How to Even out Unbalanced Muscle Groups – The Best Ways to Shock Yourself Back In to Shape

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One of the most frustrating things that can happen to you during your fitness were weightlifting career is getting to the point where one muscle group or body part is holding back from progressing in other areas.

Some of us do everything in our power as far as our nutrition is concerned our sleep schedules concerned and of course or fitness regimen is concerned however there still seems to be that one body part that lags behind the rest.
While it can be discouraging to train these types of muscle groups as you’re not going to be able to move as much weight as you could if you were to train others, it is a necessary evil that you must confront and take care of. Here are some tips and how to do so which can help you get over that hump.

1. Train Multiple Times a Week

Many of us have fallen victim to this belief that each day of the week should be dedicated to a particular muscle group in order for us to gain the best physique in the most efficient manner. While looking at this in a vacuum it may seem to be the case however if you’re reading this article you already are more deficient in one area than another.
If this is the case you should be training the area that you are lacking in not once a week but multiple times a week. This is definitely something that you should consider doing as our muscles only need 48 hours to fully recover and repaired the damage done from prior routine.

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This means that if say you’re weak area is the posterior deltoids which is the case in many people and you should be planning to hit this a muscle group on Monday and again later on in the week. Doing so isn’t going to put the muscle at any further risk of damage, just make sure to give yourself at least two days of rest in between sessions.

2. Variation is Key

When it comes to our routine many of us alike getting into a routine and sticking to it hence the name. It can be really easy to get your routine down head to the gym and go on autopilot for an hour and 1/2 and be done with your workout before you knew what hit you.

fit man taking Progentra pills doing side planks at homeIf this is the case then you should really consider switching things up a little bits and not even necessarily in the exercises that you’re doing. Just switching the order in which you perform these exercises can be variation enough to cause the changes you’re looking for.

Dole is important to keep in mind that you’re going to have the most energy and stamina at the start of your exercise which is progressively going to diminish as you go for it. A common example here is when people train their shoulders they tend to do all of the anterior delta would work in the beginning of their routine.

This is because many pressing exercises that are popular and shoulder routines are done primarily whiff of this head of the shoulder which is the one that can move the most weight. No one really likes primarily targeting the posterior deltoid as it’s generally weaker and can’t move as much weight and is usually an exercise saved for the end of one’s routine.

Switching things up here in focusing more on the posterior deltoid at the beginning of your workout can help you to further develop that muscle more and more often than not help to restore a better balance in your shoulder as well.

3. Go Heavier and Use Supersets

Another thing that many of us fall victim of doing is sticking to your typical 3×10 routines, or your 4×8. Lead any other exercise your body begins to adapt to this overtime which leads to diminishing returns.

A way to get around the stunted growth is to instead lift heavier at the beginning of your exercise with less repetitions and following it that up with Supersets to work yourself to exhaustion. This is going to both encourage hypertrophy in the muscles and improve stamina, both of which should help you in seeing the changes you’re looking for.