Many aspects of our health is important, including our ability to maintain a healthy sex life. The best ways to go about doing so is through the proper diet and through exercise, however many of us fall short when trying to get all the essentials that we need.

This is where supplementation comes in to play, where we can make up the difference of the nutrients we’re missing out from our diet in the form of a pill or capsule. This is why the supplement industry is huge, however there are many different pills out there which are specific to certain needs, so you need to know how to sift through them all to find what you need.

We’re here to help you save the time and effort needed to do so, and here are all the supplements you need to maintain optimal sexual health:


If you aren’t already taking a multivitamin, you should definitely consider doing so. It is not only beneficial when it comes to our sexual health but can help improve other aspects of our health as well.

This is because as their name implies, multivitamins contain many different types of both vitamins which help us to do so, along with the minerals we need as well. If you are someone who doesn’t eat all their fruits and vegetables you are more than likely deficient in more than one of these essential nutrients, making a multivitamin an excellent option.

When choosing a multivitamin, it is important that you choose a men’s formula if you are a man, and a women’s formula if you are a woman. This is because women’s formulas tend to contain higher amounts of trace metals like iron than men’s formulas, which men do not need. UltimateMan by Men’s Healthy Lifestyle is an excellent choice if you are looking for a multivitamin specifically formulate for men.

Women need more of these trace metals and some other nutrients as well because of what is lost through menstruation, which men simply do not need. Too much iron can lead to things like increased risk of heart disease as well, so again make sure that you are choosing the proper multivitamin.

Protein Supplements

Buying yourself some powdered whey, or some other form of portable protein is another excellent idea which can help improve your sexual health as well. Most men aren’t getting enough protein in their diet, even though many think otherwise.

You should be consuming at least 0.8 grams of protein per pound of body weight, which most people aren’t even close to reaching. This is because protein is essential in many processes that occur within the body, including the maintenance and repair of tissue.

Powdered protein is arguably the best way to go because of its convenience and its relatively low cost. Many formulas have an excellent nutritional profile as well, containing massive amounts of protein per serving at the cost of little calories due to the lack of fat and carbs. Look at the weight of the scoop in grams versus the amount of protein in each scoop. Your protein powder should be at least 70% protein by weight to make it worth your while, otherwise it is just another weight gainer with filler.

These types of supplements will help you get all the protein your body needs without having to consume excess carbs and fats to do so. This ensures that you don’t pack on extra pounds when you start using these types of supplements.

Fish Oil

Most younger men probably aren’t too concerned about the functioning of their heart, but they should be especially if they are worried about their sexual performance. The health of the heart and our sexual health are linked because of the role in which our blood plays in each. Proper blood flow through vessels means a healthier cardiovascular system and also enables men to achieve and erection.

There are many different types of fish oil out there, and there are even krill oils, seed oils, and other alternatives as well which also claim to provide the same heart healthy benefits of fish oil. While some seeds, algae, krill and other things do contain these healthy omega 3 fatty acids, you should be more so concerned about their quality.

The quality of the supplement you can purchase varies greatly, which depends largely on the source. Try to find out where your oil is being sourced from, which can give you an idea of what type of quality it is.

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As its name implies, this supplement which usually comes in a powdered form is derived from the root of the maca plant. Maca is well known superfood native to Peru, which has been grown by the native inhabitants there for thousands of years. Maca root is able to improve our health by better regulating our hormones, which affects multiple systems throughout the body.

People who take Maca root based supplements regularly report that they experience a wide range of benefits from taking this supplement, mainly revolving around having more energy, increased libido, and lowered levels of stress in general. So how exactly does this supplement work?

1-Improves Testosterone Levels in Men

Every man’s ability to produce testosterone declines as they age, this is an unfortunate inevitable truth that we all must face. This happens at a relatively young age as well, as testosterone levels in men begin to steadily decline after they reach 30 years of age.

Testosterone is a key component to men’s overall health, including their sexual health. Testosterone is the number one factor which drives our libido, regulates energy levels and our general interest in sex.

In addition to the sexual benefits, testosterone is important in our ability to maintain and gain muscle as well. Maca root can help you stay in better physical shape as well, through maintenance of muscle mass.

2-Maintains Prostate Health

Another major problem many men face as they age is the deteriorating health of their prostate. Over time the prostate gland can grow and swell out of control, which can cause sexual dysfunction as well as incontinence due to the pressure on the bladder.

