About Lipo-6 Carnitine

Lipo-6 Carnitine claims to be a natural weight loss supplement that gets its potency from the strength of carnitine, which is an amino acid that delivers fatty acid chains to the mitochondria in order to be utilized as energy. Lipo-6 Carnitine is a fat loss solution that’s manufactured by Nutrex. Just like any weight loss products, it promises to offer real weight loss solutions among consumers who are looking to shed significant amount of pounds for a leaner physique.

About the Company

The manufacturer Nutrex Research has its main office in Florida. The company has started its operations in supplement making since 1992. The weight loss product Lipo-6 Carnitine is part of the already present Basik product series. This also consists of the original Lipo-6 formulation and Lipo-6 CLA, the latter of which is a conjugated linoleic acid product.

The company is not listed with the Better Business Bureau, but thus far there aren’t any grievances from users of the products based on the customer feedbacks we’ve come across online.

Ingredient Profile

The key component in Lipo-6 Carnitine is, of course, carnitine. To be more specific, it has 1,490 mg of l-carnitine tartrate.

Basically, this amino acid helps with increasing energy, which is vital for making sure that the muscles are working properly. Given this, there are companies recommending the intake of carnitine, apart from the body’s natural generation of the amino acid, in order to increase one’s energy levels, which help the user lose weight, too.

There are clinical studies subjecting the efficacy of carnitine in boosting a person’s energy levels. Nevertheless, the results of these researches are varied. Thus, more studies have to be performed in order to obtain a more conclusive determination.

In one of the studies performed, 2 grams of L-carnitine was provided to 10 men of healthy physical state. These individuals also finished a series of workouts. All of them encountered an increase in testosterone levels, as well as lessened muscle impairment. However, L-carnitine appeared more potent after training or during one’s recuperation time.

In another research, men who participated in the study took 2 grams of L-carnitine and also encountered some outcomes. But the authors of the said study noted that the results were insignificant.

Is the Product Harmless?

This amino acid is linked to a few minor adverse reactions, including digestive problems like heartburn, abdominal discomfort and diarrhea.

Lipo-6 Carnitine doesn’t contain any stimulants, so customers can feel confident about not encountering any serious side effects while using the product. This supplement is also totally safe that you can take it alongside other dietary products since no possible interactions can be expected.

Proper Use of the Product

The supplement is in liquid gel capsules. This is made that way for quicker assimilation in the bloodstream, hence, faster visibility of effects. To use Lipo-6 Carnitine, take two capsules 30 minutes prior to starting your training. During your rest days, you can take two capsules any time, depends on when you prefer it, as long as it’s done between your meals. The recommended dosage is only two capsules per day. Exceeding this is not advised. Make sure you always drink a glass of water when taking Lipo-6 Carnitine, or any drinks of your selection.

Accessibility of Lipo-6 Carnitine

Thankfully, the supplement is accessible in several online and physical stores. Mostly, these stores offer the product at around $30. Its manufacturer also sells Lipo-6 Carnitine for $30 on their official product site. If you want to look for the greatest deal, you can find it on BodyBuilding.com where it is priced at a discounted cost of $19.95. This apparently is a great deal since you’re able to save around $10.

What’s the Bottom Line?

The researches done on the effectiveness of carnitine show that this amino acid has potential in terms of helping people who are looking to lose weight. It is also reasonably priced, which is good news for customers who are looking for a weight loss supplement that’s got promise while not being overpriced. Since its ingredient is natural, there are no major side effects you should be worried about.

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Stacker 2 Introduction

Stacker 2 is a weight loss supplement that claims to generate significant fat loss results with the use of remarkably potent ingredients. Aside from being efficient, as claimed by its manufacturer, Stacker 2 is also quite affordable, something that budget-conscious customers would surely appreciate.

On the other hand, there’s a concern about the real quality of the ingredients present in Stacker 2’s formula. Reports state that while there are components in the supplement that are of premier quality, there are also other elements that are of low quality. Plus, the dosages of these components aren’t significantly abundant to generate any notable weight loss changes. There’s also the concern of the adverse reactions that Stacker 2 could possible trigger.

