Staxyn is a promising male enhancement product, though it’s not widely accessible for everyone. If you don’t have an erectile dysfunction diagnosis, then you won’t be prescribed by something like Staxyn. In this case, you can just go for the natural ones.

This male enhancement solution was sanctioned by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) back in June 2010. But as mentioned, it’s not something you can purchase whenever you want. It’s a prescribed product for those men who struggle with erectile dysfunction. It is claimed that what Staxyn does is obtain and sustain erections with more ease.

Staxyn has a tough competition. There are other brands of male enhancement products and there are also the natural supplements that are easier to purchase since there’s no need for a doctor’s prescription.

Defining Staxyn

Staxyn is Vardenafil’s brand name just like another product called Levitra, but the product site clarifies that these two are totally different from each other. Basically, what Staxyn does is boost blood flow to the genitals. So, it mainly helps men who are having trouble with maintaining a normal erection to perform during sex. On the other hand, Staxyn won’t just give you an instant hard on. Sexual stimulation is still needed in the equation. As soon as sex is over, the erection is, too.

Staxyn comes in tablets containing 10 mg per piece. The recommended dosage is 1 tablet per day one hour prior sex. Don’t just swallow it outright. You have to put it on your tongue and wait for it to melt. It is advised not to squash and chomp on the tablet or consume liquid when you’re taking it.

Clinical Research

In 2010, there was a research conducted to test vardenafil’s efficacy where over 70,000 men were involved. Several of these men suffered from conditions like hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Nonetheless, they were still able to use vardenafil.

Based on the outcome, more than 90 percent of the men using the product were highly pleased with the effects. The erections they experienced boosted in quality and duration. 97 percent of the participants also didn’t encounter any adverse reactions. Hence, the study determined that vardenafil is harmless and effectual for curing ED.

Health and Safety Precautions

People who are using drugs for chest pains like nitrates must not think about taking this product. This is because such drugs may lead to very low blood pressure and taking Staxyn could aggravate that. Also, if your doctor has advised you to stay away from any sexual activity for a while due to certain medical problems, then using Staxyn is definitely a no-no.

In the case of health problems, such as issues with your heart, kidney or liver and other afflictions, it is best to consult your physician first prior to proceeding.
There’s also a possible interaction with other medications that’s why it is vital to talk with your doctor first before you take Staxyn.

Could there be Adverse Reactions?

Based on the results of the study, Staxyn use can generate the following adverse reactions: headaches, skin redness, nasal congestion, stomach discomfort, back pains, and nausea. Moreover, 14 percent of the subjects reported headaches as the main side effect.

There’s also the possibility of the side effects being more serious. In the case that you encounter the ones below, discontinue using Staxyn and call your physician immediately.

  • Erection that has a longer duration, like more than four hours
  • Alteration in your color vision
  • Abrupt loss of hearing or eyesight
  • Chest pains
  • Abnormal heartbeat
  • Inflamed hands, ankles or feet
  • Labored breathing

It is important to note that alcohol consumption could heighten the possibility of these adverse reactions. Grapefruit could also pose a potential interaction with Staxyn leading to possibly other problems.

User Feedbacks

You can find customer reviews discussing Staxyn’s performance on sites like WebMD and Drugs.com. As of this writing, it has nine testimonials on Drugs.com with an average rate of 9.2 stars out of 10. The lowest score that was provided was 7 out of 10 stars. Overall, most of the feedbacks are positive.

The Company behind Staxyn

Staxyn is manufactured by Bayer Healthcare, which is a reputable pharmaceutical company. The said company is also credited for other common products. It was also the company that’s credited for the discovery of heroine.

Being well-known in the industry, Bayer Healthcare has an excellent standing in the business and among its consumers. It is listed with the Better Business Bureau where it has an A rating. As of this writing, there are only three grievances in the last three years.

How to Purchase

As mentioned earlier, Staxyn can only be purchased if prescribed. Staxyn’s common users are men who are diagnosed with ED by their doctors. So, it is important that you go through the essential tests in order to know if you really have an ED or not. As for its price, it can range from $26 and above.

What’s the takeaway?