Maca root may be able to shrink the size of the prostate gland by decreasing inflammation, which in turn improves prostate health. This includes things like sperm production as well, as the prostate plays an important role in the secretion of ejaculatory fluid.

3-Improves Stamina, Energy and Mood

Maca root plays an important role in the regulation of testosterone levels within the body, so it really isn’t too much of a surprise to find out that it positive affects the regulation of other hormones as well.

This extract has shown the ability to maintain positive mood, high energy levels and increased stamina without too many side effects. You don’t have to worry about getting the jitters like you do with caffeinated drinks, or an energy crash as in the case of sugary energy drinks.

4-Fights off Disease and Maintains Good Overall Health

Not only is the Maca root effective in its ability to regulate hormones, it is effective in maintaining good overall health as well. This is because it contains a wide variety of nutrients we need in order to function optimally, including plenty of vitamins in the form of antioxidants.

Anti-oxidants are powerful compounds that the body uses to fight against virtually every disease that we come in contact with, making them important aspects in having good health. This includes very common but serious illnesses such as various forms of cancer.

5-Improves Female Sexual Health

Men aren’t the only ones who can benefit from taking Maca root extract, as it has shown to be effective in improving women’s sexual health as well. Again this ties back to its ability to better regulate our hormones, in this case serotonin.

Maca root helps to better regulate the adrenal glands as well, which helps to not only improve our mood, but also reduce levels of stress and suppresses appetite. This will help you lose weight as well, which is further going to help improve your energy levels and mood.

Having more fat not only is going to decrease your energy levels, but it disrupts your mood and encourages the production of the stress hormone cortisol as well. Taking a Maca root supplement daily can help solve all of these issues, leading to an improved sex life.

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About the Product

FCK Power is a male enhancement supplement that claims to be highly capable of increasing your sexual functions and performance. This does so by boosting your erection’s firmness, sex drive, and your libido with just the intake of a pill. FCK Power also claims to be the real deal thanks to its highly potent components.

It is only important that you apply a great level of caution when choosing the right brand. This way, you don’t fall into scams and end up purchasing ineffective supplements. As for FCK Power, it purports to be the real deal when it comes to helping you improve your sexual functions and overall sexual health. For this reason, it gives more consumers the more reason to doubt it – because its assertions are too good to be true. In this review, we’ll evaluate FCK Power further in to order to learn if this product is really a value for money or not.

More Info on FCK Power

It is obvious that many supplement manufacturers kind of overrate their products and what they can bring to the table. This is why a lot of users feel only dissatisfaction after expecting a supplement to help them with their issues when it couldn’t. But based on the trials we performed on our own, we found that FCK Power can actually quite work like it says it would unlike many other brands that fail to produce any substantial results.

FCK Power Consumers

Since FCK Power contains effectual components in its formulation, it is used by a lot of guys who are looking to increase their sexual functions and capacities more permanently. This supplement is an incredible selection for those men who sometimes experience impotence and sexual exhaustion. It’s the ideal solution for these men who want to improve the quality of their sex life.

Is FCK Power Efficient?

As mentioned, we did our own test of the supplement because we initially doubted its effectiveness. Interestingly, FCK Power turned out to be an effectual male enhancement supplement. It really does what it says it will. We discovered this determination after performing independent trials, including laboratory examinations and studies involving participants.

The experiment revealed that the supplement’s concentration of its components is remarkable, which is 389 to 1 effectiveness. This is nearly 10 times the average proportion in the market. The outcome really surpassed our expectations when 98 percent of the participants stated that they experienced a substantial improvement in terms of their sexual functions after taking FCK Power. They reported more vigorous erections and greater libido. In many scenarios, the participants also noted a significant boost in the size of their manhood by 2.5 inches.

Even as 2.5 is below the 4-inch boost that FCK Power promises in their ads, such increase is pretty much still remarkable since it’s rare for a male enhancement product to actually be capable of augmenting a man’s penis. Most even consider this impossible without surgery.

What are the Components?

Of course, FCK Power’s ingredient profile is the one to be credited for its potency. Here they are:

Horny Goat Weed

Maca Root



Yohimbe Bark


L-Arginine HCL


Saw Palmetta

Most of the components here are familiar names in the male enhancement industry. They’re often used because they really do have potential to generate significant results. As you can see, there are pro-sexual elements, hormone enhancers, vasodilators, and energy boosters to give you a complete set of ingredients that can help you increase your sexual prowess.  As mentioned, these components are found in other products. The distinction is that there are supplementary components added in the formula, so that the absorption is made faster and easier.