Those who are trying to lose weight know how tough it is to make lifestyle changes. You need to limit your calorie consumption and exercise regularly. Doing the opposite will surely disrupt your initial devotion, as well as your physical and mental efforts. This is why supplements like Stacker 2 are typical in the market. These supplements are claimed to be effective that users are said to undergo a weight loss process that’s much simpler and easier. With the use of components that can potentially increase the body’s mechanism to shed fat, can Stacker 2 actually deliver for real?

What are the Claimed Results?

Based on the information given to us, Stacker 2 is developed to perform two functions: control appetite and torch fat. Apparently, it’s easier to lose weight when you’re able to reduce your cravings while burning fat simultaneously. Plus, it allows you to opt for healthier food options when you’re able to control your cravings.

Moreover, Stacker 2 is also designed to help users torch fat while you’re working out, so that you’re able to see the physical results more quickly. The supplement can make this happen by boosting your metabolism, so that you’re able to torch more calories from food, as well as body fat calories.

Understanding How It Function

The primary component involved in this supplement is caffeine anhydrous. It is a well-known component in the market since it’s been shown in clinical studies to be effective in facilitating thermogenesis or the process when your body’s core temperature is regulated.

Basically, stimulants such as caffeine make the body’s temperature to increase, so that more fat is torched. Plus, caffeine is also recognized for its capacity to repress your appetite and bring notable surge of energy.

The remaining components in the supplement are in exclusive blends, with the first blend being composed of Yerba Mate, White Willow Bark, and Kola Nut. These elements are occasionally utilized in fat-burning products because of their capacity for weight loss. The second blend in the product contains Green Tea, Guggulsterone, and Gymnema.

More Info on Stacker 2

Caffeine and Green Tea are some of the components in Stacker 2 that has scientific evidence with regard their potency. Even though the rest of the components in Stacker 2 could potentially help you lose weight, most of them are not as potent as caffeine and green tea.

Furthermore, these components can only generate promising results when utilized in sufficient doses. Caffeine in Stacker 2 has 200 mg, so it should be efficient. On the other hand, the rest of the components have little doses. For instance, there’s only a total 25 mg of the blend where green tea is, which makes this dose miniscule.

It is also important to note that there could be adverse reactions from the use of Stacker 2 due to the caffeine used. As mentioned, Stacker 2 is reasonably priced. For a bottle containing 100 capsules, Stacker 2 costs only $19.99.

Final Recommendation

Aside from being efficient, as claimed by its manufacturer, Stacker 2 is also quite affordable, something that budget-conscious customers would surely appreciate.

On the other hand, there’s a concern about the real quality of the ingredients present in Stacker 2’s formula. Reports state that while there are components in the supplement that are of premier quality, there are also other elements that are of low quality. Plus, the dosages of these components aren’t significantly abundant to generate any notable weight loss changes.

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All about Vexxum by Pro Supps

Vexxum by Pro Supps is a fat burning supplement that’s new in the market, at least as of this writing. The interesting thing about these kinds of supplements is that they always look for a distinctive method to initiate the process of torching fat. Generally, every method used for getting rid of excess fat has both advantages and downsides.

We noticed Vexxum by Pro Supps immediately for the design of its packaging, which easily catches the eyes. While researching for the supplement, we learned that it actually has a lot of consumers and its sales seem to be going well. Given this information, it appears that Vexxum by Pro Supps has something in it that consumers choose to stick with it. Is the supplement super effective in making one losing weight for a slender physique? We’re about to find out.

More Info on Vexxum by Pro Supps

This particular supplement is categorized as a fat burner that mainly consists of stimulants. This only means that by taking Vexxum by Pro Supps, you have to anticipate results made by stimulant such as caffeine. With this, the ideal schedule for consuming this supplement is first thing in the morning, so that you’ll have improved energy that you can appreciate over the course of the day. Moreover, Vexxum by Pro Supps has about 320 mg of caffeine. This is equal to about 4 large cups of coffee. Vexxum is better suited to those individuals who aren’t sensitive to stimulants like caffeine. Generally, high content of caffeine can result to unpleasant adverse reactions, including jitters, anxiety, and hypertension, among others.