What’s great about Staxyn is that it is backed with a clinical research substantiating its potency and safety for treating erectile dysfunction. There’s just the possibility of adverse effects but the risk isn’t high. If you have ED, you can definitely consider this product as a solution as long as your doctor sees fit. It also great reviews on sites like Drugs.com and WebMD.com.

By and large, Staxyn is a promising male enhancement product, though it’s not widely accessible for everyone. If you don’t have an erectile dysfunction diagnosis, then you won’t be prescribed by something like Staxyn. In this case, you can just go for the natural ones.

A relationship filled with paranoia and doubts significantly contribute to its eventual demise. The damage goes beyond the quality of the relationship as it also leaves a scarring experience, making it even harder to be in healthy relationships in the future. Self-sabotaging thoughts not only hurt any future that your relationship has, it also hurts your mental and emotional health that puts your self-worth to a plummeting doom. It brings you down and makes you believe that you’re the worst.

It is important to recognize the signs that you or your significant other is unreasonably being paranoid. It is also crucial that the problem is addressed head-on. And, it is a terrible mistake to identify paranoia as part of love or being in love. It can’t even be justified by that. Remember, love in its purest form, without doubts and malice, only breeds peace and happiness. The other problems that arise in any relationship; well, that’s people and their own baggage.

Here are ways you can stop paranoia from damaging your relationship:

Stop the urge to call and text when they’re out with friends

Being incessant on your calls and messages just because your partner is having a good time with friends implies mistrust and even insecurity. Why would it make you feel bad that the love of your life is having fun with others every now and then? Instead of getting worried for no reason, try to divert your attention to something else. Take a deep breath, put your phone down, and concentrate on other activities that you could be enjoying, either by yourself or with friends.

Go out and have fun with your friends as well

Instead of just sitting at home waiting for your partner to come home like a complete loser, go out with your friends as well and have fun with them. Couples that follow their individual interests have more to talk about when they’re together. Besides, spending time venturing on your personal hobbies makes you less likely to have unreasonable doubts and worries about your partner when they’re away. So, it’s pretty much a great distraction that also ends up doing you good.

Strive for honesty to recover

In the case of infidelity and both of you still want to save the relationship, honesty is important. Don’t be hesitant to seek professional help, too, if you think that’ll be best for the relationship and its healing. Psychologists can help people in terms of changing the way you think and feel, especially your thoughts and feelings in your relationship. While opting to overcome an affair can be both painful and confusing, it can be gratifying if you find the right expert to help you and your partner start anew.

Redirect concern by writing it down

It may be healing and beneficial to write down things that bother you as means of re-channeling negativities. This is better than being paranoid as this can be eventually frustrating for yourself and your partner at the same time. While it’s normal to be anxious about infidelity, you can control how you feel about it through journaling as this helps you gain wider perspectives that can make you feel better about yourself and whatever situation you’re in.
Be less guarded and cautious

People who are paranoid are always on guard because they strongly think that others are always looking for the chance to degrade, hurt, or terrorize them. These beliefs, which generally don’t have basis, in addition to their habits of culpability and disbelief, might get in the way when it comes to their capacity to establish close and healthy romantic relationships.

Take a deep breath before making your reaction heard, seen, or felt

The key to dealing with paranoia is to learn means of coping that help a person not react based on their emotions but on logic or reason. Surely, this isn’t easy as it seems especially when emotions are running high. But, if you make it a goal to, you can gradually help yourself to be more calm and mindful even during emotional situations. Learn how to delay reactivity and respond from a reasonable frame of mind in order to avoid severe conflicts with your significant other.

Resist being consumed by posts on social media

Obviously, social media can feed on someone’s paranoia because it is how people discreetly keep an eye out for possible suspicious behavior or activity. It’s also remarkable how a vague post can instantly fuel one’s insecurity or doubts. All of sudden, there’s a story you’re fabricating in your mind and it’s negatively impacting how you feel about yourself, your partner, and the status of your relationship. Rather than stalking your partner’s social media and devising stories solely based on this one comment from this person you don’t know, ask them unswervingly about it.

Practice mindfulness

It can help if you can concentrate on every moment and understand the things that are happening right there and then, physically and emotionally. This practice can help decrease self-sabotaging mindset and behavior. For instance, understand what triggers certain worries and anxieties. Being able to identify the triggers help you prepare for them the next time something like that happens. With this, you can reconsider acting out on impulse. Without being fully aware of what’s taking place at a certain moment, you’re not able to think about your reactions.