Final Verdict

Though there are products that are misleading customers with their too-good-to-be-true claims, there are also a few that really tells the truth about their effectiveness. One example is FCK Power. It claims to be one of the best male enhancement supplements, and based on our tests, such claims are substantiated. If you’re looking for a solution for your weakening sexual performance, FCK Power is really a must try.

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About MuscleTech TEST 3X SX-7

MuscleTech TEST 3X SX-7 is a testosterone booster that seems promising with the components involved in its formula. These said elements have undergone clinical studies and tests, proving their efficiency.

MuscleTech TEST 3X SX-7 is a bit expensive, but if you’re okay with that because you’re focused on finding a supplement that works, then this testosterone booster is definitely worth the attention. TEST 3X SX-7 is MuscleTech’s freshest addition to its long list of testosterone boosters.

Read on to know more about this testosterone booster.

What are the Ingredients?

This particular supplement contains clinically-researched components that have the potential to raise the users’ testosterone levels. Below are the ingredients with their respective functions:

preview-full-shutterstock_562505029D-Aspartic Acid (3.12 g) – an amino acid that effectually promotes the secretion of testosterone in both people and animals. The dosage utilized during the research with humans as tests subjects was 3 grams of this amino acid each day for a 12-day period. This means TEST 3X SX-7 has more D-Aspartic Acid than on the aforementioned study, making this supplement promising for its capacity to increase T levels.

Boron Citrate (200 mg) – this is a dietary mineral that has been demonstrated to increase free testosterone levels in the body.

Tribulus fruit extract (250 mg) – this is an extract that’s being researched for its capacity to promote the user’s T levels. Experts said more studies have to be performed in order to generate more definite results. Nevertheless, one remarkable research illustrated that everyday intake of tribulus terrestris for a 20-day period led to a significant augmentation in blood testosterone after 10 days.

Ashwagandha Root Extract (125 mg) – this herb is utilized to decrease the manifestations of stress in the body. With lowered stress, it’s easier for the body to generate more testosterone.

How Harmless is TEST 3X SX-7?

For one, there aren’t any stimulants present in TEST 3X SX-7’s formula. This means there aren’t any side effects that are possible to happen. Just bear in mind that TEST 3X SX-7 is only meant for people 18 years and older.

In order to evaluate your body’s tolerance to it, start with small dose and slowly up the quantity to the suggested dosage.

TEST 3X SX-7 Cost & Proper Use

preview-full-shutterstock_340089824A bottle of this product contains 30 servings, which is made up of 4 caplets. Recommended dose is 1 serving daily. It’s not indicated whether it should be consumed with food or on a empty stomach. Taking more than one serving per day is not advised.

TEST 3X SX-7 costs $90 for each bottle, which makes it a bit costly. But this may be because it’s a new supplement and is not widely distributed yet. Its price may be lowered as soon as it becomes accessible through online retailers.

As for the product’s overall quality, it’s pretty good. The components here have undergone clinical studies and tests, verifying their effectiveness.

As mentioned, if you’re fine with purchasing expensive supplements because your focus is the efficiency, then TEST 3X SX-7 is worth considering.

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About Testamatol

Testamatol is a nutritional supplement that claims a lot of things. For one, it touts to help improving your energy and endurance. It even claims to undo aging, making you look and feel young again. It’s like Testamatol is the kind of nutritional product that promises to provide all things you need.

This is achieved by utilizing a proprietary mix consisting of three various kinds of L-Arginine. These are including alpha ketoglutarate, monohydrochloride, and l-citrulline.

The said components are claimed to have undergone clinical studies verifying they’re effective for rousing the production of HGH. As a result, these benefits can be expected, as claimed by the manufacturer:

Boost levels of testosterone and lean muscle mass
Improve mental focus and sex drive
Reduce the manufacturing of fat and even your desire of junk foods
It is also claimed to increase your athletic functions

Also, some of Testamatol’s components also serve as a precursor to nitric oxide, which can help enhance your blood circulation throughout your body. With greater blood flow, you’re able to improve your sexual capacities.

With its amazing claims, some could be intrigued of this supplement; of whether Testamatol could really live up to its promise. But before you get excited about trying this, you need to get to know all about this supplement first.

The Issue of its Free Trial

Supplements being offered only through free trials don’t really have a good impression among customers. Take Testamatol for instance. It is available through free trial, so if you want to try it you only need to pay for the shipping fee, which is only $4.95, for a 30-day supply of this supplement. However, after the trial finishes, you’ll automatically pay the full amount of the supplement, which is a whopping $89.99. You will then be enrolled by default in with their autoship program. This means you will keep on getting a 30-day supply of Testamatol every month. In this case, your credit card will continue getting charged for the recurring orders. Though this may seem safe in beginning, it’s important to read the content of Terms & Conditions.