Vexxum by Pro Supps Consumers

Vexxum by Pro Supps is a supplement that mostly consists of stimulants like caffeine. Products like this one are usually consumed by those people who are undergoing the cutting stage. The supplement mainly increases the metabolism to get rid of more calories. Of course, this greatly helps especially if you’re really looking to cut down your calorie intake. Because its content of stimulants is pretty much high, Vexxum by Pro Supps can also work as a pre-workout solution that can provide you a significant boost of energy that’ll get you ready for your training regimen. We all know that motivation doesn’t hit us all the time and going to the gym regularly is not as easy as it sounds. Thus, it’ll be of great help if we feel instantly energized that we feel we can do anything without feeling exhausted or discouraged.

Does Vexxum by Pro Supps Work?

It is important to weigh the potential efficiency of a supplement first. As for Vexxum by Pro Supps, it has 320 mg of caffeine. This amount is a bit greater than other fat-burning products out there. Certainly, this increases your metabolism since caffeine initiates lipolysis. Lipolysis is the procedure where fat is metabolized in order to be utilized as energy for the body. This particular process is the fundamental outcome that many fat burning supplements in the market are looking to achieve. And this particular supplement in review endeavors to be competitive by being loaded with stimulants.

Moreover, Vexxum has secondary components that facilitate effects that can control your desire for food. It also has components for increasing your energy levels. Yohimbe bark is also included for improving the blood circulation and your metabolism.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that this supplement has Hordenine. This is a component that has norepinephrine qualities leading you to have a false positive result when tested for drugs during standard examinations. This ingredient can greatly stimulate you after a high-amount intake of it. But since there’s only little amount of it in Vexxum by Pro Supps’s formula, stimulatory results aren’t expected.

Bottom Line

Basically, stimulants like caffeine can only boost your metabolic rate to a specific range. But considering Vexxum by Pro Supps has more than 300 mg of caffeine per serving, that’s already considered an excess. 200 mg of caffeine should have been sufficient to heighten your metabolism and activate the burning of fat. Quantities greater than 300 mg would likely result to side effects, especially if have caffeine sensitivity.

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Weight loss is a challenging journey and metabolism is one crucial part of the process. Though the overall course is not easy, there are simple ways you can do to boost your metabolism to help you with weight loss.

Importance of sleep

There’s a connection between sleep and metabolism and not getting sufficient shut-eye may significantly slow down your metabolism. When you lack sleep, your hormones that can rouse your desire for food becomes more active. The result is a slow metabolism, which of course, isn’t ideal if you’re trying to shed pounds. Sleep deprivation also results to insulin resistance.

In fact, three weeks of not getting enough of it may lead to a modification in your insulin activity, which makes the metabolism lethargic. Worse, when you’re not sleeping enough, increased levels of ghrelin, a hunger hormone that triggers you to yearn for and eat more sugar and refined carbs, is set off.

Green tea remedy

Studies have shown that drinking green tea can accelerate your metabolism. If you’re into green teas, you’re lucky because it’s the only treat that’s good for your immune system, heart health, and of course, metabolism. A research conducted in Greece also showed that drinking green tea substantially boosted the widening of artery within 30 minutes.

Work out with more intensity

Even quick stints of vigorous workouts can initiate metabolism and helps you continue torch calories even after the exercise is finished.

Don’t miss breakfast

When you start your day right, meaning with breakfast, your metabolism is kick-started early, which continues throughout the day. Besides, eating breakfast also increases your energy level, which helps augment calories torched over the course of the day.

Drink enough water

Being hydrated is a simple way to accelerate digestion and torch calories. Gulping water and consuming water-based foods can also make you feel satiated, which stops you from eating too much.

Pick the right food

Even eating could help you burn calories more efficiently. Foods like tuna and grapefruit have been hinted to accelerate the metabolism. Protein has also demonstrated to increase metabolic rate. Thus, it’s wiser to go for eggs than toasts for breakfast.

Cup a coffee

Drinking a cup of coffee doesn’t only boost your focus that keeps you alert and full of energy to face the day; it also accelerates your heart rate and delivers a metabolic increase.

Laughter is the best

It’s been found that even laughing for 10 minutes each day can burn energy. So, a sense of humor isn’t only appealing, it also helps your metabolism to be at its peak.

Consume food with Omega 3

Omega-3 fatty acids not only can improve your cardiovascular health, it can also help increase your metabolism. Omega-3 fats portray a significant part in the burning of fat. Some of the foods you can add to your diet are salmon, tuna, and walnuts, to name a few.