Open your heart and give trust

In order to trust your partner and avoid feelings of doubts, you need to be able to love yourself first. Focus on your self-love and self-worth. Only then can you fully trust other people around you. If you’re insecure, that will manifest in how you handle your relationship, which means constant doubts, mistrust, and jealousy. If you want to change that, focus on self-love. This doesn’t mean being selfish or self-centered, just the healthy kind of love you can give to yourself.

Maca root is a very common ingredient found in a whole wide variety of supplements, however it is one which we rarely seen used in cuisine. This mainly has to do with it being endemic to areas of South America, and that many of us already consume other similar types of food.

In fact broccoli, cabbage, and other foods found in this family have a similar nutritional profile to that of maca root, however the route itself is much more versatile. This is because the roots can be ground up and used and virtually any type of food additive or supplement, which greatly increases its application.

What Are the Benefits of Taking Maca Root?

1. Improves Fertility and Testosterone Production

Maca root has shown to be beneficial in many areas of a man’s sexual health including increased levels of free testosterone, increased sperm production, improving sexual function, and increasing libido.

If your man who is either hotly trying to have children or is looking to have children in the near future, supplementing your diet with maca root can greatly benefit you. Reduce sperm count among men especially in the western world has greatly decreased and just the past half century or so, where your average man today produces 50% less sperm he would have not 50 years ago.

2. Improves Energy and Mood

People who use maca root powder on a regular basis have reported greater levels of energy, a greater sense of drive, and more awake. Maca root can be a great alternative to using caffeine, as in doing so doesn’t come along with the same side effects as caffeine such as the jitters. The chance that you’re going to have an overdose here compared to caffeine is a much smaller risk as well.

The exact mechanism to how maca root is able to accomplish this is still not exactly known, however it is believed to be linked to its ability to regulate and stabilize our blood sugar levels. Maca will also contains compounds which help better regulate how hurt that revealed plans as well and in turn its hormonal production.

This is why maca route is able to have a positive effect on our mood as it also helps to better regulate the hypothalamus which controls how our pituitary gland functions. Return to England is responsible for the secretion of the hormone to human growth hormone, which is responsible for the growth and maintenance of pretty much every type of tissue in the body.

3. Antioxidant Rich

Another great benefit that comes along with taking maca root whether or not you’re doing so to benefit your sex life as well, is that it is anti oxidant rich. Anti oxidants are some of the most important components to our health as they are important in fighting off pretty much every type of disease that our body comes in contact with.
This has everything to do with a biochemistry, and that these anti oxidants help to neutralize free radicals which, as a result of biochemical processes. If we do not consume or get the proper amount of antioxidants, these free radicals will bind up with other compounds within the body, potentially disrupting other processes.

What all this means is that in doing so these free radicals can cause a whole range of different types of illnesses. This includes minor things such as allergic reactions, major health threats such as the development of various types of cancer.

Another side benefit that comes along with its high concentration of anti oxidants, is that maca root can help fight against diabetes. It does this by helping to produce more of a an enzyme which breaks down the glucose found in our blood.

Are There Side Effect to Taking Maca Root?

Generally speaking this is a substance that has been consumed by people for well over 1000 years, and one that has been used widely in many different applications. Most people do not experience any type of negative health affects when taking maca root, however there’s always a small exception to the rule.

The main group of people who should be concerned about taking the supplements are those who are already taking some type of hormone altering substance, as taking maca root as well may present some complications.

Where Can I Buy It?

Marathon Maca 1000 by MHL is the best product out there as it contains a high concentration of the active compounds found in maca root, which comes from the highest quality sources. Marathon Man Maca 1000 also comes with a satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure that it comes from a reputable source.

About the Product

Test Stack No. 17 is a testosterone-boosting supplement developed by a certain Dr. Field Farrar. It is claimed to be one of the strongest and most potent products in the industry, which can amplify your physical and sexual functions.

Product Functions

Test Stack No. 17 is claimed to increase the body’s capacity to produce more testosterone. Aside from this, the product also touts to restrict the generation of estrogen in the body and lower Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) levels as well.

