Men & Eating Disorders

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        In spite of an oversimplified image of eating disorders just occurring to women and not men, Men over 25 are just as at risk for eating disorders as women. Many men suffer from eating disorder like behavior every day. Behaviors like binge eating, purging, fasting for sport tournaments, and abusing constipation drugs such as laxatives and digestive supplements are all behaviors of men with eating disorders. Many don’t even know, because they classify “not eating enough” or “binge eating” as training. The only way to change your body in a healthy manner is to take the slow steps of a well-balanced diet, exercise, and strong mental health.

Not everyone is meant to be skinny.

        Everyone’s metabolism breaks fat down at different rates. Some are slower than others and a metabolism can be slowed by different reasons. One reason for a slowed metabolism is stress. Stress will slow your metabolism to compensate for a fast paced nerve system working to adjust everything in your body to work at the speed you are stressing it to. Men should keep this in mind before attempting to change their bodies.

        When you don’t eat your body doesn’t have enough energy to burn fat, calories help burn fat and if you can’t intake the calories you will in return not burn any fat. Too much intake of calories before your body can burn it off results in weight gain. This is why everyone doesn’t lose weight the same as others and for some it may even take longer. However, it starts with a balanced diet.

        Pressures to be much like many athletes and other public figures result in everyone wanting to be like someone and no pressure for individuality. Being confident in who you are with or without the weight gain or weight lost is key. Eating disorders can be dangerous and changing your body to be like someone else is not worth the damaging of your own insides, organs, and putting yourself at the potential risk of death.

Not eating enough can damage your body extensively.

man has no appetite during date shoukd read about Progentra benefits        Resulting in low energy levels due to the lack of iron being in the body. Low energy levels means that the body is no longer getting any of the nutrients that it needs to go through day to day life and will result in headaches, dizziness, and even fainting spells. If experiencing any of these symptoms, you should adjust your diet immediately and consider seeking professional help from your medical care provider.

Under-eating can also cause constipation.

        Not providing the body with the correct amount of fiber and nutrients will not promote your colon to work as it should in detoxifying the body. Constipation can eventually lead to fissures and even colon cancer. Always weigh your options, the good and the bad before risking your health because you want the same body as Lebron James.

        Eating is not cheap, we all know that the rising prices in food make it hard for the middle class to survive. However, in stopping men over 25 from suffering from an eating disorder, there has to be healthier options available made to the public. Not everyone can afford the eight dollar salads that many places offer but the cheaper value menus have twelve different greasy fat filled foods fried twelve different ways.

Men over 25 are known to either overeat or under eat when stressing.

man under stress eating too much noodles just heard about Progentra        One and every three overweight men are eating due to depression or in order to cope with a situation of tragedy, stress, or discomfort. Food is a common ground in all cultures. No matter where you’re from or how you relate to anyone else, Food is used to establish peace, discuss business, reminisce, and even celebrate. Having an eating disorder turns the happy place to more of a sulky environment with concern.

        Ways for men to avoiding developing eating disorders and how to stay away from eating disorder like behaviors are ridding yourself of any negative thoughts that a specific body image is the way for happiness to enter your life. Everyone has preferences on how they wish to look, but the goal is to love yourself regardless. As well as understanding that a well-balanced diet consist of all foods, it’s okay to eat ice cream and have pizza but everything in moderation. Excessive eating makes your body have more calories than it is burning. Lastly, in avoiding developing an eating disorder be sure to criticize the media, and not let it criticize you. Don’t let anything that you see on television or in a magazine influence how you view your own body, or even what you put in your own body.

        Men are known to judge themselves and their peers even in a joking way. Avoiding mean and competitive like talks regarding body image and muscle comparisons, will help men over twenty-five in developing an eating disorder. Conversations that include a competitive task is ideal to avoid if you know you are not the most self-conscious person.

Disorders are developed on the idea that you see something wrong.

        Your body is too big or too small or simply just not good enough and sends you in a “fight or flight” response. Either you feel that this is the call to action and you now have the motivation to change something about yourself in a safe and rational way. Or you feel down, depressed, and do something that negatively affects your body due to irrational actions made upon yourself.

        Those irrational actions are eating disorders. The diseases that change your body for the worst, both physically and mentally. Thankfully, eating disorders are reversible and will take time to correct the damage done, but it is not an impossible task. The most important thing for men to keep in mind is that you are perfectly handsome the way you are. Instead of wanting to change to be more like someone else, change yourself to be more positive and loving of how you are now.