Dumbest Things People Do at the Gym


Going to the gym can be a pain, between the hassle of getting motivated to get there to train, to the idiots that you have to deal with at the gym. There is always someone there completely oblivious to everyone else or they simply are just disgusting and don’t care.

These people don’t wipe off equipment when they are finished using it, blast music, grunt loudly while exercising and generally have a disregard for others. Here are the worst of the worst.

Hogging Machines

preview-full-shutterstock_448476748There really is nothing worse than a crowded gym at prime time when some genius decides that it would be a good time to do a circuit exercise. This is the person that monopolizes a bunch of machines and equipment to do an entire exercise routine with “short” break in between.

This person does not care about you or anyone else at the gym, and is probably the same guy who takes 5 minute breaks in between sets. It’s ok though, they’re on their last set so you’ll be able to use their machine in about an hour or so.

Having In-depth Conversations In Between Sets

Most people including yourself go to the gym to exercise and not to socialize, but not this guy. This guy not only is talking to you about something you probably don’t care about, he is interrupting and prolonging your workout. By taking more rest in between sets, he is making you lose your pump diminishing the results you will see from your workout.

This type of guy you usually see huddled around the bench press or curl rack. Think you were going to hit your arms with some isolation exercises today? Think again!

Doing Too Complex of an Exercise or Using Too Much Weight


When someone doesn’t know how to perform an exercise or is using too much weight they not only look like a fool but can hurt themselves and others in the process.

This may be the person that can’t control themselves doing flat bench press with dumbbells, throwing them on the floor potentially crushing someone’s foot.  It may also be the guy using the dumbbell rack to do bent over barbell rows. Either way, this is another genius to keep an eye out for at the gym.

Then you have those that are simply using too much weight. More often than not especially during busy gym hours there will be someone using too much weight doing standing bicep curls hunched over. Here is a hint, if you are using your back to lift the weight you aren’t doing bicep curls.

Worst case scenario is where you see someone using too much weight performing an exercise where they are extremely vulnerable, like a bench press or a squat. It is easy to crush your chest or slip a disc when performing these exercises with too much weight, and the people doing so will not have any control afterwards. These people are more dangerous than the ones using equipment improperly by and large.

Offer Advice to Others

I’m sure it’s possible that there is an ivy league exercise physiologist who graduated at the top of their class who also goes to your gym, but the fact is nobody cares. Not many people are going to believe some random person from the gym that they never met before, so try to keep criticism to yourself.

If you do happen to be an expert in this field and see someone perform an exercise where they are clearly going to hurt themselves, it is best to let them know in a constructive manner.

Not Racking Weights

There is nothing more fun that to walk up to the dumbbell rack to find that half of the two piece set is missing. If you take equipment off the rack and leave to go exercise in another area, put it back after you are done.

Believe it or not gyms do not usually hire employees to rack weights, and expect the clientele to do so. Respect the other people who go to your gym and rack your weights after you are done.