Basically, SHBG is a glycoprotein which attaches to sex hormones, such as androgen, estrogen and free testosterone. The higher SHBG levels the body has, the lower free testosterone becomes accessible.

What are the Components?

Below are the components present in Test Stack No. 17’s formula:

Cnidium Monnieri
Chlorophytum Borivilianum (Safed Musli
Catuaba P.E. 4:1 Extract
Fadogia Agrestis
Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa 35% Piperazine
Desmodium Gangeticum 10:1
ProLensis Bulbine Natalensis
Avenacosides A&B & 3,4-Divanillyltetrahydrofuran
Paeonia Lactiflora

Are there Adverse Reactions?

It is claimed that there aren’t any adverse reactions associated with the use of the product. This is because Test Stack No. 17 boosts the body’s own generation of testosterone and not essentially providing more of it. With your body’s mechanism to manufacture more testosterone levels, you’ll start to see results, which are:

Remarkable boost in lean muscle mass
Improvement in mental alertness and focus
Greater cognitive capacities
Enhanced confidence and willpower
Better sleep quality
Amplified energy, concentration and stamina
Notable boost in sex drive
Harder and longer erections
Reduced stress levels

What Users Have to Say?

There are many positive reviews which discussed the effectiveness and safety of this particular product. Most of the customers find Test Stack No. 17 efficient in boosting their testosterone levels the natural and safe way so that there aren’t any unpleasant side effects.

With Test Stack No. 17, they’re able to improve their training functions and performance and they’re also able to dramatically improve their sex lives. As a matter of fact, members of the Elite Fitness Forum chose Test Stack No. 17 as the greatest testosterone booster in the market. Considering Test Stack No. 17 has many repeat consumers, it only means that this product is the real deal.

Place to Purchase

You can purchase Test Stack No. 17 from Amazon.com, but if you want to get a free one-day delivery, you can order it directly from the company site. Direct purchase also makes you qualified to get a 110% satisfaction guarantee. It is important to have a refund policy included in your purchase so you can get you money back in the case that a certain product doesn’t produce impressive results. International orders are also accommodated.

As for the cost, Test Stack No. 17 is considered expensive. However, its steep cost is justified due to the product’s high quality and effectiveness. Most customers of Test Stack No. 17 purchase the product for its efficacy. When a product works genuinely, its cost becomes a non-issue.

Test Stack No. 17 is a product of excellent quality and its steep price is the manifestation of its potency. Besides, if this wasn’t effectual, men wouldn’t be making repeat purchases in the first place.

Another factor to remember is that due to its impressive components, Test Stack No. 17 is produced in small consignments. This means that the company sometimes runs out of the product as the supply is limited, but this doesn’t happy often now than it used to before, so there shouldn’t be any issues when it comes to meeting the demand.

Final Verdict

Test Stack No. 17 is a great testosterone-boosting product. It has ingredients of premier quality, which are effectual in delivering the claim results. For this reason, Test Stack No. 17 has many consumers as testified by the several positive feedbacks you can find online.

Many consumers state that Test Stack No. 17 helps in boosting physical and mental functions so you can work out more efficiently and recuperate more quickly. Aside from these benefits, the product also helps improve your sexual functions and performance so that you have an improved sex life.

Despite its steep cost, Test Stack No. 17 has many repeat buyers because it works. People tend to ignore the price as long as a product satisfies them. Overall, this product is ideal for those men who want to boost their body’s production of testosterone levels. It is effectual and safe with no unpleasant side effects unlike other products. It’s perfect for bodybuilders, athletes, and even for regular guys who just want to experience the benefits of having an amplified testosterone levels.

About Testrol

Testrol is a male enhancement supplement that promises to help men struggling with sexual dysfunction, such as low sex drive and inadequate endurance in bed. These issues, of course, can be frustrating as you’re not able to satisfy your partner and yourself as well. This problem leads men to explore solutions like herbal supplements. One of such products is Testrol. The company behind this supplement claims that Testrol is developed to boost your sex drive and construct muscle power, leading to enhanced sexual functions. When you’re able to perform greatly during sex, you make your partner satisfied, which also makes you feel fulfilled. The question is does Testrol really function as it’s claimed to? Let’s find out.

Testrol’s manufacturer also provides a reasonably priced male enhancement product that they tout to help you regain your superb sexual prowess and boost your body’s mechanism to augment your muscle mass. This can be accomplished by the potent components present in Testrol’s formula.

