In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a new favorite male performance supplement in town. Male Ultracore, the new brand of male performance that seemed to pop up from nowhere, is the new king of male performance supplements. As predicted by our experts, the best products are meant to be replaced by something even better, and now the time has come for Male Ultracore to take its rightful spot as the top male performance brand.

We’ve been planning to write about Male Ultracore for several weeks now, but as you know, it takes a good amount of time to fully evaluate a product for ourselves. It’s been a while since we’ve reviewed a supplement of this quality, and we want to make sure that we do this right.

In order to conduct an objective review of Male Ultracore, we first had to be free of any effects from the supplements that we usually take. As you know, we love our male enhancement pills, and putting them aside for a month is a huge blow to our sex lives. But it has to be done in the name of science. We opted to make our reviews as objective as possible, since many of our readers take our recommendations, especially with male performance supplements. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at Male Ultracore and see exactly why thousands of men choose this brand over the hundreds of other male performance brands in the market today.

What you need to know about Male Ultracore

Male Ultracore isn’t your garden variety male performance supplement. Unlike most pills, it doesn’t claim that it can increase penis size, although its ingredients may suggest a size benefit, it outright claims that all it does is increase your sexual performance by boosting your libido and testosterone.

It’s one of the few male performance pills that actually discuss the course that your body will take once the pill is in full effect, which is quite rare, given that majority of the pills in the same niche opt to make vague claims to put themselves at a safe situation with their customers.

Male Ultracore is also one of the few brands that offer a real money-back guarantee. They let their customers evaluate the product up to 90 days and see if it meets their expectations. If you’re not completely satisfied with the product you got, you can call them directly and ask for a refund, it’s that simple.
While all of these qualities are great in male enhancement supplements, many would still expect a size boosting effect from Male Ultracore. If we are going by what they claim to their customers, Male Ultracore isn’t for men who are looking to boost size, BUT you can stack it with your penis enlargement pill of choice and enjoy the benefits of a boosted libido and performance, combined with a significant size increase.

The Science Behind Male Ultracore

If you’ve read any of our reviews, you’d know that we are big when it comes to the science behind the supplements. We simply don’t let any supplement get away with false claims and fake formulas. We test the science behind the supplement to see if it can really produce the results as they say it would.

We first studied the science behind Male Ultracore to learn the concept behind the product. If we’re going by the clinical tests, we can definitely say that the libido-boosting complex of Male Ultracore is one of the best that this industry has ever seen.

The idea behind Male Ultracore is the use of testosterone-boosting ingredients to enhance free testosterone production. On its own, testosterone-boosting ingredients are already highly-effective given that it enhances libido almost instantly after taking your first dose. However, it is also important to note that taking testosterone-boosting ingredients means that you would also have to deal with the compounds derived from testosterone, such as estrogen and estradiol.

Estrogen and estradiol are the reasons why men who take testosterone replacement treatments develop man boobs or gynecomastia, since estrogen is derived from testosterone through the aromatase enzyme. Male Ultracore has an intense blend of testosterone-boosting ingredients and it caps it off with an aromatase enzyme inhibitor to improve testosterone retention and intensify the effects of testosterone in the body.

Male Ultracore also contains PDE-5 inhibitors which mimic the effects of the popular blue pill. The combined benefits of libido boosters and PDE-5 inhibitors would turn any man into the ultimate sex machine, especially if they take the pill as intended.

Our experience with Male Ultracore

First 2 Weeks

The first week of Male Ultracore was a little bit underwhelming. Like many other male enhancement pills, nothing really happens on the first week, and we expected it from Male Ultracore. However, it is interesting that two of our volunteers reported a significant boost in his libido when he had the chance to have sex. It is noted that during the first week, only 2 of our 5 volunteers got the chance to have sex, and they both experienced a significant libido boost. If we are going to interpret this scenario, we are inclined to believe that Male Ultracore doesn’t induce awkward erections like most aphrodisiacs do, but it keeps your body prepared for sex regardless if you’re not having sex.

Week 3-4

By the third week, almost everyone who volunteered had experienced an improved libido and performance. We were so used to the effects of Male Ultracore that we noticed that it boosted our confidence in the bedroom. It’s also important to note that the increase in libido wasn’t like an uncontrollable sexual urge, it was more getting in sync with what your body wants to do during sex, and it became such an unexplainable, sexually-satisfying experience.

Male Ultracore INGREDIENTS

See what’s inside every Male Ultracore pill

Tongkat Ali

Our favorite Asian herb – Tongkat Ali. We mentioned in one of our reviews before that we wouldn’t take any aphrodisiac blend seriously if it doesn’t contain Tongkat Ali – it’s just that impactful in any supplement formula that you’d put it in. Tongkat Ali is an all-in-one ingredient – it boosts libido, improves erections, and it maximizes your stamina.


L-Arginine is common in bodybuilding supplements that aim to boost pump and recovery. It acts as a precursor to nitric oxide, which is responsible for improving your blood flow. Many erectile dysfunction cases are caused by poor blood flow, and L-Arginine works to eliminate blood flow problems.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris is the ingredient that is responsible for prolonging the effects of testosterone in the body. It synergizes perfectly with the testosterone-boosting ingredients such as tongkat ali and horny goat weed. Tribulus Terrestris inhibits the aromatase enzyme to prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

Horny Goat Weed

Horny Goat Weed is one of the most efficient aphrodisiacs in the market today. It has been used for centuries as an aphrodisiac, and modern technology turned it into the ultimate testosterone booster. Its main extract, Icariin, is responsible for all its testosterone-boosting capabilities. Male Ultracore contains a 60% Icariin extract from Horny Goat Weed, which is the purest extract that you can get from HGW.

Maca Root

Maca is an important ingredient in the formula since it helps maximize your stamina. It also helps eliminate the risk of premature ejaculation by improving your control over your sexual satisfaction. Maca Root inhibits oxytocin and prolactin, which controls your arousal after experiencing an orgasm.

