What Dressings Should You Put on Your Salad?

When you are focusing on nutrition and proper eating habits, you may read a lot about different types of food you should be eating. One of the foods that is on many healthy eating lists is salad. If you aren’t too fond of salad, there are many different salad recipes that can be tastier for you. The main issue that many people have when eating salad is that they don’t realize how unhealthy many of the dressings they use are. If you are trying to eat more nutritiously, there are certain salad dressings that you should be using. The salad dressings talked about here are low in calories, they are tasty and they are easy to add onto your salad. You can even make the dressing ahead of time and put them in your fridge for the week.

Dressing #1: Lime Soy Vinaigrette

The first and highest rated dressing to add onto your salad is called lime soy vinaigrette. This dressing recipe is only seventy calories and the ingredients will make eight servings. You will need to have one-third cup of EVOO or extra virgin olive oil. You will need one-third cup of soy sauce reduced sodium and one-third cup of lime juice. You will also need three tablespoons of balsamic vinegar and a dash of pepper for added taste. You add all these ingredients into a bowl and whisk them up. You can leave them in that bowl or put them into individual containers.

Dressing #2: Vinegar and Oil Dressing


Another tasty dressing that you are going to love is called vinegar and oil dressing. This dressing recipe is only sixty-five calories and will make eight servings. You will need to start with one-half cup of white wine vinegar and one-third cup of extra virgin olive oil. You will also need one-half cup lemon juice, three dashes of basil and oregano and one clove of garlic. Add all these ingredients into one bowl and then whisk them up. Again, you can choose to leave them in that bowl or you can put them into separate containers.

Dressing #3: Avocado Creamy Dressing

If you love avocado, this is going to be one of your absolute favorite dressing recipes. This recipe is only ninety-eight calories and will make ten servings. For this recipe, you need a bit more ingredients than the ones above but it is worth it. You will need one blended avocado, one-third cup of olive oil and two tablespoons of Parmesan cheese. You will also need two tablespoons of white vinegar, one tablespoon of lemon juice, three-quarters of a teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce and a bit of pepper and salt for added taste. You add all of these ingredients to a medium-sized bowl and then whisk them right up. It is best to keep all of this in one container and then take some out for separate servings as you need it.

Salads have never been tastier than when you use these dressing recipes. When you choose to eat more nutritiously, you may not like some of the recipes you make. You should know that many have already tried these salad dressing recipes and enjoyed them. The great thing about making your own recipes is that you can experiment a bit. With any of the ingredients that are used in the above salad dressing recipes, you can mix them up a bit and try to make your own dressing recipe. The other great thing about using homemade dressing recipes is that you don’t have to eat the same kind over and over again.

If you make these three salad dressing recipes, you will have multiple dressings for the week. If you are taking salad to work with you, it will probably be best for you to put the dressing into individual containers. You can then take them with you each day. You can also put half of one dressing and half of another dressing on one salad. Think about all of these ideas and give each of these salad dressing recipes a try. You are going to love them and they are going to taste much better than any unhealthy salad dressing that you may buy at the store.