How to Make Sure You Get a Second Date

man impressing his date with vigor and energy from Progentra use

So, you’re out with this girl. She’s funny, she‘s cute, she’s smart, she’s quick-witted. She’s checking all of the boxes. You’d love to see her again, and then you can see if this is all really a thing or just working for the first date. What’s the number one thing that you can do to make sure that you get a call and get her to agree on going on a second date with you? Well, according to the data, it’s not picking up the check or showing up in a fancy car. Can you make her laugh? That’s it. A sense of humor. You hear it over and over again, but 90% of women will go on a second date with a guy who can make them laugh.

There are a lot of reasons for this. There are some deeper things at play and connections that are made. A woman who sees you as having a good sense of humor will connect that with intelligence. If you have a good sense of humor and a quick wit about you, that must mean that your mind is more agile, able to make connections quickly, and you must have a base level of knowledge to make connections yourself to make a joke.

Also, they connect a sense of humor and wit with creativity. Intelligence and creativity are both positive attributes that women believe that they can connect with on a deeper level.  A sense of humor is seen as a hint that there are deeper layers to you and that you’re worth getting to know on a deeper level. And since they want to get to know you, that means they’re more likely to give you that second date to see where things might go.

man impressing date with quick humor and energy from Progentra useAnother aspect of a good sense of humor that women find attractive is that it hints that you don’t always take things too seriously. This is a positive attribute in a mate because you don’t want to drag your stress and baggage into a relationship. At least not on the first date. It’s a good thing to sometimes just be able to let things go. She’ll see you as someone who doesn’t always take life so seriously. Further down the road, she’s not going to want to be with someone who doesn’t take anything about life seriously, but that’s an argument to have at a different time. For now, you’re just trying to get that second date, so — go ahead — make her laugh.

So, what if you’re having an off day and the jokes aren’t rolling like they can sometimes?

What if your quick wit’s a little slow or taking the day off because some really bad stuff went down at work and you took the hit on it? We all have bad days, and you don’t want to drag that on to a first date, you don’t want to blow off the date entirely. She seems really cool and you’d hate to give the impression you’re not interested. Not to worry, good sir, because running a very close second in terms of what is important to women on.a first date is showing her that you’re interested in her. Lend an ear to her views, her ideas, her career, her life. Let her tell you about herself. Listen. Ask follow up questions. Follow up questions using information that you’ve already gleaned from her show her that you’re listening, that you’re interested and that you want to know more — you want to go deeper.

And don’t try to combine the two. You can use your sense of humor to show that you’re listening, making connections and interested in her. But don’t make a mockery of her, her views, her ideas or her career. Yikes. That will not end well.

So, you’re on the first date. You’re knocking her socks off. Listening. Asking her about her. Throwing a well-placed joke here and there. It’s going great. How do you stick the landing though? How do you make sure that nothing goes wrong to derail this for you? Well, women pointed to some specific things that they hate to see from a guy on a first date — some stuff that should be pretty easy to avoid.

Do not hit on or check out other women.

romantic date with man using ProgentraLet’s say she’s telling you a story about something that happened at work. It’s a dry spell in an otherwise interesting conversation. You start to haze up a little bit. Your mind wanders. Hey, look at that cutie by the bar and — nope. Don’t go there. Keep your eyes on hers and take it in. Even if you don’t think she’s looking. She is. And it’s the very first date. Try to be a gentleman for a few hours. Women also noted specifically that a huge turn off is hitting on the waitress. So be careful about how those interactions go. You’re on your first date with this woman for a reason. I realize it’s the first date and you’re not married to her, but you are trying to build some kind of connection. You may want to keep your options open, I get that, but you have to keep it together for now. You can always come back later if this date is a dud and make whatever move you feel like you need to.

Don’t read the previous advice about hitting on the waitress as a free ride to treating her like crap either though.

That’s a known turn off as well. Make sure you treat your waitress with respect. And give her a healthy tip. It’ll go a long way to showing that you respect other people, — particularly other women — and that you’re genuinely a good person. People take note of how their partners handle wait staff or people in the service industry and judge them on it.

If you want that second date, make sure you’re taken care of your hygiene.

Give your teeth a brushing. Throw in some mouthwash. Use a mint. It’s all pretty basic stuff so you don’t come off as some kind of a gross slob. Easy stuff there.

Good luck out there and good luck getting that second date.