Biggest Mistakes People Make When They Exercise


Exercising has many positive benefits that we have known about for a long time such as lowering body fat, reducing our risk for heart disease, reducing our risk for diabetes, among a whole slew of other things.

The problem when it comes to exercise is that people have very limited time to do so, which makes knowing how to properly perform the exercises and time management extremely important.

Making just little adjustments to your workout can do wonders, and the following tips can really help you improve your progression.

People Use Machines Too Often and Neglect Other Exercises

Machines do have their benefits, they can help to assist you in lifting weight by helping to stabilize the weight. This is great for when you are trying to hit a goal by lifting at maximum but you are will miss out on a load of other benefits if you are using machines exclusively.preview-lightbox-shutterstock_59141371

Free weights are something everyone should include in their routine for two major reasons.

First, when doing exercises with free weights you are not moving in a fixed plane like you are on a machine. Doing an exercise in a fixed plane can lead to injury because your body can not adjust accordingly. Using machines repetitively especially when doing extension exercises can destroy your joints as well.

Second, when you are using free weights you are using your secondary muscles to help out, giving them needed work as well. It is easy to forget the smaller secondary muscles when we workout and only using machines will not give these muscles work.

These secondary muscles which are mainly around the spine and joints help to stabilize the body. This helps with things like balance, lifting anything with weight, running, walking and our posture.

Bodyweight exercises are great exercises everyone should be using in their routine as well. Bodyweight exercises require no equipment set up making them friendly for people with limited time.

Bodyweight exercises are also beneficial because many of them are combination exercises that work multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Exercises like pull-ups, push-ups, and lunges are good examples of ones you should do.

Your Pre-workout and Post-workout Routine is Lacking

If you don’t stretch before you start exercising you can end up injuring yourself which defeats the whole purpose of exercising in the first place. Many people know this but still refuse to take the extra 10 minutes to do so before their routine but it is well worth it.

preview-full-shutterstock_282869204Afterwards you should be stretching again, followed by some kind of muscle massage and hot bath or compress. During exercise we are breaking down muscle fibers, twisting and turning them. These fibers get knotted up, causing stiffness and pain.

To reduce and potentially prevent this pain, it is best to stretch again following exercise, followed by a hot bath, hot compress or massage.

A hot bath or compress will help to relax the muscle fibers, which can tense up around your bones and joints after a workout. This will help to reduce pain.

A massage will help to get those knots out of your back, there are plenty of machines on the market reasonably priced that work well. Many of these products have multiple attachments which are designed for specific parts of the body like the soles of your feet, or the back of your neck.

When getting a massage or using a machine the best approach is to go slowly, applying steady pressure and spending most of your time on the problem areas.

Putting Too Much Pressure on Your Joints Doing Them Harm

If you are a runner or play sports you may be putting a whole lot of strain on your joints which could be doing more damage than good over time. We all exercise to stay in shape and have some fun so keep your joints healthy so you can continue to do so.

If you are an outdoor runner, try to find some trails local to you, find a rubber track at a school or you could even run on grass. Running on concrete or asphalt puts exerts a tremendous amount of force on our joints especially our knees.

The same thing goes for athletes as well. If you play tennis for example, again you are going to want to play on a surface that is more forgiving like grass or clay.