Harnessing Willpower to Quit Smoking-Is it Possible?

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Tobacco’s one of the biggest killers worldwide, killing millions of people annually. This isn’t even counting for people who died due to secondhand smoke which impacts even millions more. The worst aspect to Smoking-Is that it is a preventable habits yet one that is the cause for many different types of cancers and disease.

While many of us have been, and still are all aware of the negative health impacts of smoking, it doesn’t make it any easier to quit. The reason why many people still smoke today and continue to do so is because of how addicting substance nicotine is, which of course is a major opponent in almost all cigarette products.

Fighting nicotine addiction can be extremely difficult battle as it requires individual to make changes which can affect all aspects of their personality. And in the diction requires an individual to demonstrate a tremendous amount of willpower as a person needs to stop both physical and emotional aspects behind the cravings.

Physical withdrawal symptoms from stopping smoking can be pretty severe as well, and is reason enough as to why many people and up going back to their smoking habit after quitting. The habit itself has been imbedded in the smokers lives as well, as smoking a cigarette is typically used as some type of coping device to reduce stress as well.

How Can We Quit Smoking Through Strong Willpower?

1. Yoga

Yoga is something that is used to develop not only the body but the mind as well. Yoga involves a tremendous amount of body and mind connection, which in turn means that the individual practicing this technique should also become stronger willed.

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Research has shown that yoga is especially effective in turning smokers away from cigarettes as the two activities have a lot more in common than one would think. Both activities rely heavily on focusing on breathing in an effort to become more relaxed, and yoga is something that smoker can easily transition into.

Smokers enjoyed the benefits of reduce heart rate, reduce blood pressure, increased long capacity, all while achieving that relaxed state of being which also reduces the chances of a person going back to smoking if they are someone who regularly practices yoga.

2. Exercise

A key to quitting smoking is recognizing why we are doing the habit in the first place, and many smokers do so as a source of stress relief. Smoking a cigarette can release endorphins in the brain and produce positive feelings.
In turn this means that many people have difficulties dealing with depression, anxiety, anger, in irritability after quitting smoking as smoking a cigarette was their coping device. The active smoking help them to alleviate whatever their stress error or anxiety was, and knowing this is necessary in getting over the addiction.

Alternatively exercise can be a way in which a smoker can express their feelings so to speak as getting your heart rate up after hitting a heady date, lifting some weights, are going for Ron can help to get rid of stress and that extra energy you have on being anxious.


Medication is another great technique that anybody can use to relieve stress and is also something that can be implemented at any point of the day wherever you may be. Let’s be honest here, the majority of the time when we’re feeling stressed throughout the day is when we’re in a situation we have no control over.

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This also means that we’re not going to be able to immediately dead up and remove yourself from the stressful situation and do an activity such as exercise or Yoga. This is why learning proper meditation techniques is essential in controlling your stress and not falling back on your smoking habit as they can be used in the office right when you’re feeling really horrible.