How to Eat Healthy Without Breaking the Bank-What Are the Best Budget Fitness Foods?

Nutrition is an extremely important aspect of our lives, one that is going to affects us in whatever we do. For those of us who like to do any type of exercise, eating the right foods is essential to steady progressive gains.

The problem with “good” nutrition and healthy foods is this misconception that eating healthy is expensive. If you know where to shop and what to look for this is certainly not the case, and by doing so you will probably end up saving money in the long run in addition to being healthier as well.

When evaluating our diets, we should first look at our intake of the big 3 macros-fats-proteins and carbohydrates. Healthy foods rich in carbohydrates and healthy fats aren’t ones that typically break the bank. Foods like oats, quinoa, whole grain breads, nuts, seeds and other foods rich in carbs and fats are relatively in expensive.

Proteins on the other hand can be extremely expensive, and many people don’t eat as much as they should be. This article is going to focus mainly on affordable and healthy options as far as your protein intake is concerned.

The Top Foods Rich in Protein That Are Inexpensive

1-Whole Eggs

Eggs are one of the cheapest and best sources of protein that is going to be available to you while shopping. Eggs contain a good amount of protein per serving, and if you eat the entire egg like you should be-you are also getting a boatload of healthy vitamins and minerals from the yolk also.

Eggs are something that you can use in almost any dish, and are also extremely easy to make. You don’t have to be a chef to prepare something like scrambled eggs and bell peppers-so anyone can do it.

2-Extra Lean Ground Turkey

If you are someone who likes a good meat sauce to go with their pasta or are just looking for a better alternative to ground beef, extra lean ground turkey is where you want to be looking. This food provides you with a huge amount of protein-at about 23 grams per serving.

This comes at a cost of about a gram of fat, giving this food an excellent nutritional profile for those of us looking to maintain our muscle mass without packing on extra fat to go along with it.


Milk is another cheap food you should be incorporating in to your diet, and one that is arguably the best recovery food we have available to us. This is because milk contains plenty of protein in the form of whey and casein, along with plenty of vitamins like vitamin D, and minerals such as calcium.

These nutrients are essential in not only maintaining and repairing damaged muscle tissue, but our skeletal system as well. Both are going to take some wear and tear during exercise, so make sure that you are feeding your body with the proper nutrients for recovery.

4-Greek Yogurt

The first thing you need to know about Greek yogurt versus your traditional yogurt is that it contains about 23grams of protein per serving, more than twice the amount of protein that your average yogurt has.

This is the main reason why people looking to add mass choose Greek yogurt over the conventional stuff-more protein per cup. Greek yogurt is more expensive than your average yogurt, however when you look at the difference in protein you are getting more for your money here.

When choosing a Greek yogurt, opt for the plain varieties if possible. Plain yogurt in the vast majority of cases will have no added sugars like other flavored varieties, making it the healthiest option out there.


If there is one carbohydrate based food that you want to include on your list, its berries. It is also an exception to the rule as far as being inexpensive is concerned, as berries can really break the budget. The thing is that berries are one of the most nutrient rich foods available to us, and one that we really shouldn’t exclude from our diets.

If you’re shopping for berries and want to save a few dollars, opt for the frozen varieties over the fresh ones. They will be a fraction of the price, and will still provide you with the same beneficial nutrients. Frozen berries are also awesome for smoothies or protein shakes as well when you are looking to add a little bit of sweetness to your meal.