Muira Puama

Muira Puama is the ingredient responsible for Male Ultracore’s fast-acting capabilities. Thanks to Muira Puama, Male Ultracore can be absorbed in minutes, and be effective in less than an hour. Muira Puama kickstarts the formula by acting as the first aphrodisiac and PDE-5 inhibitor absorbed by the body.

Damiana Extract

Damiana Extract is well-known as a study aid and cognitive enhancer. Its role in the formula is to enhance the sexual pleasure that the user feels when having sex. Its combination with strong aphrodisiacs further enhance the pleasure that a user experiences when having sex.

Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa

Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa acts as a booster for the other aphrodisiacs in the formula.

Butea Superba

Butea Superba synergizes with Muira Puama to produce intense results in the first minutes after taking the first dose.


Male Ultracore definitely changed the way we thought about male enhancement supplements. A size boost is good, but it’s not everything that you need to improve your sexual performance. If anything, Male Ultracore would make you a better sexual performer than any other penis enlargement pill.
We’ve tried plenty of other male performance pills, but Male Ultracore is definintely on a class of its own. As men who review supplements for a living, we can honestly say that it’s better than anything that we’ve ever tried. Taking Male Ultracore daily is like going back to your young adult years when you had the energy and passion for sex. The only difference is that you now have the experience and the know-how to make yourself an even better sexual partner than you ever were.

Simple carbohydrates are not-so-good for you; On the other hand, complex carbohydrates are actually pretty good for you. Here me out on this.

Simple carbohydrates consist of things like white pasta, white bread, white rice, etc. That’s technically why many people eat burgers without buns. That’s also technically why people don’t use white dough anymore to make pizza. Instead, they go without the carbohydrates or they replace the carbohydrates with something more ‘healthy.’

Complex carbohydrates do the opposite; Instead of supplying your body with unnecessary calories and weighted foods, complex carbohydrates help you rather than hurt you. They’re honestly considered to be the ‘good carbs,’ so to speak. Why is that? Health care professionals claim that these good carbs help you by making the digestion process naturally go slower. In addition, complex carbs don’t spike the blood sugar in your body nearly half as much as the simple carbs do.

Just for a forewarning to you before I rattle off the complex carbs you should have in your diet, I’m going to tell you what simple carbs are (or should I say examples of them). Simple carbs consist of things such as ice cream, juice, candy, and white bread. So, see, it’s not just white bread, white pasta, and white rice that can really knock at your health. Take these simple carbohydrates in, but take them into your body in moderation.

Now that I’ve had my little rant, I’ll get into the details you’ve been looking for this whole time: Complex Carbohydrates You Should Definitely Incorporate into Your Diet.

Let’s go!


Our daily fiber intake should be approximately 30 grams. Now, if you take one cup of chickpeas and cook them up whatever way you’d like, you’ve already hit the one-third mark. Why? Well, because one cup of chickpeas contains 10 grams of fiber, that’s why. Additionally, chickpeas are loaded with calcium and phosphate, two great nutrients that promote healthy bones.

Old-Fashioned Oats

Old-fashioned oats are also known as rolled oats. And, these oats are filled with nutrients such as folate, manganese, iron, and a ton of B vitamins. Other important nutrients are found within them, too.

In addition to all of this, old-fashioned oats also lower LDL cholesterol (if you didn’t know, that’s the bad cholesterol).

Multigrain Hot Cereal

I eat oatmeal almost every day. It’s delicious. However, sometimes eating oatmeal every day can be boring. If you want to switch it up a little, transition your morning meals over to multigrain hot cereal. You can add any grain to it, such as oats, rye, millet, or triticale.

Plus, the more grains you have in your diet, the more variety of nutrients you’ll have in your body to promote a healthier lifestyle.

Sweet Potatoes

Although they may be as sweet as their name suggests, they are not bad for you. Sweet potatoes have a natural sugar within them that actually gets released into the bloodstream rather slowly. Why does the sugar get released slowly? Well, because there’s a ton of fiber in them.

In addition, sweet potatoes have a ton of vitamin C in them which helps boost immunity and a ton of beta-carotene in them which helps reduce risks of heart disease and certain cancers.

Butternut Squash

Butternut squash is low in calories and it’s super starchy. Because of this, it can easily replace heavier carbs like baked potatoes. On top of this, butternut squash also supplies the body with a great quantity of vitamin E, therefore making your skin naturally healthy.


One medium-sized potato has so much more potassium in it than a banana does. And even though it may not be as good for you as sweet potatoes and butternut squash is, it’s still a good carbohydrate to incorporate into your regular diet. Also, they’re typically great for people who are trying to manage their blood pressure, considering the amount of potassium that is in them.

Black Beans

Beans have a lot of protein and fiber in them. Because of this, beans can promote satiety tenfold. Specifically speaking, adding beans to each meal can make you feel fuller quicker and they can stop you from overeating at mealtimes. Surprisingly, because beans can make you feel fuller quicker, they can also make you not want to snack between meals.

Tip: The best part about black beans is that they’re extremely affordable.


Though quinoa is technically not a grain, it still has some awesome heart-healthy benefits just like whole grains do. And, quinoa can be incorporated into any meal. As a matter of fact, the little seeds are often put into meals such as stir-fries, salads, and whole grain bowls.

Brown Rice

White rice doesn’t have the germ, bran, and endosperm of the grain; On the other hand, brown rice does have these aspects of the grain. Because of this, brown rice has more nutrients, fiber, and protein. Some of the nutrients present in brown rice consist of selenium, iron, zinc, and a few B vitamins.


Lentils are extremely low in fat, yet extremely high in protein. The best part about these grains is that they’re extremely cheap. Additionally, they can replace any meat in any meal at a cost and time-effective rate.

Specifically speaking, lentils contain an approximate 18 grams of protein and 16 grams of fiber in each cup. Accomplishing this, lentils get you feeling full and satisfied in as little as no time.

Green Peas

Green peas contain a slew of nutrients including fiber, folate, and vitamins A, C, and K. What’s better is that they have very minimal calories (a whopping 81 calories per serving), making them super good for your health and overall weight.