Ingredient Profile

Testrol has the following components:
Cnidium Monnier
Eurycoma Longifolia
Gingko Biloba
Mucuna Pruriens
Saw Palmetto
Tribulus Terrestris

Testrol contains L-Arginine, which makes it, has the potential to do what it’s claiming to. This component is basically an amino acid that’s capable of boosting your body’s nitric oxide. NO is important when it comes to boosting sexual functions. Also, Tribulus Terrestris has also been substantiated to increase testosterone levels. With the presence of these two, Testrol has the potential to work in terms of increasing testosterone and nitric oxide levels.

User Feedbacks

We found many customer reviews online that highly recommend Testrol for its effectiveness without generating adverse reactions.

Product Features

It contains L-Arginine and Tribulus Terrestris.
Its price is reasonable compared with similar supplements.
You can purchase it over-the-counter.
It serves two functions – boost muscle mass and sexual functions at the same time.
There are no reported adverse reactions thanks to the natural formulation.

Nonetheless, Testrol doesn’t provide a satisfaction guarantee for unhappy users. It is also not known whether Testrol continuously works or not.

In Summary

While it contains two ingredients that have been proven to increase testosterone and nitric oxide levels, we’re unsure if the rest of the components have the capacity to generate effects that can help augment T levels, as well as heighten NO’s production in the body. However, since its formulation completely consists of natural ingredients, there shouldn’t be any harm in trying. No side effects have been reported so far, which is good news. There are some positive user reviews online, too, so there’s a chance it can work. A supplement’s effectiveness sometimes depends on the person using it. The issue is that according to the info we’ve come across with, there’s no money-back guarantee, so in case you’re not satisfied with the results there’s no refund.

You have probably heard a lot of news lately in regards to the sexual health of men, and more specifically their sperm counts. Over the last 4-5 decades the average sperm count of men has dramatically declined, many men having about half the count now compared to the numbers only 50 years ago.

This is definitely something to be aware of, as our lifestyle including our diets are believed to be playing a huge role in this decline. This drop in male fertility has been well documented through hundreds of studies conducted over this period of time, telling us not only how prevalent this problem is, but also gives us some insight as to why this is happening.

What Causes Male Infertility?

As far as the causes of male infertility are concerned, there seems to be a limited supply. With that being said it also gives us hope in that there are plenty of ways in which we can avoid exposure to these potential causes of decreased fertility.

The first thing you want to avoid is smoking cigarettes, and second hand smoke as well. There are literally thousands of toxins in cigarette smoke that we know of, which can cause a whole host of problems.

Smoking not only causes a reduction in sperm count, but also in the quality of the sperm itself. The sperm cells themselves also seem to be underdeveloped when compared to sperm cells of non-smokers.

Another huge factor in regards to male infertility is stress. This is really no surprise as stress can adversely affect virtually anything within the body. Stress causes lower sperm counts and lower sperm quality, making it more difficult to fertilize an egg, and thus have children.

Obesity is the third major factor that can negatively influence the quality of a man’s sperm. Obesity doesn’t necessarily lead to a lower sperm count, but it does lead to lower sperm quality. With lower sperm quality you run in to the same problems regarding fertilization as you would with stress.

What Changes Can You Make to Avoid Male Infertility?

1-Cut Back on Smoking

If you are able to do so, quit smoking altogether. It is a habit that is extremely difficult to break, but is well worth it considering all the positive health benefits that follow. Smoking not only will decrease the quality of your sperm, but will negatively impact virtually every other aspect of your health as well.


Supplementation is another effective way to increase your fertility. Diet plays an extremely important role in our health, and the truth is that many of us are doing a poor job in getting all of these nutrients that our body needs.

Whether it be due to convenience, or lack of availability, the vast majority of us aren’t getting what we need from our diets. A multivitamin is definitely a good start, which will provide you with a wide range of essential nutrients. A product like Ultimate Man from Men’s Healthy Lifestyle is an excellent choice here. An omega 3 supplement would be in your best interest as well, such as Optimal Omega which is sold by the same company.

These two supplements will provide you with the extra nutrition you are missing out on from the typical inadequate western diet. Removing processed foods from your diet will greatly help you here as well.

