Does Cytosport Monster Isolate Work?

About Cytosport Monster Isolate

As its name implies, Cytosport Monster Isolate is a whey isolate product that is developed to maximize muscle enlargement and recuperation after undergoing vigorous physical training. There are many whey isolate supplements in the market right now, but this supplement’s manufacturer promises that Cytosport Monster Isolate is capable of producing notable physical results that can help users in improving their physique.

To know whether Cytosport Monster Isolate is a value for money or not, let’s discuss more about its features. This way, customers are able to make an informed decision before making a purchase. Let’s start with the components present in Cytosport Monster Isolate’s formula.

What are the Components?

The formulation used to develop this particular supplement is quite straightforward. To make notable changes in the body for muscle growth, Cytosport Monster Isolate contains 25 grams of whey protein isolate per serving.

In contrast with whey concentrate, whey isolate has already been sifted so that lactose and cholesterol are gotten rid of. As a result, it is more costly and its quality is considered to be more premium. To dissect its content, it is 90 percent protein based on weight. Aside from muscle development, it is used for the alleviation of muscle pains and recuperation after undergoing your training.

Based on studies, supplementation of whey protein after training was helpful in terms of increasing muscle protein synthesis. This only constitutes to higher muscle enlargement.

Moreover, a serving of Cytosport Monster Isolate also involves 3 grams of carbohydrates and 130 calories. This is great specifically if your goal is to bulk up some more lean muscle mass and regulate putting on weight.

Thus far, considering the components present in Cytosport Monster Isolate’s formulation, this supplement is pretty much worth looking into.

Cytosport Monster Isolate Flavor & Accessibility

The selections for this supplement’s flavorings are only few since there are only vanilla and chocolate, the mostly used flavors in many protein drinks. While there are manufacturers creating more flavors for their protein powders for the purpose of variety, Cytosport seems to settle on focusing on these basic flavors.

The product is available in two sizes: a 2.2 pound bottle and a 4.4 pound one. The former can provide 30 servings while the latter can deliver 60 servings.

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How’s the Taste?

Before judging the taste, let’s start with the mixability. It is suggested to combine 8 oz of water and one scoop of Cytosport Monster Isolate in a shaker bottle. The result, as reported, was fine in terms of its mixability. There was only minimal plodding, unlike other protein powders that don’t mix well. As for the flavor, it was just the standard vanilla flavoring. It doesn’t have any distinctive taste and tastes like a regular vanilla protein powder. At least it doesn’t awful.

The Takeaway

Generally, the components present in Cytosport Monster Isolate are great, which is something that many customers consider the most crucial aspect in a protein powder. If you’re fine with drinking the basic vanilla and chocolate flavor, Cytosport Monster Isolate is a must try. But if you’re looking for variations of taste, you should go for other powders that offer a variety of flavors. There are so many of them available in the market.

Nonetheless, Cytosport Monster Isolate is a decent protein powder with promising components in sufficient dosages. So, if you’re looking for real results that can help you improve your physique, you might find it with this supplement. After all, the efficacy is more important that flavors.