Does Staxyn Work?

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Staxyn is a promising male enhancement product, though it’s not widely accessible for everyone. If you don’t have an erectile dysfunction diagnosis, then you won’t be prescribed by something like Staxyn. In this case, you can just go for the natural ones.

passionate couple making love in bedThis male enhancement solution was sanctioned by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) back in June 2010. But as mentioned, it’s not something you can purchase whenever you want. It’s a prescribed product for those men who struggle with erectile dysfunction. It is claimed that what Staxyn does is obtain and sustain erections with more ease.

Staxyn has a tough competition. There are other brands of male enhancement products and there are also the natural supplements that are easier to purchase since there’s no need for a doctor’s prescription.

Defining Staxyn

Staxyn is Vardenafil’s brand name just like another product called Levitra, but the product site clarifies that these two are totally different from each other. Basically, what Staxyn does is boost blood flow to the genitals. So, it mainly helps men who are having trouble with maintaining a normal erection to perform during sex. On the other hand, Staxyn won’t just give you an instant hard on. Sexual stimulation is still needed in the equation. As soon as sex is over, the erection is, too.

Staxyn comes in tablets containing 10 mg per piece. The recommended dosage is 1 tablet per day one hour prior sex. Don’t just swallow it outright. You have to put it on your tongue and wait for it to melt. It is advised not to squash and chomp on the tablet or consume liquid when you’re taking it.

Clinical Research

In 2010, there was a research conducted to test vardenafil’s efficacy where over 70,000 men were involved. Several of these men suffered from conditions like hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Nonetheless, they were still able to use vardenafil.

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Based on the outcome, more than 90 percent of the men using the product were highly pleased with the effects. The erections they experienced boosted in quality and duration. 97 percent of the participants also didn’t encounter any adverse reactions. Hence, the study determined that vardenafil is harmless and effectual for curing ED.

Health and Safety Precautions

People who are using drugs for chest pains like nitrates must not think about taking this product. This is because such drugs may lead to very low blood pressure and taking Staxyn could aggravate that. Also, if your doctor has advised you to stay away from any sexual activity for a while due to certain medical problems, then using Staxyn is definitely a no-no.

In the case of health problems, such as issues with your heart, kidney or liver and other afflictions, it is best to consult your physician first prior to proceeding.
There’s also a possible interaction with other medications that’s why it is vital to talk with your doctor first before you take Staxyn.

Could there be Adverse Reactions?

Based on the results of the study, Staxyn use can generate the following adverse reactions: headaches, skin redness, nasal congestion, stomach discomfort, back pains, and nausea. Moreover, 14 percent of the subjects reported headaches as the main side effect.

There’s also the possibility of the side effects being more serious. In the case that you encounter the ones below, discontinue using Staxyn and call your physician immediately.

  • Erection that has a longer duration, like more than four hours
  • Alteration in your color vision
  • Abrupt loss of hearing or eyesight
  • Chest pains
  • Abnormal heartbeat
  • Inflamed hands, ankles or feet
  • Labored breathing

It is important to note that alcohol consumption could heighten the possibility of these adverse reactions. Grapefruit could also pose a potential interaction with Staxyn leading to possibly other problems.

User Feedbacks

You can find customer reviews discussing Staxyn’s performance on sites like WebMD and As of this writing, it has nine testimonials on with an average rate of 9.2 stars out of 10. The lowest score that was provided was 7 out of 10 stars. Overall, most of the feedbacks are positive.

The Company behind Staxyn

Staxyn is manufactured by Bayer Healthcare, which is a reputable pharmaceutical company. The said company is also credited for other common products. It was also the company that’s credited for the discovery of heroine.

Being well-known in the industry, Bayer Healthcare has an excellent standing in the business and among its consumers. It is listed with the Better Business Bureau where it has an A rating. As of this writing, there are only three grievances in the last three years.

How to Purchase

As mentioned earlier, Staxyn can only be purchased if prescribed. Staxyn’s common users are men who are diagnosed with ED by their doctors. So, it is important that you go through the essential tests in order to know if you really have an ED or not. As for its price, it can range from $26 and above.

What’s the takeaway?

What’s great about Staxyn is that it is backed with a clinical research substantiating its potency and safety for treating erectile dysfunction. There’s just the possibility of adverse effects but the risk isn’t high. If you have ED, you can definitely consider this product as a solution as long as your doctor sees fit. It also great reviews on sites like and

By and large, Staxyn is a promising male enhancement product, though it’s not widely accessible for everyone. If you don’t have an erectile dysfunction diagnosis, then you won’t be prescribed by something like Staxyn. In this case, you can just go for the natural ones.