Why Chocolate Can Be Good for You?

assorted chocolate truffles

Nothing comforts you better during bad times than chocolates. Their creaminess and the sweetness are just right for overcoming whatever it is that worries you, even for just a while. Chocolates are also the perfect treat after you’ve had a long day at work or at school. On the other hand, not all chocolates are healthy.

chopped and shaved chocolate bar

By now, you’ve heard of the negative effects consumption of chocolates can have on one’s body and overall health, especially if you eat them in excess. The good news is that there’s a kind of chocolate that’s not as bad. We’re talking about the dark one with cocoa percentage of around seventy percent.

Research about the benefits of dark chocolates is still ongoing. Nonetheless, researchers have already determined that they can be beneficial for the heart, circulation, and brain. It has also been hinted that dark chocolates may be helpful in dealing with major medical problems like diabetes, obesity, and even autism. Below are 9 reasons why eating the good kind of chocolate is good for you:

1. It helps with the circulation and improves heart health

A research showed that dark chocolate aids in the restoration of the arteries’ suppleness. This does so while stopping white blood vessels from attaching to the blood vessels’ walls. Both are typical causes of artery clogging.

2. It lessens the possibility of stroke

A study in Finland has found that eating chocolates reduces the possibility of experiencing stroke by 17 percent, which certainly is a remarkable decrease.

3. It is loaded with minerals

chopped chocolate bar and cocoa powderDark chocolate is filled with minerals that can be advantageous for your health. This includes potassium, zinc, and selenium. Also, a 100g of dark chocolate already gives 67 percent of the recommended daily intake if iron.

4. It decreases cholesterol

Having cocoa in your diet has been demonstrated to lower LDL or bad cholesterol levels and boost HDL or good cholesterol levels. As this happens, you’re possibly lowering the peril of cardiovascular disease.

5. It enhances the skin

Dark chocolates have flavonols that can shield your skin against the harmful rays of the sun.

6. It can aid with weight loss

While we usually thought eating chocolates can ruin your weight loss management plan, a neuroscientist states that eating a tiny square of dark chocolate that melts on the tongue 20 minutes before eating can activate the hormones in the brain, signaling the body that you’re full. Thus, you tend to eat less, helping you to lose weight.

7. It may be beneficial for diabetes prevention

Some studies show that cocoa has been demonstrated to enhance insulin sensitivity. That’s why eating dark chocolate, as long as you’re consuming it moderately, could slow down or put off the onset of diabetes.

8. It’s great for the brain

As mentioned, there are flavonols in chocolates and these compounds are believed to lessen memory problems among the elderly. Dark chocolate also has anti-inflammatory characteristics that have been shown to help in curing brain injuries like concussion.

9. It improves your mood

Basically, chocolate has phenylethylamine (PEA). This is the very same chemical that the brain generates when you’re developing romantic feelings for someone. So, PEA motivates your brain to secrete endorphins to improve your frame of mind, essentially making you feel great.