Is MuscleTech’s Anarchy Effectual?

About Anarchy

Anarchy is a pre-workout product that claims to give users a burst of energy and stamina to help with their workouts or training regimen. It is also MuscleTech’s latest supplement joining their Performance Series.

The company is recognized for creating popular workout products. This includes the all-time favorites Clear Muscle and Hydroxycut. In the past few years, the manufacturer has had some successes with their products, but there are some supplements by the company that have failed to meet the consumers’ expectations. As for Anarchy, we’ll find out if the supplement can live up to its promise or whether it’s another supplement that lacks quite the kick and effectiveness.

This particular supplement is the first pre-workout product in MuscleTech’s Performance series. It is noticeable that pre-workout products and the industry it belongs are one of the most cutthroat markets presently. Given this, can Anarchy match other competitive supplements in the market? We analyzed the supplement to know if it has all the aspects of an efficient fitness supplement.

Does Anarchy Work?

Anarchy’s manufacturer features a blend of active components that have greater concentration. The product mostly consists of ergogenics, which are compounds that specifically created for stamina, recuperation, and overall functions and performance.

Just like other supplements that have caffeine anhydrous, you can notice the effects of caffeine in Anarchy take effect after 30 minutes. Its content of caffeine is pretty much the standard dose at 190 mg for each serving. This is equivalent to three cups of coffee. People with sensitivity to caffeine have to be more careful with their caffeine intake. It’s best to consult with your doctor first prior to proceeding with Anarchy.

Moreover, the supplement has vasodilators, which can relax the blood vessels resulting to increased blood flow to the genitals and muscles. However, some consumers said that one of the effects of taking Anarchy is getting a bit more belligerent. This is fine if this aggression is concentrated on your training, but if not this effect can discourage other users.

What Are the Components Involved?

It’s impressive that the company makes it a point to offer visibility to their consumers by listing all of the components involved in the formulations of their supplements. This is vital information among customers who want to make an informed decision by evaluating the ingredients first before purchasing a supplement.

The ingredient profile of any supplements is also crucial to a product’s potency. Without high-quality components, no supplement ever can work. As for Anarchy, below are the components present in its formula:

Caffeine Anhydrous
Choline bitartarate
Rhodiola Extract
Yohimbe extract

It is remarkable that Anarchy’s blend does not possess any forms of protein for muscle growth. With some protein that can help users build muscles, it would have been an incredible blend of concentration, energy, and nourishing components for the muscles transported to your system quickly.

What are Anarchys’ Product Features?

Anarchy has a good blend of ingredients that can possibly generate positive effects for the improvement of your training routine.

It is claimed to be effective in boosting energy and concentration.

However, there are some issues with Anarchy, such as it doesn’t include protein in its formula. There are no ingredients for increasing testosterone level, either. If it’s going to be for improving one’s physical performance for training or workout purposes, it would make sense for it to have protein and testosterone-boosting elements, but as mentioned, Anarchy doesn’t have any.

What’s the Final Verdict?

Anarchy promises to be one of the best pre-workout supplements in the market. Its company claims that it’s able to increase the user’s energy levels and stamina, so that he’s able to be more productive when training at the gym. However, the ingredients in Anarchy seem to have been segregated from other pre-workout components to create a new supplement. It would be great collaboration if this supplement was mixed with the impacts of Phase 8. Still, Anarchy is worth a try.