Relieve yourself of stress

Stress is everywhere, so at one point you will need to learn how to deal with it. Otherwise, it will take its toll and have a negative impact on your health. Stress increases the risk of heart diseases and lowers your metabolism. When you’re body is under severe stress, it preserves calories and stores weight.

Despite your efforts to increase your workout efforts and dieting, you’ll still put on weight if you’re stressed. There are simple ways you can do to de-stress, such as spending time with friends and family, taking walks, breathing right, getting a massage, and listening to music.

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General Idea

Zvelt is a weight loss solution that promises to make weight loss possible. It’s basically a patch that you stick on your skin, which claims to generate fat loss just by being worn by you.

The company behind this product touts that Zvelt is totally safe. It has undergone clinical tests where it was studied and observed for both its efficiency and safety. The product’s manufacturer also purported the product to be helpful to anyone who’s looking to shed 10 pounds or more. Moreover, Zvelt is manufactured by Progenum International.

Understanding How It Function

Using Zvelt is pretty simple. Since it is a patch you only need to apply it on your skin. The components present in the product are the following:

Forslean: this ingredient rouses the thyroid, which disperses fat.
Cosmoperine: this ingredient increases the transport of the active substances in the patch.
ChromeMate or chromium polynicotinate: this ingredient is a vital trace mineral that aids in the body’s torching of calories, facilitates shedding of fat, and sustaining lean tissue.

preview-full-shutterstock_667093252Moreover, Zvelt’s manufacturer says that it has developed an excellent blend of these components with the righteous ratio in order to deliver an impressive combination that’ll function greatly for weight loss. Since it is in a patch form, this mixture of components is provided into the body through your skin.

The patches supposedly help with suppression of hunger and your appetite in general, as well as help with the boosting of energy levels. The Zvelt patch comes from Super Soft Volara fabric that widens as you move. Patches made from this are basically unnoticeable underneath your clothes. They’re also clean and can be taken without any feelings of discomfort.

Even though there aren’t so many customer feedbacks discussing Zvelt on the internet, diet patches in general are mostly criticized for being ineffectual. It is recommended to use this product alongside healthy diet and regular exercise. However, it is hard to know if the results people should be experiencing would come from their diet and workouts solely or if Zvelt could really contribute to any weight loss.

Product Cost & Money-Back Guarantee

The product can be purchased through a free trial. In this set-up you will get a two-week supply of the product for only the S&H cost of $9.95. Getting this arrangement you will be registered into their autoship plan by default. This means you will continue receiving the item and regularly get charged for every shipment.

preview-full-shutterstock_299749289After this, you will be billed for the full amount, which is $59.95, as well as another $9.95 for S&H for a four-week supply of Zvelt. Your next order will be delivered after four weeks with your credit card getting charged $59.95 and $9.95 for S&H each time. This will only stop if you choose to discontinue your enrollment to their autoship plan.

If you think about it, a six-week worth of Zvelt patches will cost you $79.85. You will then shell out $69.90 every four weeks for a monthly supply of Zvelt.

In the case that you’re unhappy with Zvelt after initially receiving it, there’s a 30-day refund policy. But this only applies to unused or partially used item.

However, S&H fees aren’t part of the refunding arrangement and in the case of returned items, you need to shoulder the shipping expenses, too. For more information regarding this, you can contact their customer support at 1-888-405-8129.

What are the Product Features?

Zvelt patches are comfortable for wearing.
They can be taken without any feeling of discomfort.
It is unnoticeable underneath clothes.

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1- Know What You’re Ordering Beforehand

One of the best things you can do before heading out to a restaurant is to take a look at their menu beforehand. Most restaurants have an online menu for pickup and delivery orders so take advantage. Some restaurants may even have nutrition information available including fat, salt and calorie content so make sure to do your online research before you head out.

2- Fill up on Snacks Before You Eat Out

preview-full-shutterstock_394775977If you don’t feel like doing some research beforehand, or if you simply don’t trust yourself, fill up on snacks before you dine out. Have something healthy like a trail mix, apples with peanut butter or some other high protein snack to hold you over.

Studies show that if you go out to dinner on an empty stomach, you are less likely to order in moderation and tend to just gorge on food. Reduce the amount of calories you eat during dinner by grabbing a quick light snack before you do.