By Jenny Lyn

nervous guy biting his nails

Other than nail biting being a nasty habit (according to your mom) you can’t kick, there are actually some negative health effects that come from biting your nails. Nail biting also comes from an emotional imbalance. It is a super common form of dealing with stress or panic. Also, chewing pencils, pens, or anything else, is the same form of this stress release that many of us do. Many anxious nail biters do not even realize that this is what they are doing to relieve the stress in their lives. Biting your nails is a good indicator of stress, so you will be able to access stress triggers in your life, but biting your nails can also cause some gross issues. Here are a few reasons why you should stop biting your nails.


When you bite your nails too short, you can open up delicate skin and risk infection. There is a lot of different bacteria in your mouth, and by having your fingers, and this exposed skin, in your mouth you risk infection. The most common form of infection that you can get from biting your nails is called paronychia. This can cause swelling, pain, redness, and pus filled lumps. This can last for weeks and is hard to get rid of. Generally, this infection happens in your cuticles, so if that is where you bite, make sure to stop before you get this infection.


man biting his thumb nail just heard about ProgentraYour saliva is for breaking down your food molecules so that your stomach has an easier time digesting. Although this good for your gut health, it is not good for your skin. Your saliva can break down your skin and cause damage and inflammation. Most of this inflammation and damage happens on the fingertips, since they are always in your mouth. Just like how your lips get chapped from your saliva, your fingertips essentially get chapped too causing inflammation.


Putting your fingers in your mouth is never a great idea, even when you were little. There are so many random things that we touch throughout the day, that you never really know what could be on there. From the subway to your office, there are millions of germs just waiting to get in your body and make you sick. Chewing your nails gives these germs and other organisms a straight pathway into your body. So yes, chewing your nails is bad, but think about the access that you are giving to things that are even worse every time you put your fingers in your mouth.

Ingrown Nails

The more often you bite your nails, the more likely you are to get ingrown nails. Your finger nail bed is the prime place that your nail cells grow, and by chewing on them, you break these down. This makes it more likely for your nails to become deformed and create ingrown nails. Also, the infections that you can get from biting your nails can contribute to ingrown nails. This is when you ingrown nails have are pussy, inflamed, and more painful than normal. Ingrown nails are an avoidable problem.

Facial Warts

Warts can be contagious, especially if you pick at them. This can get the bacteria under your nails which will translate to your face, lips, neck, and mouth. Since warts are fairly contagious, it is not surprising that once the bacteria gets under your nails it can translate to other areas of your body. To make sure that you do not get facial warts, it is best to leave any existing ones that you have alone or get them removed.

Hand Herpes

man with deformed nails due to bitingThis is not exactly herpes, but it is the best way to explain the condition. If you have herpes, you can infect your fingers. Especially when you are biting them down so that the soft skin is exposed. This can give you fevers, but it usually starts out with a painful burning and tingling. This feeling is located, generally, in your fingertips, not your whole hand. After a short amount of time, you can also get pus filled sores. The pus filled sores, and the pain, usually last about two weeks.

Teeth Problems

Your gums, and your tooth sockets, can be destroyed by nail biting. This can make your teeth crooked and/or painful. Nail biting can also fracture your teeth. This is caused by the constant biting of your nails. Nail biting can also trigger gingivitis. By having all that bacteria entering your mouth, and most likely sitting in your gum, you can develop gum disease.


One of the main triggers of nail biting is stress. Stress is pretty bad for your health, although we all have to deal with it in some way or another. Your stress levels are probably fairly high if you are a chronic nail biter. Other than having the other negative health effects, stress is probably one of the worst. The only good thing about knowing that nail biting is stressed related is that you will have an easier time understanding your triggers. By realizing when you bite your nails the most, you will be able to avoid these situations, or at least recognize that you are in a stressful situation.

Nail biting is only one of the many bad habits that many people have. You can look to the internet to find ways to help yourself from stopping your nail biting habit, or at least limit it. One of your best bets is talking to a healthcare professional about it. They will have some of the best, and most foolproof, ways to stop your nail biting habit. Even if you have never experienced any of these illnesses, you should still try to stop your habit before something does happen. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms that are mentioned above, make sure to make an appointment with your doctor to talk about it. You may find out that you are experiencing one or more of these problems that come with nail biting.

jellyfishes in the water

I don’t know about you, but I think getting stung by a jellyfish is probably one of the worst things that can happen to us humans. And, what’s the worst part about it? Getting stung by one is a lot more common than you’d think it is, for sure.

It’s okay, there is some good news regarding the matter: Jellyfish stings are very easy to treat, and they are hardly ever life-threatening, phew! As a matter of fact, most jellyfish stings have you experiencing the most pain within the first five minutes. After that, the pain tends to subside minute by minute. And, the pain should never last more than 24 hours.

So, if you do get stung by a jellyfish this summer, I want you to be prepared and to know what to do, and what not to do, in the situation. Here we go!

Man, get out the water!

Yes, I meant to say it like that; It just sounds funnier than saying, “Get out of the water.”

Anyways, you should really get out of the water. You want to do everything in your power to get on land and avoid another jellyfish sting from happening.

However, DO NOT rinse off the sting area with drinking water.

Bad, bad idea. Doing this can actually increase your pain, believe it or not.

When you get stung by a jellyfish, nematocysts begin to roam the cells in your body where the sting took place. Rinsing the sting area off with drinking water actually allows the nematocysts to release even more venom into your cells, therefore increasing the pain.

Instead, rinse the area with salt water. Do yourself a favor; Don’t touch the area with your bare hands. Please.

Rumor has it: Pee on the sting. Actually, don’t pee on the sting.

This does absolutely nothing. It’s just a rumor. I swear. The worst part is, we don’t know who started the myth. Unfortunately, those of you out there that are lovers of the show Friends may think otherwise, considering Chandler pees on Monica in an episode and it happens to kind of heal the area.

Believe me when I say, it IS a myth. Even medical professionals claim it is.

vinegar first aid for jellyfish sting on the beachInstead of urine, use vinegar.

You may or may not have heard this one before, but use vinegar. Many doctors today recommend using vinegar, or even acetic acid, to reduce the pain and swelling. The pain should go away almost instantly.

