make sure you add more fun, excitement, intimacy and spice to your love life. Don’t wait until things get boring, try out these things sooner rather than later.