When it comes to restaurants just one meal can make or break your diet as far as calories are concerned for the day, so it is extremely important to choose the right foods. Showing up with some food in your belly will help you do so.

3- Stick to a Paleo Diet When Dining Out

The worst foods that we can eat while dining out are the ones that are rich in calories, but devoid in other nutrients. These foods give us energy but since they lack other nutrients they still leave us feeling empty, causing us to go back for seconds and thirds.

When eating out, avoid carbohydrates whenever possible, try to make your meal consist of mainly vegetables and lean proteins.

Refined carbohydrates like the ones found in many breads, pastas, rice and other food items are the ones we want to avoid the most because they tend to lead to weight gain. On top of that these food items are relatively cheap compared to proteins and vegetables, so most dishes you get from restaurants are going to consist mainly of these cheap ingredients.

4- How the Food Is Prepared Makes a Huge Difference

preview-full-shutterstock_282446912The way in which the food is prepared is another huge factor that you should be aware of. Food preparation can mean the difference between a healthy dish and a very unhealthy one. One easy example of this is chicken breast.

Grilled chicken breast is extremely healthy as it is high in protein, and very low in fat. Conversely if you took that same piece of chicken and fried it in oil you turn a healthy meal low in fat in to an unhealthy meal high in fat.

Generally speaking you want to stick to cooking methods like grilling, broiling, poaching, smoked, or steamed. Stay away from deep fried foods, or ones that are battered or coated.

5- Choose the Right Appetizers to Reduce Caloric Intake and Lose Weight

Another issue many people have when it comes to eating at restaurants is the appetizers. Most restaurants have three main appetizers, breads, soups and salads. Most people know by know that breads served at restaurants normally are of the refined variety, and have little nutritional value outside of the calories that they provide.

Most people think that soups are a relatively healthy option when in most cases they aren’t. Soups more often than not are loaded with salt, cream and butter to give it the best flavor and texture possible.

The best option out of the three is salad, by far and away. Salads can be a very healthy side dish or appetizer if the proper ingredients are chosen.

Stay away from chef salads and any other types that have deli meats or fried chicken added. Stick to dark leafy greens, dried fruits and nut or seeds to round off your salad. When it comes to dressing, stick to oil and vinegar if possible, and avoid blue cheese, ranch and other high fat, high caloric dressings.

6- Stick to Water When Possible and Avoid Sugary Drinks at All Costs

One of the easiest ways to pack on additional calories is to drink them. Meals take a lot longer to consume than drinks which can also really upset your blood sugar levels, which could potentially lead to even more weight gain.

Make sure to stick to water when eating out, it can really help you reduce how many calories you are consuming.

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Everyone has the best intentions when they first start off on their diet, and inevitably end up ruining it by eating donuts someone brought to the office for breakfast or having some drinks during happy hour after work.

At this point you’re probably thinking something along the lines of “oh well, that was a good try” and you end up giving up on your diet altogether.

Instead of subscribing to this all or nothing mentality, try to remember that your diet is something you are going to have to work on for an extended period of time, and will always be a work in progress.

The point is, just because you screw up once or twice and cheat on your diet, that is no reason to give up on it.

Switch It up When You Go out for a Bite to Eat

preview-full-shutterstock_233691502Most of us have not only a favorite spot when we go out to eat, but a favorite dish as well. Try to switch it up and go for the salad or grilled chicken sandwich next time instead of the steak or spare ribs.

If you can, try to reduce the amount of times you eat out at a restaurant whenever possible. This is one of the easiest areas to change when it comes to eating healthier and losing weight.

When you go out to eat at a restaurant you are at their mercy, you don’t know what they are using in their dishes as far as how much fat, sugar and salt they are using. Believe it or not but just one meal alone from a restaurant can completely ruin your diet for the day because its loaded with fat, salt, sugar and calories that you aren’t completely aware of.

Don’t Buy Snacks the Next Time You Go Shopping

One of the easiest ways to control your weight is by simply not buying junk food to begin with, out of sight out of mind.

Believe it or not, but you will lose weight simply by not surrounding yourself with these junk foods. Usually our cravings for these foods aren’t so great that we need to go out to the store to grab them, its more so that they are readily available and that’s why we eat them.