If you have shaving cream, you might want to try putting it on the area.

This may sound like a crazy myth, but it’s not.

When vinegar isn’t handy, allow shaving cream to come to the rescue.

Shaving cream actually makes the nematocysts stay together, therefore not allowing them to rupture in your cells (this is how they cause so much pain). Then, once the pain subsides, just wipe the shaving cream off and you should be A-OK.

Applying heat will get the job done right.

If there are any remaining tentacles, medical professionals have suggested removing them with a sort of “blunt object.” After this is done, they say to continue rinsing the area with salt water, not drinking water. Finally, it is recommended to put something hot on the spot where the sting initiated. For example, a heat pack or an exceptionally grand amount of hot water should be applied to the surface. Be sure to make it as hot as the person can tolerate. Do this for around 20 minutes, or for as long as it takes for the pain to go away.

If symptoms get worse…

Most of the time, if you use the tactics listed above, you should feel relief from pain sooner rather than later.

However, if the symptoms do get worse, go seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Most jellyfish stings produce symptoms of mild to moderate pain, irritation, uneasy sensations, and burning feelings. If the jellyfish sting produces symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, trouble walking, headaches, or seizures, seek medical attention at your nearest hospital.

After the pain subsides…

Once the pain is treated, and the inflammation has gone down, go to your local drug store. Buy hydrocortisone cream or any oral antihistamine just to be safe. If there is any itching or swelling left over, these items should help speed up the healing process.

If the sting is not very bad…

jellyfish washed ashore next to man's footSometimes, the jellyfish doesn’t have the chance to fully get into you. And, even still, sometimes you get lucky, and the jellyfish sting happens to not be so bad. If that’s the case, medical professionals recommend for people to apply ice packs to the area. In addition, over-the-counter pain killers may be used, or antihistamines can be another option of relief.

If there happens to be an open sore, be sure to clean it at least three times a day. Apply antibiotic ointment if necessary, and place a bandage over the area if you’re leaving the house.


If you have a jellyfish sting, please be sure to not do the following:

  • Scrape or claw stingers out with fingers and/or nails
  • Rinse using your own, or someone else’s urine (remember, it’s a myth!)
  • Rinse with fresh and/or drinking water, as this could increase pain
  • Apply meat tenderizer (believe it or not, some people have this idea)
  • Apply alcohol as if it’s a sterilizing agent, you do not need to sterilize the area!
  • Apply ethanol and/or ammonia, as this will really increase painful symptoms, it may promote severe reactions, too
  • Rub the area with a towel or blanket
  • Apply any sort of pressure bandage to the area

Good luck this summer!


By Jenny Lyn

mobile phone with linkedin app on top of laptop

LinkedIn, the social network for the career-minded. Anyone who has aspirations of landing their dream job or finding an internship has a LinkedIn profile. Currently, there are 500 million members. But, you need more than just a profile to get that job you want. You need to have a plan to maximize your presence on this vast platform of employers and employees. You must stand out. First, with your stellar profile and then with your personal brand, marketing, and networking strategy.

Your LinkedIn profile is a virtual representation of you. You must tell potential employers why you, and uniquely you, are perfect for this job, by highlighting your skills, experience, and attributes. Some people are excellent face to face and very poor when they get online. And vice-versa. These people are unable to merge the two selves into one. You do not want to be that person. Your LinkedIn profile is an electronic promise that you are giving to potential employers and you want it to show the awesome person you are in person.

Here are some ways to maximize your LinkedIn profile and your career.

After you have clarified the brand you want to present, now it’s time to build your stellar profile using these six very important aspects. By paying special attention to these facets before reaching out to people, building your groups, and posting blogs, you’ll want to ensure our profile is engaging, accurate, and current. When an employer comes to your profile and sees it isn’t updated, this shows them you aren’t serious about your career.

So, here are those six things.


Your profile picture is a great start to your online presence. While knowing your name is great, people want to know what you look like. This makes them trust you more and feel a deeper connection. Your profile picture should be taken by a professional photographer and you should face the camera, not gaze into the distance. This direct eye contact will make employers feel as if you are looking at them and you are a bold person who is confident. Types of photos that you should not add to your profile include those that are oddly cropped, selfies (even if you use a selfie stick), images that aren’t you, or low-quality images where the employer can’t tell if it’s you or your grandma/grandpa. High-quality images of at least 300 dpi are great.


linkedin login screen on tabletLinkedIn gives you a whopping 120 characters to pull employers in. That’s half of what Twitter now allows, but more than enough to let people know your job title and a tidbit of interesting information to peak their interest. Use as many characters as you need, but don’t feel obligated to use all of them. You’ll want to make sure grammar, including spelling, is correct in this section because it makes you look all the more amazing. A great formula: job title + relevant job keywords + intriguing hook. This simple formula not only tells employers your current job and keywords that you’d like people to think of when they think of you but gives them an interesting hint into your personality. Employers don’t want to hire a robot, if they did, they wouldn’t be looking on LinkedIn for one. Maybe Pluggedin, but not LinkedIn.


With a whopping 2,000 characters available at your disposal, the summary is where you can tell the story of you. Here you’ll want to add values, accomplishments, differentiation from others, credentials, passions, and personality. Personality, in this section, is important. For your summary, using the first person is great because it eliminates all distance between you and the potential employer. While you should add all the above items, make sure you word your summary wisely because you are in the business of maximizing your LinkedIn profile.


To maximize this section, you’ll want to list the companies you have worked for and the benefits you have provided them. Make sure the descriptions are active and include tangible benefits that may be monetary, converting prospects to customers, or amount of phone calls handled, for example. This complements your summary section by adding specifics. It’s best to choose the company you worked for from the electronic list as this will add their logo to your profile, adding an element of professionalism and immediate recognition of your previous company. This can grab employers who may be looking through many LinkedIn profiles to find the perfect candidate.


man logging into linkedin website on his computerThe Endorsements section is an excellent way to quickly let employers know what you have proven you can do. Many employers will base their decision to contact you based on the skills you have been endorsed for as this gives them objective proof you can do this. You’ll want to highlight your top 10 endorsed skills and arrange them by importance. These have a large impact on those who visit your profile and take up a large portion of your LinkedIn profile.


