How to Make a Protein Shake Mouthwatering with 10 Easy Tips

Everyone in the fitness community knows that a protein shake is most valuable before and after a workout as well as in hours of the day. Most people drink a protein shake before or after a workout in order to receive the key nutrients the body needs to help recover from an intense or strenuous exercise. While some people drink a protein shake first thing in the morning, others drink them during the day to help them obtain nutrients that their body may be lacking. A well-needed protein shake will boost their nutrient levels and increase muscle. But if a protein shake doesn’t taste good, then most likely people will not use this nifty tool of recovery. Here are ten ways to make a protein shake taste delicious:

  1. Add Fruit  

While adding fruit may seem like an obvious suggestion there are so many fruits that are waiting to be used. Fresh fruits like raspberries, bananas, peaches, strawberries, and cherries can be put into a blender and mixed until blended. Adding fruit will add flavor to any shake and therefore depending on the types of fruits used will allow the smooth texture of a protein shake to go down more easily.

  1. You Can Add Additional Water

One problem you can be having with the taste of your protein shake is that it may be too overpowering in flavor. Just water it down a bit, while this technique requires you to weaken the solution, it also means that you have to drink more in order to receive the benefits. If you’re one of those people that only drink’s the recommended amount, then this tip isn’t for you to try.

  1. Add Milk

Adding milk has its advantages and its drawbacks depending on what you like. If you like drinking a milkshake, then you should definitely add milk to your next protein shake. With the addition of some milk, a protein shake will become velvety and creamy. The milk will also add protein to the shake. The drawback? If you don’t like milkshakes, don’t add milk.

  1. Turn It into a Smoothie

If you’re having a bland day why not perk up that boring protein shake and do something different. Throw your shake into a blender along with some ice, fruit of any kind, and hit power. The fruit and the ice will hide the taste of the protein shake, and you will never want to go back to a boring shake again.

  1. Add Yogurt

Adding yogurt may seem like a stretch, but the yogurt will add a certain something to a protein shake. It will give the shake some richness where your previous protein shakes may have lacked it. Any yogurt can be used from regular to Greek. However, adding yogurt to a protein shake will make the shake thick and therefore may be harder to drink depending on the yogurt used.

  1. Add Chocolate Powder

While this tip adds no additional health benefits, it sure does taste good. Adding chocolate powder will add sweetening to a shake and therefore make it simple to drink. Most people won’t admit it since chocolate and fitness hardly go together in the same sentence, but chocolate can be used to mask the ugly taste of protein shakes. Everyone likes chocolate, right? So why not have a taste of it here and there in the best way possible?

  1. Make Your Own Protein Shakes

This tip is so much fun. You can be creative, wild, and spontaneous if you want! All is needed is to buy some of the protein powder at a local grocery store or health store and mix it with milk, juice or fruit of any kind. The endless choices allow you to pick exactly what you want and ensure that you are not settling for an average protein shake.

  1. Switch Brands

Switching brands is important every once in a while in order to make sure you’re receiving the best product available. However, if you’re unhappy with a product then switching brands is recommended. Try an alternative flavor as well as a brand. The new flavor in addition to the brand will allow you to notice if better results are distinguishable.  So try something new here and there you never know what you’ll find out you like.

  1. Make It Look More Attractive

While it’s known that human beings see with their eyes to determine attractiveness, tastiness, and even texture. It’s good to make an unpleasing shake turn into an attractive delight. This will ensure that you will feel good about drinking the shake and finish it. Some ideas include putting a strawberry on the rim of the glass, having a fun straw or cup, make drinking the shake a relaxing time. These ideas will ease the pain of drinking something unpleasant and therefore make the shake tasty.

  1. Go to a Protein Store

While this option can get rather expensive, your tastes buds will love you for it. Stores that manage and serve customers only looking for protein related products will make a tasty shake; however, the downside to this rather delicious option is not just the cost, but it’s not so convenient nature. If you’re the type of person that works out at home then goes looking for a protein shake this options will leave you jumping in the car. While it’s not the most favorable, a store that sells everything for protein needs is valuable in the world of fitness. In fact, some of the store’s employees would gladly give you advice on how is the best way to make a protein shake.

Protein shakes are meant to be enjoyed not suffered through. Be creative, think outside the box either when creating or asking for a shake to be made. There are many possibilities in the world of what a protein shake could be. Now it’s time for you to find out what you want a protein shake to be.