Stay away from the middle isles in the grocery store which has all that junk food. Eliminating that bag of chips or bottle of soda adds up tremendously over time.

If You’re Not Eating Breakfast, Start Doing So

It may sound counterintuitive to eat breakfast in the morning to lose weight if you currently aren’t because basic arithmetic tells you that you are eating more calories.

While that is true, the concept behind doing so is to stifle that hunger you are feeling so that you end up eating less calories in the long run.

The key to getting rid of hunger is eating the proper foods, if your body is craving protein and you are eating cereal for example, your hunger isn’t going to subside.

For breakfast you are going to want to eat a low calorie meal, about 300-400 calories consisting of fats and protein. Nut butters like peanut butter is perfect for breakfast, and you can pair it with a piece of toast for the additional benefit of fiber and nutrients as well.

Get In Exercises When You Can to Lose Weight

preview-full-shutterstock_429490462When it comes to losing weight as mentioned earlier too many of us are in an “all-or-nothing” frame of mind. Many people just don’t exercise because they say they don’t have the time to do so because of their busy schedule.

If you are one of these people with an extremely busy schedule that can’t fit an hour plus workout in to their day, exercise during the downtime when possible.

Taking a business call outside on a walk or writing up some documents while at a standing desk can really benefit you when it comes to weight loss.  Do some pushups during the next commercial break if you’re watching tv.

The idea here is to move around and exercise whenever you have free time, enough so that you keep your metabolism boosted. Keeping your metabolism up will help you burn through more calories and keep those pounds off.

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Snacking can either make or break us when it comes to losing weight and maintaining god overall health. Choosing the wrong snack over the right snack can mean fatigue, moodiness, decreased metabolism which all lead to weight gain.

The best thing to do is to change our snacking habits. Most people tend to grab high calorie snack foods which are loaded with either sugar or fats. These foods have a lot of calories providing us with a lot of energy and little else.

Salty foods increase our blood pressure and cause us to be thirsty, adding more water weight making us feel bloated and uncomfortable.

Sugary foods spike our blood sugar levels, giving us an energy high for a short period of time, follwoed by a hard crash. If you feel like you need a nap after you eat a big bowl of ice cream or down a bag of cookies, it really isn’t a big surprise.

Switch to Protein Based Snacks to Manage Your Weight

Protein not only makes you feel full after eating making you eat less calories overall, it is an important macronutrient in our diet. Protein helps to maintain and repair tissues helping our muscles grow as a result.

This is important because adding more muscle tissue is going to make you burn more calories and lose more fat even when you aren’t active. This is because muscle tissue itself is much different than fat tissue.

preview-full-shutterstock_407206480Muscle tissue consists of cells which get stretched out, enlarged over time known as hypertrophy. This means that the muscle isn’t creating new cells, the existing ones are just growing in response to the repair of muscle fibers as a result of the ripping and tearing during exercise.

These tissues grow and in the process produce more mitochondria, which are what produced ATP or the energy that powers our muscles. These mitochondria require a lot of energy just to run so to speak, and are the key to boosting metabolism.

We want to burn as many calories as we can to lose weight, and building muscle can really help us to do that through these mitochondria.

Now that you know why you should be eating protein you are probably wondering what the best snacks choices are.

Here Are The Top Protein Rich Snacks Everyone Should Be Eating

1- Black Bean Brownies

These are not only a healthy snack packed with protein, they are very easy to prepare as well. When I first heard of black bean brownies I thought they would be gross but you the difference is hardly noticeable.

To prepare these brownies, just use your regular mix, and substitute the black beans for eggs. You can add oats to give it some extra protein which acts as a binding ingredient as well.

2-Berry Flax Seed Smoothie

Yogurt is one of the best lean proteins out there, which also is packed with calcium, potassium and other important vitamins and minerals. To make this snack even more powerful, add antioxidant rich berries and omega 3 rich flax seeds to give this snack a good overall profile.

3-Chocolate Chip Cookies

You can still enjoy a favorite snack if the preparation is right. Substitute almond meal and pea protein for your milk sugar and eggs. The only other things you are going to need is some baking powder and chocolate chips.

4-Peanut Butter Celery and Raisins

preview-full-shutterstock_520016038This snack is something reminiscent of our childhood, something almost all of us brought to school as a snack at one point or another. Peanut butter with celery and raisins is a balanced snack that is easy to prepare for snack on the go.