Critical to your profile, recommendations give weight to all of your claims. When requesting these from people, consider their job title and prominence, the company they work for as this will affect your brand association, and their actual words as this can highlight the skills you want to enforce and differentiate you from other candidates.

Make sure you fill out all the sections of your LinkedIn profile to maximize your chances with employers. As you are not completely sure what they’re looking for, it can’t hurt to make sure everything is complete. Not to mention, you’ll get that coveted “All-Star” rating on LinkedIn. And, trust me, when you get that it just feels good. You are the right person for the job you want. You just need to make sure your profile shows that. With these tips, you can do that.

man having botox injection on face

Sometimes, exercises and diets don’t get the job fully done. Sometimes, exercises and diets need a little extra help to make your skin looking younger and healthier. When those “times” come up, there are alternate methods to help you in your journey to younger looking skin.

In addition to those daily exercises and/or stretches you do, and in addition to that on point diet that you have, filled with tons of proteins, veggies, fruits, and appropriate carbohydrates, there are injections available for your skin.

Such injections, known as nips and tucks, will provide you with the confidence you need to feel healthier. These nips and tucks will even get rid of the potential unwanted fear you have of going out in public; You no longer have to hide your face with these nifty tricks.


So, let’s get started. Allow me to inform you on what the best injections for your health, and your looks, are. And, allow me to inform you on what NOT to do to achieve better and healthier skin. Check it out.


The injection known as Kybella was created to help people who have double chins. Scientifically, this injection targets fat cells that pool together. Once they’ve been targeted, destruction starts within the cells.

To get rid of the double chin entirely, dermatologists recommend two to three injections in total. Though each injection is approximately $1,200 each, many medical professionals suggest to do it if it becomes a real issue to your self-esteem, confidence levels, and/or ego.

Plus, the best part about this specific injection is that it never takes more than an hour to complete the single procedure.


Another nip/tuck that is phenomenal at restoring younger looking skin are skin lasers. This is only used for patients with bad skin overall. Most people better know this procedure as laser therapy.

man getting a laser skin treatment on his faceSpecifically speaking, laser therapy can help skin circumstances such as enlarged pores, sun spots, old acne scars, and even more.

To get the entire face done, and to rid the entire face of any of the above named skin circumstances, the fee is approximately $800. Good news is that it takes under an hour to complete the entire procedure.

However, keep in mind that redness and swelling may occur after the procedure. Don’t worry, though. Redness and swelling will go away a few days after the procedure is done.

For the best and longest lasting results, try getting many treatments over a few weeks’ time. This will allow the treatment to give you the maximum benefits. Plus, you won’t have to go back to the dermatologist for many, many years. Decades, even!


The injection known as Botox can really improve your skin and make it look younger by eliminating those pesky wrinkles. This technique gets a job well done by smoothing out all those hidden creases.

The best part about Botox injections is that it can help get rid of that tired look on your face, it can help make your skin look less sunken in, and it can help maintain a realistic, healthy face.

On average, to get such injections done costs approximately $300 per visit. The only downside of this type of injection is that you’ll have to keep up with it, every six months or so, to achieve maximum results.


Even though the three injections listed above will do wonders for your aging skin, there are still nips and tucks out there that should be avoided entirely, if possible. That list, with brief descriptions, are provided below.


Coolsculpting is a procedure that is widely known to freeze the fat cells in your body. However, what some people won’t admit is that coolsculpting doesn’t necessarily work all that well.

To provide you with more detail, coolsculpting only ever burns approximately one centimeter of fat at a time. Which is why the process is generally used for areas of the body such as love handles. Other specific areas can be treated with this mechanism, too. However, if you’re trying to use this procedure to lose massive amounts of body fat, it will not work well at all.

Cosmetic Tattooing

Believe it or not, many men and women both do this nip and tuck procedure known as cosmetic tattooing. This mechanism doesn’t necessarily help the skin look younger, but it does help the person in general look younger. How, you may ask? Well, by tattooing the scalp to make it seem like the person has thicker and younger hair. Basically, it helps provide a sense of false security to men if they’ve started to lose hair.

woman getting lip fillers injectedThe horrible effect of this cosmetic tattooing is that if you look close enough, people will be able to see the tattooed dots, therefore defeating the purpose of the procedure in the first place.

Lip Filler

Just don’t do this, point blank.


In addition, there is one other thing that you can do to protect your skin and to make it look younger (without using any nip or tuck procedure).

Wear Sunscreen

It’s true, the sun does age your skin. Believe it, don’t hesitate to believe it.

When you’re going out in the sun, be prepared. Bring some SPF sunscreen (use the appropriate ‘dosage’) and bring some moisturizer while you’re at it (so that your skin doesn’t get dry and start peeling). Plus, these products help your skin to stay young and healthy, no aging will be noticed.

Using both of these products while sitting out in the sun will do wonders for your skin, including but not limited to, improving your skin tone overall and making your skin feel nice and smooth.

Remember, keep sunscreen in mind, weigh your options with nips and tucks, and stay away from certain procedures. If you keep all of this in mind, your skin should be looking as good as new in the weeks to come.


By Jenny Lyn

man doing crunches and started taking Progentra

If you begin to exercise for 30 minutes, a couple times a week, you will see significant changes in your body. There are many health benefits that come from this much exercise. Whether you are going for daily walks, or hitting the gym hard, just 30 minutes will be all that your body needs to stay healthy. Here are a few things to expect when you begin exercising for 30 minutes, a few times a week:

During Exercise:

Metabolic rate increases. Your metabolism will increase every time that you spend just 30 minutes working out. Your metabolism will get better and better each week if you keep up this amount of exercise. Remember that your metabolism will increase quicker if you are spending time in the gym. If you are only staying active for about 30 minutes, it will take longer for your metabolism to improve, but it will get there!