Testamatol Terms & Conditions

According to this section, Testamatol can be expected to arrive after 2-5 business days. This means you actually have only a few days to try this product and a few days before you could discontinue your trial subscription. Even if you get Testamatol sooner, calling their customer support would likely be not a pleasurable experience, so you find it difficult to have your trial cancelled.

preview-full-shutterstock_647596054We’ve heard about such reports from customer reviews using testosterone enhancers in general. Such supplements include Spartagen XT, Alpha Limit, and Beyond Human Testosterone. As mentioned, these products mostly have poor testimonials online.

Also, it’s concerning to read something like this in Testamatol Terms & Conditions page: “This exclusive offer is being made available to those persons willing to evaluate the product and determine its effectiveness in weight loss. Customer agrees to try the product and evaluate its performance before requesting a refund or cancellation.”

On the other hand, their Terms & Conditions also state that only unused items are qualified for refunds. So, it seems that you’re not likely to get a refund whether you use this supplement or not.

Also, we noticed based on the manufacturer’s similar Terms & Refund regulation that Testamatol comes from the same company behind Vigoraflo.

This is the information we gathered regarding Testamatol’s business protocols. What about the science behind it? Read on to know more.

Defining Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Human Growth Hormone is a growth generated in the pituitary gland that aids in physical growth as it simultaneously gives other health gains as well.

preview-full-shutterstock_567097900Testosterone, on the other hand, is another key hormone in the body. Its mainly in-charge of producing male sexual traits, but it can also facilitate lean muscle mass, boost sex drive, and augment athletic functions and overall performance. Apparently, HGH and testosterone work in similar ways in some aspects.

The issue is that when one hits the middle age, the generation of both HGH and testosterone drops, which triggers unpleasant manifestations, such as augmentation in body fat, exhaustion, lessened sex drive, depression, mood problems, decreased muscle mass, and many others.

In many instances, this can be cured by testosterone replacement therapy or even HGH injections. Apparently, these are done under the supervision of doctors. So, if you want to undergo such solutions you will need to consult with your doctor, so that the best treatment plan can be laid out based on your diagnosis.

Getting to Know Components

Testamatol only contains two primary components – L-Arginine and L-Citrulline.

Testamatol’s official site states that L-Arginine is transformed in the body into nitric oxide, which dilates blood vessels, resulting to greater blood flow. With this, the secretion of growth hormone is triggered. Given this, it is considered as potentially efficient for addressing blood flow-related problems, including chest pain, erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure, and many others.

On the other hand, there’s no scientific proof demonstrating that alpha ketoglutarate or monohydrochloride versions of L-Arginine function more efficiently than the regular type.

Meanwhile, L-citrulline serves as a pre-cursor to L-Arginine, but the scientific proof is not adequate that it delivers any health gains to the body.

Nonetheless, to get the positive effects of L-Arginine, you have to consume three doses ranging from 5mg to 20mg daily. But how much is contained in Testamatol? We don’t know because there’s no product label, so we’re not aware how much ingredients are contained in the supplement’s formula. Also, even if Testamatol contains sufficient L-Arginine, it’s unlikely that one of the benefits would be reversal of the aging process, as Testamatol’s website claims.

Are there Adverse Reactions

In general, it seems Testamatol is a harmless supplement that cannot bring any serious medical afflictions, but WebMD states that some consumers of L-Arginine could encounter “abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, gout, blood abnormalities, allergies, airway inflammation, worsening of asthma, and low blood pressure.”

What’s the Final Verdict about Testamatol?

Testamatol contains ingredients that can potentially improve lean muscle mass and sexual libido, but with the absence of product label we don’t know how much of these components are contained, and whether these are enough to generate the results the company is claiming to have.

In addition, there are some issues with the company’s business practices, such as the free trial and your automatic enrollment to its autoship program. Based on the information we read on the page’s Terms & Conditions, it seems the policies the company applies is not in any way in favor of the customers. There are also numerous customer reviews reporting that the company’s customer support is not efficient.

In general, testosterone boosters aren’t well-received by most of its users. Most complaints cite failure to work and poor customer service. While it doesn’t mean that you will experience the same with Testamatol, it’s better to be cautious when it comes to dealing with products like these.