Peanut butter is a good source of protein and fat which will eliminate your hunger and hold you over till your next meal. The celery adds a nice crunch and adds some fiber to the snack to help fill us up. Raising provide the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

5-Beff Jerky

The best option when it comes to beef jerky is making it yourself if it is possible and you know how. When you make it yourself you know exactly what is going in to it and can limit additives like sugar and salt which don’t help when it comes to weight loss.

If you can’t make it yourself there are some brands that are good alternatives to making your own. Just make sure to read the label and choose the ones that are rather plain with no sauces or additives.

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Getting to Know Ripped Freak Hybrid

Essentially, Ripped Freak Hybrid is a weight loss product that works through thermogenic components being collaborated appetite control results in order to provide a dual method for the purpose of fat torching.

shutterstock_67237369Before, this particular supplement was in the form of a black and red capsule that possessed DMAA or Geranium extract. This ingredient is not prohibited by the FDA due to its detrimental adverse reactions. In the present, the product only contains components that are legitimate to ensure their safety.

Putting a potent yet toxic ingredient in the form of DMAA in Ripped Freak Hybrid’s formulation before certainly resulted to a major weakness for the product. Presently, several consumers could say that Ripped Freak Hybrid is completely different from its original formulation with less potent components for the sake of just meeting the requirements. Among those products who had to alter their formulas due to the prohibited components, Ripped Freak Hybrid was the only one who held on to its original formula sans the DMAA.

The nutritional supplement industry contains hundreds of supplements that use thermogenesis as its main feature. This article will take Ripped Freak Hybrid into further assessment to whether this supplement can really deliver to its promises or not.

How Efficient Is Ripped Freak Hybrid?

First and foremost, let us take into consideration what the manufacturer of this product touts to bring to the market:

It claims to promotes shedding of pounds through fat elimination

It touts to boost the thermogenic process in order to promote fat loss

It purports to be potent in a single capsule

The assertion to promote fat elimination is similar to its thermogenic outcome. It is touted that OleuopreinAglcone (OA) can sustain adrenaline and UCP levels. Based on some researches, however; there are no direct connections between OleuopreinAglcone and adrenaline and UCP levels. This brings us to the other component that triggers results, which is the caffeine.

Just like any other products containing caffeine, the effects of this said ingredient is immediately felt by the consumer. When you take caffeine, you surely feel a great surge of energy, a higher sense of focus with the occasional jitters. These instant results users encounter are all thanks to caffeine. In Ripped Freak Hybrid’s case, it seems that it only has caffeine as the ingredient that can trigger effects. The rest of the components don’t really have something to show, just caffeine with greater dosage. This doesn’t sound very promising, especially when there are hundreds of other products out there that promise thermogenesis as the one thing that makes their supplements truly work. Users need to see something t hat stands out and it can be achieved by having components or formulation that actually works like it’s claimed to be.

shutterstock_485336113What are the Components?

Several weight loss products have the inclination to conceal the dosage and concentration of their components by recording them in exclusive blends. This is the case with Ripped Freak Hybrid. Though it reveals its active components, this information is not complete because the quantity of these components in every serving is not divulged. Thus, customers wouldn’t be aware of the amount of every component in one serving.

Furthermore, multiple consumers ingest more than one nutritional product. So, it would be useful if there’s a comprehensive supplement label in order for the consumers to gauge their consumption for a particular nutrient. For instance, a lot of supplements have caffeine. When one consumes Ripped Freak Hybrid, then takes another product that also contains caffeine, the user cannot recognize if he’s consuming just enough caffeine that the body can deal with or if he’s taking more than the recommended daily dosage for caffeine. Concealing the dosage of the ingredients doesn’t favor the customers in anyway.

shutterstock_140874589Below are the components in Ripped Freak Hybrid’s formulation:


Green Tea Leaf Extract

Olive Leaf Extract

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Sweet Red Pepper Extract

Raspberry Ketone

Gallic Acid

Ripped Freak Hybrid Product Features

It is claimed to have great thermogenic results.

It doesn’t contain DMAA anymore, which has since been banned by the FDA because of its harmful side effects.

What’s the Bottom Line?