Blood viscosity is improved. This means that you blood will flow easier through your veins. This can help many things, especially your cardiovascular system. Your heart will begin beating easier every time you exercise.

Oxygen flow increases. When you are resting, like sitting on the couch, your oxygen flow rate is about 8 liters per minute. Once you are exercising, your oxygen flow rate goes up to about 100 liters per minute. Of course, your body is working harder so you need more oxygen, but this is very beneficial to your heart, brain, and many other organs.

Increased blood flow. Once you begin exercising for 30 minutes a couple times a week, your blood flow increases. This is super beneficial to all of your organs. It can help everything, from your brain health to your sexual health. Once your blood flow increases, you will begin to notice many benefits.

Right after Exercise:

fit guy who takes Progentra doing push ups outdoorsYou begin digesting faster. Once you are done exercising, your body begins to break down foods faster. It can break down carbohydrates and proteins four times faster than before you exercised. Exercising kicks your body into high gear, which help you to lose weight easier and quicker. The more you exercise, the more weight you will lose.

Your brain releases endorphins. After exercise, your brain releases endorphins, otherwise known as “feel good hormones.” This is why many people feel a high after exercise. It is a great thing for your body to release more endorphins. It can help to battle mental illness and make you healthier overall.

A Few Hours after Exercise:

Your self-esteem rises. Exercise can help make you more confident in yourself. With increased endorphins, blood flow, and every other positive aspect of exercise, you will begin feeling more confident in yourself. Once you start seeing physical changes in your body, you will have even more confidence than you have ever had.

Your blood pressure normalizes. Exercise can help to reduce stress, which can help to decrease your blood pressure. Once your blood pressure decreases, you will see a difference in how your body works. You might not even know the effects that higher blood pressure caused by stress has on your body, but you will see the differences after you begin exercising regularly.

You sleep better. The quality of your sleep improves, which leads to sleeping better overall. After exercising, the benefits of an increased confidence level, lower blood pressure, and everything in between, you will notice your sleep patterns becoming regular. Once you begin exercising regularly, you will be more likely to get a good night’s sleep every night.

After A Few Weeks of Exercise:

Lung capacity is increased. Along with your cardiovascular system, your lungs also become healthier. By exercising regularly, for just a couple weeks, you will be able to do more for longer. You will notice that you are able to spend more time in the gym, doing activities with your family, or anything else that you do that you found yourself getting tired from before.

Your blood vessels work better. This is a side effect of your heart getting healthier. Once your heart and blood vessels begin to work better, you will find yourself being more active on a daily basis. You will feel better and you will feel like getting up and doing something more often than you did before.

fit guy lifting kettle bell during a workoutYou become sturdier. You may not get larger from regular exercise, unless you want to, but regular exercise will help you become sturdier. If you are exercising correctly, as in not causing unnecessary injury, you will find that you are stronger than ever before.

Your hemoglobin level improves. This means that your number of red blood cells increases. It can increase from 5 million to 6 million after just a few weeks of regular exercise. This helps to increase your overall health and wellness.

Your immune system improves. You will be less likely to get sick if you exercise regularly. Exercise will increase your lymphocytes in your blood. These will help to fight off any illnesses that you may contract. These lymphocytes will fight off illness before you ever start to feel the symptoms.

Your body regulates better. Your body will regulate sugar, and everything else, in your blood more easily. This can help to fight off many different conditions and diseases, especially diabetes and heart disease. Once your body is regulating these things better, your chance of contracting many different conditions and diseases drops by almost half.

Your body stores less fat. Your body will be less likely to store unhealthy fats once you begin exercising regularly. Once you are active regularly, your body will burn fat and build muscle, compared to when you are not active and it is more likely to store fat.

After A Few Months of Exercise:

You will be less stressed. Things may not change in your life, but you will notice that you are less likely to be stressed about things you were before. You will also be less likely to experience symptoms of depression and mood swings.

Your life expectancy increases. Although this will only increase as you continue working out regularly, your life expectancy increases. This is a major benefit of regular exercise. Make sure you are exercising for at least 30 minutes a few times a week.

man with eating disorder tape measure on plate is yet to hear about Progentra

        In spite of an oversimplified image of eating disorders just occurring to women and not men, Men over 25 are just as at risk for eating disorders as women. Many men suffer from eating disorder like behavior every day. Behaviors like binge eating, purging, fasting for sport tournaments, and abusing constipation drugs such as laxatives and digestive supplements are all behaviors of men with eating disorders. Many don’t even know, because they classify “not eating enough” or “binge eating” as training. The only way to change your body in a healthy manner is to take the slow steps of a well-balanced diet, exercise, and strong mental health.

Not everyone is meant to be skinny.

        Everyone’s metabolism breaks fat down at different rates. Some are slower than others and a metabolism can be slowed by different reasons. One reason for a slowed metabolism is stress. Stress will slow your metabolism to compensate for a fast paced nerve system working to adjust everything in your body to work at the speed you are stressing it to. Men should keep this in mind before attempting to change their bodies.

        When you don’t eat your body doesn’t have enough energy to burn fat, calories help burn fat and if you can’t intake the calories you will in return not burn any fat. Too much intake of calories before your body can burn it off results in weight gain. This is why everyone doesn’t lose weight the same as others and for some it may even take longer. However, it starts with a balanced diet.

        Pressures to be much like many athletes and other public figures result in everyone wanting to be like someone and no pressure for individuality. Being confident in who you are with or without the weight gain or weight lost is key. Eating disorders can be dangerous and changing your body to be like someone else is not worth the damaging of your own insides, organs, and putting yourself at the potential risk of death.

Not eating enough can damage your body extensively.

man has no appetite during date shoukd read about Progentra benefits        Resulting in low energy levels due to the lack of iron being in the body. Low energy levels means that the body is no longer getting any of the nutrients that it needs to go through day to day life and will result in headaches, dizziness, and even fainting spells. If experiencing any of these symptoms, you should adjust your diet immediately and consider seeking professional help from your medical care provider.

Under-eating can also cause constipation.