3-Reduce Stress

This piece of advice is always easier said than done. There are some sources of stress in our lives that we simply cannot avoid, whether it be something work related, something related to family or otherwise.

We have to accept that there are some aspects of our life which we cannot control, and should focus our time and energy elsewhere. This means that you should be cutting out potential stressors from your life and at the same time doing everything you can to reduce the stress that you can’t avoid.

This means doing things like taking some more time out to focus on yourself. This is true for both men and women, as everyone needs some space and time to themselves on occasion. Exercise is an extremely effective way to reduce stress and of course comes with other benefits as well. Yoga, listening to relaxing music and other forms of meditation can also be effective methods in reducing your stress too.

Many aspects of our health is important, including our ability to maintain a healthy sex life. The best ways to go about doing so is through the proper diet and through exercise, however many of us fall short when trying to get all the essentials that we need.

This is where supplementation comes in to play, where we can make up the difference of the nutrients we’re missing out from our diet in the form of a pill or capsule. This is why the supplement industry is huge, however there are many different pills out there which are specific to certain needs, so you need to know how to sift through them all to find what you need.

We’re here to help you save the time and effort needed to do so, and here are all the supplements you need to maintain optimal sexual health:


If you aren’t already taking a multivitamin, you should definitely consider doing so. It is not only beneficial when it comes to our sexual health but can help improve other aspects of our health as well.

This is because as their name implies, multivitamins contain many different types of both vitamins which help us to do so, along with the minerals we need as well. If you are someone who doesn’t eat all their fruits and vegetables you are more than likely deficient in more than one of these essential nutrients, making a multivitamin an excellent option.

When choosing a multivitamin, it is important that you choose a men’s formula if you are a man, and a women’s formula if you are a woman. This is because women’s formulas tend to contain higher amounts of trace metals like iron than men’s formulas, which men do not need. UltimateMan by Men’s Healthy Lifestyle is an excellent choice if you are looking for a multivitamin specifically formulate for men.

Women need more of these trace metals and some other nutrients as well because of what is lost through menstruation, which men simply do not need. Too much iron can lead to things like increased risk of heart disease as well, so again make sure that you are choosing the proper multivitamin.

Protein Supplements

Buying yourself some powdered whey, or some other form of portable protein is another excellent idea which can help improve your sexual health as well. Most men aren’t getting enough protein in their diet, even though many think otherwise.

You should be consuming at least 0.8 grams of protein per pound of body weight, which most people aren’t even close to reaching. This is because protein is essential in many processes that occur within the body, including the maintenance and repair of tissue.

Powdered protein is arguably the best way to go because of its convenience and its relatively low cost. Many formulas have an excellent nutritional profile as well, containing massive amounts of protein per serving at the cost of little calories due to the lack of fat and carbs. Look at the weight of the scoop in grams versus the amount of protein in each scoop. Your protein powder should be at least 70% protein by weight to make it worth your while, otherwise it is just another weight gainer with filler.

These types of supplements will help you get all the protein your body needs without having to consume excess carbs and fats to do so. This ensures that you don’t pack on extra pounds when you start using these types of supplements.

Fish Oil

Most younger men probably aren’t too concerned about the functioning of their heart, but they should be especially if they are worried about their sexual performance. The health of the heart and our sexual health are linked because of the role in which our blood plays in each. Proper blood flow through vessels means a healthier cardiovascular system and also enables men to achieve and erection.

There are many different types of fish oil out there, and there are even krill oils, seed oils, and other alternatives as well which also claim to provide the same heart healthy benefits of fish oil. While some seeds, algae, krill and other things do contain these healthy omega 3 fatty acids, you should be more so concerned about their quality.

The quality of the supplement you can purchase varies greatly, which depends largely on the source. Try to find out where your oil is being sourced from, which can give you an idea of what type of quality it is.

As its name implies, this supplement which usually comes in a powdered form is derived from the root of the maca plant. Maca is well known superfood native to Peru, which has been grown by the native inhabitants there for thousands of years. Maca root is able to improve our health by better regulating our hormones, which affects multiple systems throughout the body.

People who take Maca root based supplements regularly report that they experience a wide range of benefits from taking this supplement, mainly revolving around having more energy, increased libido, and lowered levels of stress in general. So how exactly does this supplement work?