Of course, if you’re encountering plummeting testosterone levels and/or HGH, there are other solutions. Start this by seeing your doctor, so he or she can make a treatment plan that is based on your diagnosis.

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Introducing Alpha Limit

Alpha Limit is a male enhancement product that’s purported as a cutting-edge development in men’s sexual health. Aside from being dubbed as a remarkable innovation, this supplement is also touted as testosterone supplementation that’s particularly developed for sexual performance and health improvement, as well as for muscle building.

preview-full-shutterstock_140332081This is achieved through the utilization of highly potent herbal components that are capable of boosting free testosterone levels, as well as reduce the generation of estrogen in the body. Aside from this, Alpha Limit claims to also enhance one’s sports functions and recuperation. Eventually, this so-called cutting-edge formulation touts to aid in the building of muscles, enhancing of sexual functions, and overall health. It even touts to put a stop to those substances that obstruct testosterone.

Based on the info available on the official site, this product is comprehensively examined for purity and safety and has found to have no detrimental fillers and other substances.

Alpha Limit’s Cost & Money-Back Guarantee

This particular supplement is accessible through a 10-day trial, costing you only $4.95 to cover the shipping and handling fees. With this, you’re able to get a 30-day supply of Alpha Limit. As soon as this trial finishes, you need to pay for Alpha Limit’s full cost, which is $148.

Moreover, the company behind Alpha Limit offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, less shipping and handling fees, as well as a $5 restocking charge. On the other hand, it states in the product’s Terms & Conditions page that there must be considerable content remaining in the bottle in order to be considered for this refund. Empty bottles are not qualified for this money-back guarantee. If you want to get a refund or have your free trial discontinued, you can call customer support at 855-768-2831.

Is Alpha Limit Effective?

preview-full-shutterstock_568387561In general, it is dubious as to how testosterone boosters really are as a product or whether they produce notable effects in the body or not. As for Alpha Limit, its official site does not provide the complete list of components and the respective ingredient’s precise dosage. Even if it did, the components found in nearly all testosterone boosters lack in scientific proof in terms of their efficacy.

Unverified Assertions

Aside from claiming that Alpha Limit boosts free testosterone levels, its official site also provides numerous assertions that this particular supplement is utilized by several well-known athletes. It also says about fighting against testosterone obstructers.

Free Trial

As stated earlier, Alpha Limit can only be purchased via a free trial. Generally though, it’s not ideal to go for supplements that are only offered through free trials. This is because such method is frequently made use by many supplement companies as means to get the customers’ credit card info so that they’re charged with expensive costs. The good thing is that Alpha Limit does not enroll customers in any autoship plans unlike other companies.

Moreover, since nearly all supplements purchased on the internet usually arrives after 3-5 days, this means you only have less than a week to check if this supplement really works. Of course, this duration is not sufficiently long to try a product’s efficacy. As a matter of fact, the product’s Terms & Conditions states that many users experience visible outcome after using the product regularly for 3 months.

On the other hand, if you opt to register for the product’s trial, remember that you’ll need to return the container to the company. This should be postmarked no later than the tenth day after your purchase is made. Moreover, customer support is only accessible during business hours. This is information worth mentioning especially if your 10th day falls on a weekend.

Steep Cost

For one, there’s no product label to provide the complete list of components used in Alpha Limit’s formulation, as well as the precise dose of each of the ingredient utilized. Plus, the scientific information regarding the efficacy of the components is lacking, so these components are not totally backed by clinical studies and tests proving their potency and safety. There’s also the fact that the supplement is very expensive. At $148 per bottle, this is considered a high cost by most customers. As a matter of fact, this is one of the priciest supplements we have evaluated. It is also worth mentioning that most testosterone enhancers in general are known to being not significantly effective.

What’s the Final Recommendation?

Since Alpha Limit does not have enough user feedbacks online, as well as adequate scientific proof to verify the company’s assertions about the potency of the ingredients, it’s hard to recommend said supplement to users. There’s also the issue of the absence of the product label, which is crucial information for users.

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Everlasting T – General Idea

shutterstock_529565659Everlasting T is a male enhancement supplement that is developed to address men’s low testosterone dilemma. In order to do this, it guarantees to deliver results with three solid components that have undergone clinical studies to substantiate that these ingredients can boost free and total testosterone levels.

This particular supplement has potent yet harmful dosages. It is simple to use and is also reasonably priced.

