How Effective Is 1285 Muscle?

At a Glance

1285 Muscle is a muscle-building product that claims to make a huge difference in the bodybuilding universe. It is a given that the supplement makes lots of assertions about its effectiveness, but the question remains – does it really work the way it’s claimed to? Let’s find out.

Product Claims

1285 Muscle touts to achieve the following gains:

Increased metabolism
Reduced body fat
Quicker recuperation post-training
Greater stamina
Boosted energy levels
More efficient protein synthesis for larger muscles

Product Mechanism

Based on the info on the official page, building muscles rely heavily on nitric oxide. This amino acid soothes the blood vessel walls, so that they expand. When they do, blood flow increases. Aside from better circulation of blood, more oxygen and nutrients are also efficiently transported to the muscles, which then results to increased muscle mass.

What are the Components?

There are Calcium, Folate, L-Taurine, Vitamin C, Lovage, and L-Citrulline in the supplement’s formula. It is baffling that 1285 Muscle doesn’t have L-Arginine, especially since it is the one ingredient known to increase the production of nitric oxide in the body. However, other sites state that 1285 Muscle does include L-Arginine.

Product Features

The product has natural components. But it’s only accessible through a 2-week free trial. Also, it doesn’t also have many feedbacks online.

Price & Purchase

As mentioned, 1285 Muscle is available via a free trial, which lasts two weeks. First, you’ll pay for the shipping fee only to get a full package of the product that can last for a month. If you don’t cancel the trial within two weeks, you will be charged for the full amount, which is $90. In this case, it is important to read the Terms & Conditions page.

Place to Purchase

You can get the supplement directly through its official site. First, you get the free trial offer, pay for the shipping charge, and wait for it. Once delivered, you can try using it within two weeks. If you don’t cancel within that period, they will charge you for the full price, which is $90. You will also get a recurring shipment every month with your credit card getting billed for $90 for every delivery. The predicament is that even when customers try to cancel their enrollment, they find it hard to do so.

Bottom Line

While 1285 Muscle contains ingredients that are widely used in bodybuilding supplements, the lack of information is an issue for most customers. For instance, there’s no dosage of each of the ingredient, so it’s hard to gauge the effectiveness of the product, and even its side effects. Customers rely on such info to be able to make an informed decision. Plus, the supplement is only accessible to free trial, which other users would find inconvenient since this automatically enrolls you to an autoship plan.