1-Improves Testosterone Levels in Men

Every man’s ability to produce testosterone declines as they age, this is an unfortunate inevitable truth that we all must face. This happens at a relatively young age as well, as testosterone levels in men begin to steadily decline after they reach 30 years of age.

Testosterone is a key component to men’s overall health, including their sexual health. Testosterone is the number one factor which drives our libido, regulates energy levels and our general interest in sex.

In addition to the sexual benefits, testosterone is important in our ability to maintain and gain muscle as well. Maca root can help you stay in better physical shape as well, through maintenance of muscle mass.

2-Maintains Prostate Health

Another major problem many men face as they age is the deteriorating health of their prostate. Over time the prostate gland can grow and swell out of control, which can cause sexual dysfunction as well as incontinence due to the pressure on the bladder.

Maca root may be able to shrink the size of the prostate gland by decreasing inflammation, which in turn improves prostate health. This includes things like sperm production as well, as the prostate plays an important role in the secretion of ejaculatory fluid.

3-Improves Stamina, Energy and Mood

Maca root plays an important role in the regulation of testosterone levels within the body, so it really isn’t too much of a surprise to find out that it positive affects the regulation of other hormones as well.

This extract has shown the ability to maintain positive mood, high energy levels and increased stamina without too many side effects. You don’t have to worry about getting the jitters like you do with caffeinated drinks, or an energy crash as in the case of sugary energy drinks.

4-Fights off Disease and Maintains Good Overall Health

Not only is the Maca root effective in its ability to regulate hormones, it is effective in maintaining good overall health as well. This is because it contains a wide variety of nutrients we need in order to function optimally, including plenty of vitamins in the form of antioxidants.

Anti-oxidants are powerful compounds that the body uses to fight against virtually every disease that we come in contact with, making them important aspects in having good health. This includes very common but serious illnesses such as various forms of cancer.

5-Improves Female Sexual Health

Men aren’t the only ones who can benefit from taking Maca root extract, as it has shown to be effective in improving women’s sexual health as well. Again this ties back to its ability to better regulate our hormones, in this case serotonin.

Maca root helps to better regulate the adrenal glands as well, which helps to not only improve our mood, but also reduce levels of stress and suppresses appetite. This will help you lose weight as well, which is further going to help improve your energy levels and mood.

Having more fat not only is going to decrease your energy levels, but it disrupts your mood and encourages the production of the stress hormone cortisol as well. Taking a Maca root supplement daily can help solve all of these issues, leading to an improved sex life.

About the Product

FCK Power is a male enhancement supplement that claims to be highly capable of increasing your sexual functions and performance. This does so by boosting your erection’s firmness, sex drive, and your libido with just the intake of a pill. FCK Power also claims to be the real deal thanks to its highly potent components.

It is only important that you apply a great level of caution when choosing the right brand. This way, you don’t fall into scams and end up purchasing ineffective supplements. As for FCK Power, it purports to be the real deal when it comes to helping you improve your sexual functions and overall sexual health. For this reason, it gives more consumers the more reason to doubt it – because its assertions are too good to be true. In this review, we’ll evaluate FCK Power further in to order to learn if this product is really a value for money or not.

More Info on FCK Power

It is obvious that many supplement manufacturers kind of overrate their products and what they can bring to the table. This is why a lot of users feel only dissatisfaction after expecting a supplement to help them with their issues when it couldn’t. But based on the trials we performed on our own, we found that FCK Power can actually quite work like it says it would unlike many other brands that fail to produce any substantial results.

FCK Power Consumers

Since FCK Power contains effectual components in its formulation, it is used by a lot of guys who are looking to increase their sexual functions and capacities more permanently. This supplement is an incredible selection for those men who sometimes experience impotence and sexual exhaustion. It’s the ideal solution for these men who want to improve the quality of their sex life.

Is FCK Power Efficient?

As mentioned, we did our own test of the supplement because we initially doubted its effectiveness. Interestingly, FCK Power turned out to be an effectual male enhancement supplement. It really does what it says it will. We discovered this determination after performing independent trials, including laboratory examinations and studies involving participants.