We think that Everlasting T will be efficient because it’s supported by scientific studies. If ever you don’t see any notable effects on your sexual health, its manufacturer seems to live to its promise of a 90-day refund policy.

It is natural that a man’s testosterone levels begin to drop as he reaches late 30s, which is unfortunate because this hormone brings so many benefits. For instance, in muscle growth and sexual functions and overall performance. Thankfully, products like Everlasting T exist to help men sustain their normal T levels despite aging.  But is this really effective as a solution for dropping testosterone levels? Let’s find out.

What Are the Assertions Made?

According to the company, Everlasting T can do the following:

Compound 1 can boost free testosterone by 98% in an 8-week period

Compound 2 can boost free testosterone by 33.5% in an 8-week period

Compound 3 can boost testosterone levels by 10.2% in 3 hours

These assertions are surely intriguing since a 98% boost in free testosterone is significantly high. Though this wouldn’t be the first time a manufacturer resorts to unmeant promises in order to mislead customers. It’s okay to make incredible assertions just as long as there is clinical evidence to back them up. So, does Everlasting T have any?

shutterstock_70563127Clinical Study on Everlasting T’s Components

Fortunately, Everlasting T’s official site is complete with all the necessary

Information; so researching for information needed wasn’t that hard.

Testofen® (Fenugreek) – Those who suffer from low T levels were provided the product Testofen for eight weeks. During this period, their total and free testosterone boosted free testosterone levels by 98 percent with sex drive, sexual desire, and orgasms also experiencing improvements, too.

Basically, free testosterone is crucial because the body utilizes it to construct muscle, torch fat, and enhance sexual capacities. The said product that was used in the study has been shown to increase testosterone because it has saponins, which are natural steroids.

ZMA Complex – Zinc and magnesium aspartate are the ones consisting this compound. Solely, zinc has been shown to increase testosterone levels, augment sperm count, and enhance sperm motility.

Furthermore, magnesium improves immune system, increases production of energy, and fortifies bones. When participants consumed ZMA, there was in increase in their testosterone levels by 33.5 percent.

Testosterone Advantage® – Within three hours, participants ingesting this compound was shown to have a boosted testosterone by 10.3 percent averagely. This component came from calcium fructate.

Calcium fructate not only increases the manufacturing of testosterone, it also decreases swelling and fortifies joints.

With this, it only shows that Everlasting T is actually making assertions that are backed by clinical studies. The components included in the formulation are verified by studies, which confirm they prominently and swiftly increase testosterone.

shutterstock_537340615Recommended Usage

A single serving of Everlasting T consists of two capsules. One bottle contains 60 capsules. Based on the info on the product site, you just need to take 2 capsules 30 minutes prior to having dinner alongside 12-16 oz of water.

In every two capsules, it contains the components below with their amounts:

  • Testofen: 300 mg
  • Testosterone Advantage: 118 mg
  • Magnesium: 60 mg
  • Zinc: 15 mg

These are actually harmless, efficient doses. Those who want to have a more potent dose can take four capsules without any medical repercussions as long as you don’t take more than four. This particular supplement can be consumed prior breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even an exercise regimen.

When this is partnered with a healthy diet and regular workout, you can experience greater outcome with Everlasting T. It is not recommended for women and those who are below 18. Doing so may cause adverse reactions. For instance, women could grow facial hair when taking testosterone products designed for men.

Where to Buy Everlasting T?

The product website offers Everlasting T at discounted rates. Below are the costs of the supplement based on the info posted on the site:

  • 1 bottle (30-day supply): $39.95
  • 2 bottles (60-day supply): $79.95
  • 3 bottles (90-day supply): $109.95

Regular shipping for a single bottle is $4.95, which will take 4-5 days. But if you purchase 2-3 bottles of Everlasting T, you’ll get free shipping. Also, 2-3 orders of Everlasting T also give 1 or 3 free Invigorate HGH bottles.

Invigorate HGH normally boosts growth hormone. This delivers the same gains as testosterone. Standard retail price of Invigorate HGH is $34.95.

It’s good that Everlasting T’s manufacturer recognizes the possibility that their supplement may not work for all men, so they provide a 90-day refund policy. This way, you can return the supplement with the refund of your money.

If you find the performance of this testosterone boosting product unsatisfactory, you can call customer support and they will give you a return authorization number, as well as guidelines for returning the item. You can also return any bottles purchased as long as they’re not opened. You only get to return one used bottle, the rest has to be unused.

