Back to Bulking–The Rules to Follow and Most Common Mistakes to Avoid

Now that summer is over, it is that time of year again where we should be eating an excess of calories if we’re weight training and looking to put on muscle mass. Many people make the mistake of eating of wrong types of foods this time of year which inevitably ends up in them putting on more fat than muscle.

Balancing your diet and eating enough calories to put on muscle mass while at the same time not getting fatter is difficult but not impossible. With that being said requires the right amount of dedication in both your exercise routine in your diet.

Here Are the Most Effective Ways to Bulk Up During the Fall and Winter

1-Eat More Clean Calories

The first thing you have to do to going to put on any more muscle mass is to eat at a caloric surplus. You don’t eat more food your body isn’t going to be able to synthesize more muscle tissue and you’ll be putting all of that effort for no reason.

When you’re trying to put on more muscle mass the most important macronutrient is protein. Most of us know this however many of us are under the false impression that we can eat garbage foods during bulking season and get away with it.

If you’re really serious about putting on is much muscle mass as you can without getting fat in the process is well, you have to choose foods that have a good amount of lean protein in them. This means having foods like hamburgers, steaks, pork belly and other similar foods which are also high in fat are ones we want to have on rare occasion.

Our diet should instead consist mainly of foods like grilled chicken, ground turkey, grilled salmon and other similar foods. Not only is the source of the protein important, but the preparation as well. That’s why you want to stick grilled chicken as opposed to chicken parmigiana, fried chicken and other methods preparation which add fats back into the dish.

2-Don’t Avoid All Carbohydrates

Another common mistake many people make them bulking season is eliminating carbohydrates altogether from their diet. While eating an excess of carbohydrates is quick path to getting fat, properly utilizing them can really help you in putting on more muscle mass.

For example, simple carbohydrates and usually frowned upon by many dietitians and nutritionists as far as weight loss is concerned. This is because these foods contain simple sugars which are more easily absorbed by the body as they need to be broken down only a little bit if at all.

If we were to eat the simple carbohydrates prior to exercise however it can give us good energy boost to get us going, and in turn we can get more out of our work out. These types of sugars drive glycogen to the muscles giving them a greater supply of energy.

Complex carbohydrates on the other hand like brown rice, whole oats, and sweet potatoes are great foods to eat earlier on in the day breakfast and lunch. This is because these foods take longer for the body to break down, and thus they give us a more steady supply of energy throughout the day.

3-Don’t Cut Out Cardio

A huge mistake people make during bulking season is that they cut out cardio completely from their routine. This is because of the belief that doing so was going to cut down on their gains which is not only untrue, but can hurt their progression in the long run.

This is because of one of the major benefits of cardiovascular exercise, that being an improvement in the delivery of blood and nutrients within the blood throughout the body. This of course includes our skeletal muscles and in doing so helps us to put on muscle faster by decreasing recovery time needed after exercise and allowing you to do more reps during exercise.

But that being said you don’t want to go overboard either, so you want to shoot for about two or three cardio sessions per week, approximately 30 minutes per session. Doing so will still provide you with the metabolism boosting benefits without hurting your gains in the process.