Injections That Will Make Your Skin Look Younger

man having botox injection on face

Sometimes, exercises and diets don’t get the job fully done. Sometimes, exercises and diets need a little extra help to make your skin looking younger and healthier. When those “times” come up, there are alternate methods to help you in your journey to younger looking skin.

In addition to those daily exercises and/or stretches you do, and in addition to that on point diet that you have, filled with tons of proteins, veggies, fruits, and appropriate carbohydrates, there are injections available for your skin.

Such injections, known as nips and tucks, will provide you with the confidence you need to feel healthier. These nips and tucks will even get rid of the potential unwanted fear you have of going out in public; You no longer have to hide your face with these nifty tricks.


So, let’s get started. Allow me to inform you on what the best injections for your health, and your looks, are. And, allow me to inform you on what NOT to do to achieve better and healthier skin. Check it out.


The injection known as Kybella was created to help people who have double chins. Scientifically, this injection targets fat cells that pool together. Once they’ve been targeted, destruction starts within the cells.

To get rid of the double chin entirely, dermatologists recommend two to three injections in total. Though each injection is approximately $1,200 each, many medical professionals suggest to do it if it becomes a real issue to your self-esteem, confidence levels, and/or ego.

Plus, the best part about this specific injection is that it never takes more than an hour to complete the single procedure.


Another nip/tuck that is phenomenal at restoring younger looking skin are skin lasers. This is only used for patients with bad skin overall. Most people better know this procedure as laser therapy.

man getting a laser skin treatment on his faceSpecifically speaking, laser therapy can help skin circumstances such as enlarged pores, sun spots, old acne scars, and even more.

To get the entire face done, and to rid the entire face of any of the above named skin circumstances, the fee is approximately $800. Good news is that it takes under an hour to complete the entire procedure.

However, keep in mind that redness and swelling may occur after the procedure. Don’t worry, though. Redness and swelling will go away a few days after the procedure is done.

For the best and longest lasting results, try getting many treatments over a few weeks’ time. This will allow the treatment to give you the maximum benefits. Plus, you won’t have to go back to the dermatologist for many, many years. Decades, even!


The injection known as Botox can really improve your skin and make it look younger by eliminating those pesky wrinkles. This technique gets a job well done by smoothing out all those hidden creases.

The best part about Botox injections is that it can help get rid of that tired look on your face, it can help make your skin look less sunken in, and it can help maintain a realistic, healthy face.

On average, to get such injections done costs approximately $300 per visit. The only downside of this type of injection is that you’ll have to keep up with it, every six months or so, to achieve maximum results.


Even though the three injections listed above will do wonders for your aging skin, there are still nips and tucks out there that should be avoided entirely, if possible. That list, with brief descriptions, are provided below.


Coolsculpting is a procedure that is widely known to freeze the fat cells in your body. However, what some people won’t admit is that coolsculpting doesn’t necessarily work all that well.

To provide you with more detail, coolsculpting only ever burns approximately one centimeter of fat at a time. Which is why the process is generally used for areas of the body such as love handles. Other specific areas can be treated with this mechanism, too. However, if you’re trying to use this procedure to lose massive amounts of body fat, it will not work well at all.

Cosmetic Tattooing

Believe it or not, many men and women both do this nip and tuck procedure known as cosmetic tattooing. This mechanism doesn’t necessarily help the skin look younger, but it does help the person in general look younger. How, you may ask? Well, by tattooing the scalp to make it seem like the person has thicker and younger hair. Basically, it helps provide a sense of false security to men if they’ve started to lose hair.

woman getting lip fillers injectedThe horrible effect of this cosmetic tattooing is that if you look close enough, people will be able to see the tattooed dots, therefore defeating the purpose of the procedure in the first place.

Lip Filler

Just don’t do this, point blank.


In addition, there is one other thing that you can do to protect your skin and to make it look younger (without using any nip or tuck procedure).

Wear Sunscreen

It’s true, the sun does age your skin. Believe it, don’t hesitate to believe it.

When you’re going out in the sun, be prepared. Bring some SPF sunscreen (use the appropriate ‘dosage’) and bring some moisturizer while you’re at it (so that your skin doesn’t get dry and start peeling). Plus, these products help your skin to stay young and healthy, no aging will be noticed.

Using both of these products while sitting out in the sun will do wonders for your skin, including but not limited to, improving your skin tone overall and making your skin feel nice and smooth.

Remember, keep sunscreen in mind, weigh your options with nips and tucks, and stay away from certain procedures. If you keep all of this in mind, your skin should be looking as good as new in the weeks to come.


By Jenny Lyn