If you’re keen into saving a little money, you can acquire this supplement from an approved retailer. There are three ways to contact customer support:

  • Phone: (866)-602-8216
  • Email:
  • Live Chat: Accessible on the site

Customer support is delivered by the company Telestar CRM.  Upon hearing this I was first doubtful of the company’s customer service, but they proved me wrong. Every time I called their customer support, the representatives were highly helpful and are highly equipped with complete information, which we think is pretty impressive.

Moreover, email replies came as quickly as one business day. As for the live chat, it took about 2-6 minutes to reach a representative. Of course, reaching them through a phone call is the quickest way to connect with them, but it’s also the busiest as there are many callers.

Telestar CRM is registered with the Better Business Bureau where it has a A- rating. The sole reason why the company doesn’t have the highest rating is because it hasn’t been in the industry for a significant period of time, not meeting BBB’s requisite.

Is Everlasting T the Real Deal?

Everlasting T is a male enhancement supplement that is developed to address men’s low testosterone dilemma. In order to do this, it guarantees to deliver results with three solid components that have undergone clinical studies to substantiate that these ingredients can boost free and total testosterone levels.

This particular supplement has potent yet harmful dosages. It is simple to use and is also reasonably priced.

We think that Everlasting T will be efficient because it’s supported by scientific studies. If ever you don’t see any notable effects on your sexual health, its manufacturer seems to live to its promise of a 90-day refund policy.

Everlasting T, indeed, is a must-try!

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Caffeine is one of the most widely used drugs by people globally, and many people are addicted to it even though they may not realize it. The use of caffeine is only rivaled by that of alcohol and tobacco, caffeine being a substance that many people consume on a regular basis.

The bad news about caffeine is that it is an addictive drug, and that if you are drinking more than two 6oz cups of coffee daily, you can consider yourself an addict. If you have ever missed your coffee and felt lethargic, fatigued, irritable or had a headache as a result, you probably fall in to the addict category.

The good news is that caffeine is a great stimulant which can give us that extra boost of energy and stamina we need to get through our day.

Caffeine and the Effects on Your Heart

preview-full-dry-orgasm-552095829As mentioned earlier, caffeine is a stimulant. Stimulants are types of drugs that causes an increase in metabolism in the body along with an increased heart rate, and increased blood pressure. These can be good things if done so in moderation, but can conversely be bad for our health if we take too much caffeine in excess.

Caffeine has been rumored and linked to a wide variety of illness and disease over the years, however many of these studies have found to be inconclusive. The only conclusive evidence for caffeine’s negative effects can be found in the increased levels of cholesterol among its users.

Try to limit your caffeine intake to one cup of tea or coffee per day if possible. Having 3-4 glasses of tea or coffee daily on a regular basis can increase your risk of heart attack and heart disease so monitor your intake.

Can Caffeine Help Me In the Bedroom?

When it comes to caffeine and sexual performance, it absolutely can be an effective tool to better your sex life if used properly. To make caffeine work to your benefit you must use it in moderation and consume it at the right time to get the best results possible.

preview-full-shutterstock_71910829Stick to drinking just one cup or glass of coffee or tea before sex. Consume it about 60 minutes beforehand to give your body enough time to digest and absorb the caffeine for the best results.

This trick of drinking caffeine before sex is something that has been used by athletes as well to boost performance. Athletes who consumed caffeine prior to the event, about an hour beforehand were shown to outlast their competition by 20 minutes. This is olympic level athletes to give you an idea of how much of an edge caffeine can give you when it comes to improved performance.

Drinking a caffeinated drink before sex can boost your alertness, gives you a boost in energy and will improve your stamina during sex as well. This will improve your performance overall and makes for a better sexual experience for you and your partner.

How Much Caffeine Should I Consume?

To be on the safe side you don’t want to be consuming over 250 milligrams of caffeine a day, however this is very difficult to determine if you don’t know what goes in your beverage.

Coffee has the most caffeine when it comes to caffeinated beverages outside of maybe soda. just one cup of coffee can contain an average of 80 milligrams of caffeine up to 180 mg depending on the roast of beans and the coffee source.

For example a cup of Dunkin donuts coffee  has about half the caffeine as a similarly sized coffee from Starbucks. Also the lighter the roast, the more caffeine is left in the bean so this is another thing to keep in mind.

The best bet is to make coffee yourself, you can more easily keep track of the caffeine you are consuming as well as other things like milk and sugar which go in to many people’s coffee as well. Making your own coffee has the additional benefit of saving you money too.

