Keys to a Healthy Sex Life

man who uses Progentra getting intimate with happy wife on the couch

Sometimes your sex life can feel like the most prominent problem in your life. Whether you are dating, married, or just hanging out, sex seems to be one of the more important things in your relationship. This is because, guess what, sex is good for you. By having regular sex with your partner you are less likely to get sick, it relieves stress, plus your prostate gland will be less likely to contract any diseases or cancers. Plus sex can increase both you and your partner’s moods and can ease pain. No matter what age you are, sex is actually good for you. Try some of these tips and you will be well on your way to having a healthy sex life.

Have sex more often, maybe even tonight.

Regular intercourse is very good for you. It helps to keep your sex drive up and can increase the production of testosterone. Testosterone is responsible for your libido, your sex drive, so the more sex you have, the better your sex drive will be.

Quit smoking.

This is just an all-around good suggestion for your overall health. It can also help your sex life tremendously. Smoking has been known to clog blood vessels, including the ones in your penis. Once you quit smoking, you will have an easy time getting ready to get busy.

Do you know all the side effects of your medications?

You should really sit down and look at all the side effects of the various medications you may take. If there are any that may be diminishing your sex life, talk to your doctor about alternatives. Many medications for heart disease and depression can cause erection problems. There are many ways to get around these medications causing this, so make sure that you talk to your doctor about maybe switching brands or even the time you take your medication, before you do it.

gingko biloba capsule which are also ingredients of Progentra supplementStart taking ginkgo biloba supplements.

Always check with your doctor before you begin taking any new medications. Ginkgo biloba supplements help to increase blood flow, and I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this. It will greatly help your sex life, if you have been having trouble getting there.

Make physical contact with your partner.

When you are around your partner make sure that you are either regularly touching them, like holding hands or cuddling on the couch, or even kiss them every so often. The more physical contact that you have with your partner that does not involve sex, the more likely you two are to end up having a healthy sex life.

Make sure you are communicating.

In, and out, of bed you should communicate with your partner. The more that you are communicating when you are not in bed, the more likely you two will start to communicate while in bed. Little things during regular sex can become much better if you are communicating with your partner. It can make sex so much better if neither of you are afraid to say what you really want.

If you have kids, send them to grandmas.

You two do not need to go out, just send the kids away for the night. Spend the night together, in your home, and you will see how your sex life can be better. It will be nice to not have to leave your home, but you two can still feel like you can be intimate because your kids won’t be around.

Before you go to bed, make a list.

Make a list of what you need to do the next day, any worries that you have, or anything else that will distract you from sex. If you make this list, it will help you to get these things off your mind and make it more likely to become aroused. The more relaxed you are when you are laying down for the night, the more likely you will be to become intimate with your partner.

Do not overdrink.

drunk man holding alcohol and tie around his head just heard of ProgentraThis is an extremely good rule whether it is your first date or 100th date. Small amounts of alcohol can relax both you and your partner, but too much alcohol will just ruin everything. Even if you two end up having sex after a lot of alcohol, it is never very intimate and it can be bad if you want a healthy sex life. Keep the drinks to a minimum and see how your relationship becomes healthier and more intimate.

Tell your partner what you love about them every day.

This can be as simple as watching them do an everyday task and you telling them how much you love watching them do it. The more that you tell your partner why you love them, the more appreciation and love they will have for you. This is a good way to keep, or create, a healthy sex life with your partner.

Call your partner during the day.

Give your partner a call, to just have a conversation. Do not call to complain or nag about something that is wrong, instead have a conversation about the dog you saw at the park or the lady having an intense conversation in the coffee line. Basically, talk about something that will make your partner feel like you were thinking about them and felt the need to call and tell them about something. This can help to create a feeling of intimacy outside of the bedroom for both you and your partner.

Be physical together.

I don’t mean be physical in bed, instead go for a walk or to the gym together. You can even take a walk down the beach or to downtown. You can go hiking or skiing. No matter what it is, as long as it is physical, and you two are together, it will be just fine. This can help you two to see each other in a very different light. Plus this physical activity can lead to other physical activities.