        Not providing the body with the correct amount of fiber and nutrients will not promote your colon to work as it should in detoxifying the body. Constipation can eventually lead to fissures and even colon cancer. Always weigh your options, the good and the bad before risking your health because you want the same body as Lebron James.

        Eating is not cheap, we all know that the rising prices in food make it hard for the middle class to survive. However, in stopping men over 25 from suffering from an eating disorder, there has to be healthier options available made to the public. Not everyone can afford the eight dollar salads that many places offer but the cheaper value menus have twelve different greasy fat filled foods fried twelve different ways.

Men over 25 are known to either overeat or under eat when stressing.

man under stress eating too much noodles just heard about Progentra        One and every three overweight men are eating due to depression or in order to cope with a situation of tragedy, stress, or discomfort. Food is a common ground in all cultures. No matter where you’re from or how you relate to anyone else, Food is used to establish peace, discuss business, reminisce, and even celebrate. Having an eating disorder turns the happy place to more of a sulky environment with concern.

        Ways for men to avoiding developing eating disorders and how to stay away from eating disorder like behaviors are ridding yourself of any negative thoughts that a specific body image is the way for happiness to enter your life. Everyone has preferences on how they wish to look, but the goal is to love yourself regardless. As well as understanding that a well-balanced diet consist of all foods, it’s okay to eat ice cream and have pizza but everything in moderation. Excessive eating makes your body have more calories than it is burning. Lastly, in avoiding developing an eating disorder be sure to criticize the media, and not let it criticize you. Don’t let anything that you see on television or in a magazine influence how you view your own body, or even what you put in your own body.

        Men are known to judge themselves and their peers even in a joking way. Avoiding mean and competitive like talks regarding body image and muscle comparisons, will help men over twenty-five in developing an eating disorder. Conversations that include a competitive task is ideal to avoid if you know you are not the most self-conscious person.

Disorders are developed on the idea that you see something wrong.

        Your body is too big or too small or simply just not good enough and sends you in a “fight or flight” response. Either you feel that this is the call to action and you now have the motivation to change something about yourself in a safe and rational way. Or you feel down, depressed, and do something that negatively affects your body due to irrational actions made upon yourself.

        Those irrational actions are eating disorders. The diseases that change your body for the worst, both physically and mentally. Thankfully, eating disorders are reversible and will take time to correct the damage done, but it is not an impossible task. The most important thing for men to keep in mind is that you are perfectly handsome the way you are. Instead of wanting to change to be more like someone else, change yourself to be more positive and loving of how you are now.

pinned condom with AIDS HIV STOP words

More than one million people in America have HIV. 1 in every 7 of those people are blissfully unaware of it. Gay and bisexual men are the most affected group by far, accounting for 67% of total diagnoses and 83% of diagnoses among males.

HIV stands for “human immunodeficiency virus.” AIDS, the most progressive stage of HIV, stands for “acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.” HIV targets the human immune system, making it harder for the body to fight off infection, disease, and forms of cancer. As HIV destroys the immune system over time, it evolves into AIDS.

Because HIV can cause major damage even in early stages, getting treatment as soon as possible helps improve life expectancy. Looking for the signs and noticing risky behavior can help you spot HIV before it develops into AIDS and before any complications arise.

Routine HIV screenings are crucial to health. If you have engaged in risky behavior such as unprotected sex or sharing of intravenous needles or syringes, seek a doctor immediately. Do not wait. Get tested at once. Getting tested is the most important step to living a full life with HIV.


Symptoms can vary on a case-by-case basis. However, there are patterns that the disease follows which can help you spot the signs early. Symptoms usually appear two to four weeks after the initial infection.

Typically, symptoms are commonly mistaken for a cold, flu, or mono in beginning stages. However, if symptoms do not appear within those first two to four weeks, it can incubate in the body for years before you experience any symptoms.

sick man showing HIV symptomsIn the beginning stages, common symptoms include rashes, fever, sore throat, or headaches, but you may also spot swollen lymph nodes, ulcers, or experience nausea or fatigue. These can all frequently be misinterpreted as something other than HIV.

Without treatment, HIV continues to live inside the body and terrorize the immune system. When it is weakened beyond repair, HIV has progressed to AIDS. People with AIDS are usually more susceptible to colds, infections, and the flu virus.

Some of the symptoms of AIDS, apart from frequent colds, are diarrhea, weight loss, ulcers or sores, chills and sweats, swollen lymph nodes, memory loss or confusion, and fever.


HIV rarely survives outside the body. You cannot get it from skin-to-skin contact, kissing, or sharing drinking glasses with someone who has been infected. HIV can be spread via bodily fluids, such as blood, semen, or vaginal fluids.

The most common way people contract the virus is through unprotected sex with an HIV positive partner. However, it is also common for someone to contract the virus from using an intravenous needle that has already been used by an infected person.

HIV can also pass from a mother to her baby during stages of pregnancy, the birth process, or through breastfeeding.

Risk Factors

Risk factors usually come down to who you are and who you are having sexual contact with.

Gay and bisexual men are by far the most affected group of people in the United States. They continually have the highest rates of new HIV diagnoses. African American and Latino individuals are also disproportionately affected by HIV.

If you engage in risky behavior, like unsafe sexual contact or sharing needles or syringes, your likelihood of contracting HIV goes up significantly. Get tested as soon as possible.


Since HIV reduces the effectiveness of the immune system, a great many complications can arise. “Opportunistic infections” feed off of the weakened immune system that HIV creates in an infected individual, leading to life-threatening results.

  • Candidiasis, or thrush, is a common fungal infection in HIV positive patients
  • Cryptococcosis, and often fatal lung infection that can spread to the brain
  • HIV-related encephalopathy, or HIV’s version of dementia
  • Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia, the number one cause of death in HIV positive individuals
  • Tuberculosis, which is most common in low-income communities
  • Lymphoma, cancers that frequently target HIV positive patients

These are only some of the few most severe complications. With a weakened immune system, just about anything that can be caught will be caught. A simple cold could keep you in bed for weeks. Anything more than that could potentially be fatal.