If you find yourself struggling to keep track of your caffeine intake you’re better off just cutting down altogether. Only one cup of coffee or tea is need to see all of the sexual benefits associated with caffeine so if you are drinking more than that it’s ok to cut down.

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Product Overview

If it’s a distinct male enhancement supplement you’re looking for, then you might have heard about Libido Max, though it’s not as popular as others. This supplement is accessible in such retailers as Amazon and Walgreens. Given this, there are many occasions in which consumers can review this product, but why is it that other male enhancement products are more exposed than Libido Max?

In actuality, Libido Max is not new in the industry. It’s been in the market for many years. Consumers aren’t discussing about this product because it doesn’t product significant noise like other supplements do. You could say that Libido Max is not being largely marketed unlike many similar products, but it’s being distributed greatly. This article dissects everything there is to know about the supplement.

Is this Effectual?

preview-full-shutterstock_579729145 (5)Even as Libido Max is promoted as a supplement that can increase libido, it also performs well as a general male enhancement product. It has an assortment of components that have multiple roles. This includes ingredients for increasing blood flow, sex drive, overall mood and stamina.

You should well remember that getting these results is not impossible as long as you have the proper formulation. As for Libido Max, all components are fused into a capsule, though recommended dosage is 4 capsules. A single capsule isn’t enough for all components, which is why taking 4 at time is reasonable. On the other hand, this raises the cost a little. Of course, it’ll still depend on what you will buy, but basically a dose of Libido Max is around $1.50-$2. This could be burdensome, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

Moreover, Libido Max mostly receives good feedbacks from users. For instance, in Amazon it garners an average of 3.4 stars out of five, based on the customer reviews available. The rate can be explained by the fact that Libido Max is a male enhancement product. This means that the results vary depending on the consumer. If you have medical conditions, this is less likely to work. It is also important to see your doctor if you have health problems before taking not only Libido Max, but supplements in general.

preview-lightbox-shutterstock_402548776Libido Max is loaded with several potent components that make it possible for the supplement to generate positive results to users. Some of these components are as follows:


Tongkat Ali

Maca Root

Epimedium w/ 10% icariin

Tribulus extract




Final Verdict

Libido Max is only reviewed on Amazon, but outside this site the supplement does not have a lot of consumer feedbacks, which is puzzling. Based on the supplement facts provided, Libido Max seems to have a genuine formulation. There’s just the concern of having few customer reviews online, in which, customers can define as not being remarkable enough to be worth writing a review for.

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When it comes to talking dirty, most guys are afraid or are too embarrassed to do so. This is mainly because when guys think of talking dirty, the most disgusting things immediately pop in to their heads, and they would be right. Saying what they are thinking out loud probably isn’t a good idea, and they should keep that to themselves.

What most guys don’t realize is what they consider to be dirty talk, and what women consider to be dirty talk are two completely different things. Something as simple as saying “wow your hair really feels soft and smells great” can be seen as talking dirty as well. Talking dirty ranges from sensual from downright disgusting, with everything in between.

shutterstock_277170644If you don’t have any experience on the low end, even the thought of saying something on the other side of the spectrum can make you cringe. This is why it is important to practice doing both, preferably starting with easier compliments because if you have no experience even something as innocuous as moaning out loud can be awkward and uncomfortable for you.

Practicing Talking Dirty Without Looking Creepy

The last thing we want to do when talking dirty to a woman is to make ourselves look or appear like the creepy old uncle that no one wants to talk to at family events. We want to complement and be flirtatious without crossing that line where she is just uncomfortable or even worse just repulsed at what we say.
Practicing talking dirty can be especially problematic if you are married, even more so if you have been so for a long period of time. If you are looking to practice talking dirty then you obviously don’t do so regularly, and in practicing you make get an eye roll or even in some cases the look of death. shutterstock_579729145 (9)This can get you down but there is no need to worry.
You should only feel like a creep when you aren’t being genuine, usually as the result of trying to be too flirtatious. You are trying to get out of your comfort zone by practicing here, but it is important to stay true to yourself. Your significant other fell for you in part because of your personality, so do go looking to change that by saying things and acting like some dirty old man.

Sound Effects

If you are especially shy, sticking to primal vocalizations may work for you. It sounds ridiculous but vocalizing your pleasure lets your partner know that he or she is doing a good job, and that you are enjoying what they are doing.

Sometimes a loud roar or soft purr can be as effective if not more than some drawn out speech that you obviously thought up beforehand. Whatever you can do to cheer your partner on and encourage them will make all the difference. Sex will be more exciting and enjoyable for you and your partner.



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