As mentioned before, the ingredients in Ripped Freak Hybrid aren’t very promising in terms of delivering fat loss results. There’s only caffeine in it that’ll generate effects. Consumers mostly look for a formulation consisting of potent ingredients in order to deliver real results. Though it’s good that Ripped Freak Hybrid’s company removed a harmful ingredient, its lack of effectiveness or potency is now the main issue. If you want to give it a try, you still can since supplements affect each person differently. But in general you’re just likely to experience energy boost and heightened sense of alertness due to higher caffeine content.

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SkinnyMint Teatox Introduction

SkinnyMint Teatox is defined as a green tea-based system that touts to be helpful in boosting your energy, purifying and revitalizing your body the natural way, getting you to have a healthy lifestyle and helping you obtain your weight loss and overall health objectives. SkinnyMint Teatox is also called the “original 2-step teatox”.

To achieve this, SkinnyMint says that their Teatox is created with comprehensive clinical studies as its backbone. The components also come from purely natural, organic sources that are highly capable of increasing the metabolism, eliminating toxins, alleviating stomach upset like bloating, and torching of fat without requiring you to change your diet or take weight loss pills.

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The trademarked SkinnyMint Teatox formula is professionally developed in Germany. It has the following options:

Morning Boost: a formulation that’s suitable for your morning drink, which consists of guarana, green tea, and Yerba Mate. These are all developed to optimize the components that can increase your energy.

Night Cleanse: this one is ideal for drinking every second night. It has ginger root, licorice root, lemon grass, senna leaves, and psyllium husk for cleansing and detoxifying the body.

Though you’re not particularly into drinking teas, the manufacturer of Teatox believes you’ll make an exception with their product since it can generate health gains and even weight loss results. All things considered, can you really expect these benefits? Is detoxifying even important to begin with?

Let’s find out more how SkinnyMint Teatox is created.

Product Development

The company behind Teatox says that the formulas in all their Teatox products are exclusively patented. They’re also especially developed with components that work hand in hand in one harmonizing process. Simply put, these components are more effectual when combined than when used singly.

Morning Boost

preview-full-what-is-the-best-weight-loss-plan-for-women-oceanside7-blue-tape-400SkinnyMint asserts that their Morning Boost is sweet and fruity tasting. It also smells good. Its content is of distinctive formulation that is said to be valuable in terms of giving you an energy boost to last the day productively. Apart from this benefit, this is also said to be helpful in repressing your desire for foods. It has eight super components in the forms of green tea, yerba mate, nettle leaves, dandelion, guarana fruit, grapefruit leaves, strawberries, and pineapples.

To further, Morning Boost is marketed as a suitable substitute for your morning coffee. Consumption of this could even help you to stop yourself from consuming drinks that are high in sugar like sodas and energy drinks. Instead you get to drink something that’s tasty but natural and healthy.

Night Cleanse

This, on the other hand, is the company’s blend that doesn’t have caffeine. It touts to naturally cleanse and detoxify the body, as well as aid in the more effective absorption of nutrients in the body, which results to your Teatox’s optimized positive effects. The components in this blend are ginger root, orange leaves, lemongrass, senna leaves, peppermint, licorice root, hawthorn berries, and psyllium husk.

Teatox’s manufacturer said that Night Cleanse must be consumed alternately every other night. But if you’re already tolerant to this, you can drink this every night. It is important to note that it is not advised to take Night Cleanse for over 14 nights each month.

After discussing the basics of SkinnyMint Teatox options, let’s move on to its components and whether they’re effectual or not.

The Efficacy of the Components

Generally, the clinical proof that green tea, yerba mate, nettle leaves, dandelion, guarana fruit, ginger root, hawthorn berries in SkinnyMint Teatox can generate the results as touted by its company is weak and lacking. Also, there are many other components in the formula that were included for flavoring purposes and not to enhance its potency.

Still, it was shown that senna leaves and psyllium can potentially alleviate constipation while ginger can lessen menstrual cramps.

Overall, the efficacy of the components relies on your expectations of what they can do.

But if you check the company site, you can see before and after images and even the company’s name itself, SkinnyMint, implies that their products can promote weight loss and facilitate detoxifying.

On the other hand, as previously stated, the clinical data indicating that SkinnyMint Teatox products is effective for losing weight is weak and lacking.

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