Is Zvelt Efficient?


General Idea

Zvelt is a weight loss solution that promises to make weight loss possible. It’s basically a patch that you stick on your skin, which claims to generate fat loss just by being worn by you.

The company behind this product touts that Zvelt is totally safe. It has undergone clinical tests where it was studied and observed for both its efficiency and safety. The product’s manufacturer also purported the product to be helpful to anyone who’s looking to shed 10 pounds or more. Moreover, Zvelt is manufactured by Progenum International.

Understanding How It Function


Using Zvelt is pretty simple. Since it is a patch you only need to apply it on your skin. The components present in the product are the following:

Forslean: this ingredient rouses the thyroid, which disperses fat.
Cosmoperine: this ingredient increases the transport of the active substances in the patch.
ChromeMate or chromium polynicotinate: this ingredient is a vital trace mineral that aids in the body’s torching of calories, facilitates shedding of fat, and sustaining lean tissue.

Moreover, Zvelt’s manufacturer says that it has developed an excellent blend of these components with the righteous ratio in order to deliver an impressive combination that’ll function greatly for weight loss. Since it is in a patch form, this mixture of components is provided into the body through your skin.

The patches supposedly help with suppression of hunger and your appetite in general, as well as help with the boosting of energy levels. The Zvelt patch comes from Super Soft Volara fabric that widens as you move. Patches made from this are basically unnoticeable underneath your clothes. They’re also clean and can be taken without any feelings of discomfort.

Even though there aren’t so many customer feedbacks discussing Zvelt on the internet, diet patches in general are mostly criticized for being ineffectual. It is recommended to use this product alongside healthy diet and regular exercise. However, it is hard to know if the results people should be experiencing would come from their diet and workouts solely or if Zvelt could really contribute to any weight loss.

Product Cost & Money-Back Guarantee


The product can be purchased through a free trial. In this set-up you will get a two-week supply of the product for only the S&H cost of $9.95. Getting this arrangement you will be registered into their autoship plan by default. This means you will continue receiving the item and regularly get charged for every shipment.

After this, you will be billed for the full amount, which is $59.95, as well as another $9.95 for S&H for a four-week supply of Zvelt. Your next order will be delivered after four weeks with your credit card getting charged $59.95 and $9.95 for S&H each time. This will only stop if you choose to discontinue your enrollment to their autoship plan.

If you think about it, a six-week worth of Zvelt patches will cost you $79.85. You will then shell out $69.90 every four weeks for a monthly supply of Zvelt.

In the case that you’re unhappy with Zvelt after initially receiving it, there’s a 30-day refund policy. But this only applies to unused or partially used item.

However, S&H fees aren’t part of the refunding arrangement and in the case of returned items, you need to shoulder the shipping expenses, too. For more information regarding this, you can contact their customer support at 1-888-405-8129.

What are the Product Features?

Zvelt patches are comfortable for wearing.
They can be taken without any feeling of discomfort.
It is unnoticeable underneath clothes.