Beverages to Drink Other Than Water-Here’s What You Should Be Having to Be Healthy

By now we should know that beverages loaded with sugar are bad for our health, including favorites like soda, sports drinks, fruit juice and others. While these beverages are ok to have in moderation, many of us fall victim to overindulging at ourselves, which cause many health problems such as obesity and diabetes to name a couple.

On the flip side we know that water should be our joint of choice however it is obviously flavorless and not exactly enticing to drink. Luckily for us there are plenty of other drinks out there and there’s a lot more variety in these healthy drinks than one would expect.

Here are some of the healthiest rinks you can possibly be consuming, and one’s you don’t have to feel bad about adding to your diet.

1-Tumeric Tea

If you’re not already drinking tea, you need to be including this drink in your diet. This is because all forms of tea have some kind of antioxidant power, is specially varieties like tumeric tea.

This variety in particular is of note because of antioxidants which are specially effective in reducing inflammation. Inflammation is the root cause of many types of diseases, and is believed to be especially effective against reducing degeneration in the brain.

2-Coconut Water

Coconut water is another drink and can be extremely healthy for us, as it is a great thing to consume when it comes to keeping hydrated. And of course contains water but also has plenty of essential electrolytes, such as potassium and sodium which serve many functions within the body.

Making sure that you get the right amount of electrolytes is important because you don’t do so your body leeches them from other areas of your body, such as in the case with calcium which can lead to bone loss and even potentially osteoporosis.


3-Dark Hot Chocolate

When we think of healthy drinks hot chocolate definitely isn’t one actually come to mind because typically are ID which we drink is that of milk chocolate which is loaded with sugar and fat.

This is of course not healthy however it could be if we were to choose dark chocolate instead. This is because dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants, which are well known for their ability to fight off inflammation and disease.

If you choose the right type of dark chocolate which should be a variety which contains at least 80% cocoa or more, this can provide you with more antioxidant power than serving of blueberries could.

4-Green Vegetable Drinks

For many people out there the idea of trading of vegetable based drink could be gross, as it really doesn’t contain much of sugar, salt, or fat-the ingredients our body craves.

Not only can doing so the healthy which is pretty obvious, but these types of drinks can taste good as well. The key here is making sure these drinks consist mainly of vegetables, while throwing few fruits in here and there to give the drink some sweetness and to mask the other flavors.

These drinks are going to provide us with a whole variety of different nutrients, including most of the vitamins out there which we need, as well as plenty of calcium, iron, potassium, and fiber.

Consuming these types of drugs regularly will help to reduce your chances getting all types of diseases, including various forms of cancer which are becoming more and more prevalent in society today.

5-Plant Based Milks

While some animal base milks can definitely provide us with some of the nutrients that we need, drinking these types of beverages regularly isn’t really in the best interest of our health.

This is especially true for all fat varieties which of course are loaded with calories and can cause us to put on more weight.

An alternative here are plant based milks, which can not only be tasty but are nutritious as well. Milks made from nuts and seeds in particular such as almond milk, and hemp seed milk for example are loaded with vitamin E, healthy fats and a decent amount of protein as well.

Other varieties such as oat milk or rice milk may not be as healthy as other alternatives, as they tend to be less dense in nutrients overall but have more sugars. Look for unsweetened varieties of these types of milks as some brands tend to add additional sugar to them.