How to Eliminate Carbohydrates From Your Diet Entirely-Is It Even Possible?


The idea of severely limiting a completely trying out carbohydrates altogether from their diet, is something that many of us can’t even begin to fathom. This is because many of us great portion of our diet revolves heavily around foods which are rich in this type of macronutrient.

The idea of doing so not only seems impossible, but also seems like it would be another form of torture as these carbohydrate rich foods are some of the most popular ones which we enjoy a regular basis.

This no carb diet is also commonly refer to as the ketosis diet, where your body uses fats as its primary source of energy. Many people choose to make the switch which requires a lot of effort on their end, so what benefits exactly do they gain from doing so?

1-Improves Fat Loss

Like virtually every other diet out there, the reason why this diet is so attractive is because it is great in helping users to lose weight. Bechtel studies have shown that in comparison to a low fat diet, a diet low in carbohydrates is much more effective in losing weight, especially in the short term.

This may seem counterintuitive as fats contain more than double the amount of calories per gram of weight than a carbohydrate does, however due to the satiating effects of these types of foods people tend to end up losing weight in the process.

2-Could Help Reduce Your Risk of Cancer

Another potential benefit of switching to this type of diet is that studies have shown that doing so can reduce the individual’s risk of developing certain types of cancer. This is mainly due to the fact that the foods we eat in the non-carb diet have little to no sugar at all, which has been shown to be the fuel cancer cells prefer.

Cancer cells in particular have shown an inability to convert the source of energy they need from sugars to fats, which in turn can help in individual to reduce the chances of developing cancers.

3-Protects Against Diabetes

In a similar vein, a diet that is completely devoid of carbohydrates can greatly help an individual reduce the chances of developing diabetes, or even potentially helping to reverse the disease itself.

This again has to do with this type of diet lacking simple sugars which can wreck havoc on our blood glucose levels. Eating these types of simple sugars in excess is bad for us because they are easily absorbed into the bloodstream, which causes a huge surge in our blood glucose levels.

All their time this causes insulin the sensitivity in the body and is a precursor to diabetes.

4-Better Heart Health

Eating a diet that revolves heavily around fats and proteins doesn’t seem like one that would be healthy for heart, due to what we learned in the past and the association of fats things like heart disease, sclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases.

While some fats definitely can cause these types of problems, other types of fats such as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are not only bad for heart but are actually beneficial.

In turn the limiting many of the sugars in our diet also improves our heart health, as eating a diet high in sugar has shown to cause damage to our blood vessels. Eating too much of these simple sugars over a long period of time as an almost abrasive like effect on the interior of a blood vessels slowly grinding away at them causing them damage over time.

Are There Any Danger I Should Be Worried About?

Like with any other diet out there, the longer you are following it the higher risk you are at developing some type of health problem. This is because generally speaking people don’t tend to add enough for ID in their diets causing deficiencies in one type of new trainer and other which progressively gets worse as time goes on.

To avoid this you want to be including different types of varieties of foods in your diet to make sure that you are getting all the proper nutrients which are body needs. If your body doesn’t get these nutrients you’re first going to feel signs of lethargy which can be a warning signal.

If you really unsure about how will you are on a certain nutrient and outs of fact and you can always go to the doctor and get a blood test to definitively see if there is a problem.