Damage to the brain and spinal cord is possible, as well as various fungal infections and lung infections. Herpes and salmonella have above average rates of contraction in HIV positive patients. These are all potential causes of death.

It is imperative that those living with HIV use condoms during sex, eat food that has been prepared properly, and get their vaccinations in order to avoid potentially life-threatening complications.


HIV letters with syringeThe best advice for avoiding contraction of HIV is to practice safe sex. Using a new condom every time you have sex is crucial when you are unsure whether you or a partner has HIV. Until you are beyond doubt, use a condom.

It is also important to not have more than one sexual partner at a time. The safest way to have sex is to have sex with someone who only has sex with you.

It is important to get tested and treated for all STDs, not just HIV. It is a tough conversation, but make sure you insist that your partners are being tested and treated as well.


Over the last twenty years, the life expectancy for HIV positive people has risen drastically. With the right treatment, patients can live longer, healthier, fulfilling lives.

Since 1996, life expectancy has been on a consistent rise. This has been thanks to drugs and medications being worked on and developed, adding to the then used practices. With all of this knowledge, HIV has never been so successfully treated.

With knowledge came education. As awareness for HIV and AIDS rises, so does the rate of education. As people are educated on how the disease is spread and caught, more can be done to stop the spread. Between the years of 2010 and 2014, the number of new HIV cases in America fell by 10%. The outlook, overall, is positive as long as we continue this trend.


open book in middle of woods

Books offer many benefits to your mental and emotional health. They, often, lead to increased empathy for plights you haven’t experienced, allowing you to understand different perspectives. Oftentimes, books are a much richer experience than movies or TV shows, because you get to dive into the character’s internal world, see the world through their eyes, and understand their motives.

Currently, this ability to experience the world from another person’s perspective is not within our capability. If you think reading a book is an amazing experience, try writing one. You control the fate of all, so you may need to keep your ego in check. Reading a great book can touch you deep in a place that you may not have known existed, so, without further introduction, here are 10 books you should read during your lifetime.

#1 Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer

A national bestseller, Into The Wild, chronicles the story of Christopher Johnson McCandless, a young man who left his well-to-do home to traverse the harsh Alaskan wilderness near Mount McKinley. Christopher got rid of most of his worldly possessions, gave $25,000 to charity, and disappeared. He craved a new life, but four months later, his decomposed body was discovered. Did he find the new life he wanted?

#2 Lolita By Vladimir Nabokov

A searing combination of love, madness, and obsession, Lolita follows the main character, Humbert Humbert, as he ages. Though his body becomes frail, his all-consuming, and unrequited, love for young Dolores Haze burns as bright as a newborn infant. Set against the increasing secularism of postwar America, what will a love-sick supremely civilized European do?

#3 Freedom By Jonathan Franzen

A perfect blend of comedy and tragedy, Freedom, looks at the positives and negatives of liberty. Walter and Patty Berglund traverse the vast landscape of love and marriage, growing more confused every day in a world neither of them understands.

#4 1984 By George Orwell

woman reading book and drinking coffee by windowA classic in the science fiction genre, 1984, follows Winston Smith as he spends his days rewriting the past in order to rewrite the present and future. Nearly all of Winston’s moves are being watched by his totalitarian government. Conformity is mandatory and thinking is a crime. Winston’s world is formed from fear and lies. When Winston decides to join a secret organization bent on taking down the ever-present government, he may find more questions than answers and more indecency than decency.

#5 Middlesex By Jeffrey Eugenide

An epic tale of identity Middlesex chronicles the life of Calliope Helen Stephanides who grew from an infant to a teenage girl to a teenage boy. A hermaphrodite, Callie is hormonally and biologically a boy, but this is not known to her until her voice deepens, hair sprouts from her face, and she falls in love with a girl. Nine years in the making Middlesex explores the relationship between internal and external identity through the life of one person composed of two sexes.

#6 Invisible Man By Ralph Ellison

Narrated by a nameless protagonist Invisible Man is a witty novel that describes this man’s life growing up in the South. Raised in the Black community he is expelled from a Negro college and later becomes the spokesman for Harlem’s branch of “the Brotherhood”. As the violence and confusion grow he retreats to the lair of the Invisible Man he envisions himself to have become. Written with passion, wit, and style, Invisible Man, is a magnificent novel that shouldn’t be missed.

#7 Slaughterhouse-Five By Kurt Vonnegut

Delving into the realms of all the things we are too afraid to know, Slaughterhouse-Five is an anti-war book unlike any other. A classic, this novel focuses on the fire-bombing of Dresden, told through Billy Pilgrim’s involuntary time-leaps through his life. With no control of where he will land, he witnesses his life in a mishmash of snippets that highlight our own fractured existence.

#8 A Good Man Is Hard to Find and Other Stories By Flannery O’Connor

young girl reading book sitting on stack of booksSouthern Gothic. This unique writing style is typical of this author and is in full force in A Good Man Is Hard to Find and Other Stories. This collection of short stories are infused with themes of the oddities of human behavior, both tragic and comedic, apocalyptic notions, and religious undertones. The visceral and grotesque view of life within these pages will leave you speechless.

#9 One Hundred Years Of Solitude By Gabriel Garcia Marquez

One family’s history and its town is weaved within the pages of this novel. Born, raised, and buried in the fictional town of Macondo, the Buendia family has a rich history filled with tension, love, and scandal, just like the town of Macondo. Through the life of the Buendias, we see the lives of all the people of their town and many others in the Latin American community through Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude.

#10 Brave New World By Aldous Huxley

The inhabitants of this utopian world have perfect lives. With no crime, classes to keep everyone in their places, and a happy-inducing, addictive drug called soma, their lives are as anyone would want. Not. Brave New World is a fantastic novel of addiction, the perils of classism, hedonism, and submission to inferiority or superiority that is, literally, programmed into the genes. Children are genetically bred and quickly separated into classes. From the lowest to the highest the ultimate goal is not their happiness, but the subversion of their will. With no original thought that can’t be forgotten with a hit of soma, the inhabitants will remain passive to the ruling order.

Dive into these books with an open mind. Discuss these amazing books with others; their thoughts may surprise you.