The experiment revealed that the supplement’s concentration of its components is remarkable, which is 389 to 1 effectiveness. This is nearly 10 times the average proportion in the market. The outcome really surpassed our expectations when 98 percent of the participants stated that they experienced a substantial improvement in terms of their sexual functions after taking FCK Power. They reported more vigorous erections and greater libido. In many scenarios, the participants also noted a significant boost in the size of their manhood by 2.5 inches.

Even as 2.5 is below the 4-inch boost that FCK Power promises in their ads, such increase is pretty much still remarkable since it’s rare for a male enhancement product to actually be capable of augmenting a man’s penis. Most even consider this impossible without surgery.

What are the Components?

Of course, FCK Power’s ingredient profile is the one to be credited for its potency. Here they are:

Horny Goat Weed
Maca Root
Yohimbe Bark
L-Arginine HCL
Saw Palmetta

Most of the components here are familiar names in the male enhancement industry. They’re often used because they really do have potential to generate significant results. As you can see, there are pro-sexual elements, hormone enhancers, vasodilators, and energy boosters to give you a complete set of ingredients that can help you increase your sexual prowess.  As mentioned, these components are found in other products. The distinction is that there are supplementary components added in the formula, so that the absorption is made faster and easier.

Final Verdict

Though there are products that are misleading customers with their too-good-to-be-true claims, there are also a few that really tells the truth about their effectiveness. One example is FCK Power. It claims to be one of the best male enhancement supplements, and based on our tests, such claims are substantiated. If you’re looking for a solution for your weakening sexual performance, FCK Power is really a must try.

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About MuscleTech TEST 3X SX-7

MuscleTech TEST 3X SX-7 is a testosterone booster that seems promising with the components involved in its formula. These said elements have undergone clinical studies and tests, proving their efficiency.

MuscleTech TEST 3X SX-7 is a bit expensive, but if you’re okay with that because you’re focused on finding a supplement that works, then this testosterone booster is definitely worth the attention. TEST 3X SX-7 is MuscleTech’s freshest addition to its long list of testosterone boosters.

Read on to know more about this testosterone booster.

What are the Ingredients?

This particular supplement contains clinically-researched components that have the potential to raise the users’ testosterone levels. Below are the ingredients with their respective functions:


D-Aspartic Acid (3.12 g) – an amino acid that effectually promotes the secretion of testosterone in both people and animals. The dosage utilized during the research with humans as tests subjects was 3 grams of this amino acid each day for a 12-day period. This means TEST 3X SX-7 has more D-Aspartic Acid than on the aforementioned study, making this supplement promising for its capacity to increase T levels.

Boron Citrate (200 mg) – this is a dietary mineral that has been demonstrated to increase free testosterone levels in the body.

Tribulus fruit extract (250 mg) – this is an extract that’s being researched for its capacity to promote the user’s T levels. Experts said more studies have to be performed in order to generate more definite results. Nevertheless, one remarkable research illustrated that everyday intake of tribulus terrestris for a 20-day period led to a significant augmentation in blood testosterone after 10 days.

Ashwagandha Root Extract (125 mg) – this herb is utilized to decrease the manifestations of stress in the body. With lowered stress, it’s easier for the body to generate more testosterone.

How Harmless is TEST 3X SX-7?

For one, there aren’t any stimulants present in TEST 3X SX-7’s formula. This means there aren’t any side effects that are possible to happen. Just bear in mind that TEST 3X SX-7 is only meant for people 18 years and older.

In order to evaluate your body’s tolerance to it, start with small dose and slowly up the quantity to the suggested dosage.

TEST 3X SX-7 Cost & Proper Use

preview-full-shutterstock_340089824A bottle of this product contains 30 servings, which is made up of 4 caplets. Recommended dose is 1 serving daily. It’s not indicated whether it should be consumed with food or on a empty stomach. Taking more than one serving per day is not advised.

TEST 3X SX-7 costs $90 for each bottle, which makes it a bit costly. But this may be because it’s a new supplement and is not widely distributed yet. Its price may be lowered as soon as it becomes accessible through online retailers.

As for the product’s overall quality, it’s pretty good. The components here have undergone clinical studies and tests, verifying their effectiveness.

As mentioned, if you’re fine with purchasing expensive supplements because your focus is the efficiency, then TEST 3X SX-7 is worth considering.