Natural Male Enhancement

Tongkat Ali: Natural Male Enhancement

Tongkat Ali (TA), an herb by the scientific name of Eurycoma Iongifolia Jack, is a popular substance with numerous potential effects including cancer prevention, ergogenic aid, and aphrodisiac properties. TA is found in South East Asian jungles of Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. Its nickname is herbal Viagra, and soon you’ll see why.

TA works by causing an increase in the body’s production of testosterone. It contains a type of peptides known as eurypeptides which increase the rate of free testosterone release from the sex hormone binding globulin. In other words, it essentially enhances your body’s ability to synthesize testosterone, the male sex hormone that is responsible for any and all masculine features. This includes muscle size, sexual features and abilities, and performance. Numerous athletes use Tongkat Ali because it results in decreased fat tissue and and increase in muscle mass. Of course, an increase in testosterone is good for more than working out and making gains.

This medicinal herb is most well-known for its sexual enhancement properties. Because TA increases testosterone, it also increases male sexual performance. A lack of testosterone (low T) causes many male issues, including:

  • Decreased libido
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Decreased semen production
  • Tiredness, lack of energy, and depression
  • Loss of muscle mass and fat gain
  • Decrease in bone mass

As is made clear by this list, low T is the cause of so many sexual problems for men. Tongkat Ali is valuable because it combats low T and allows the body to regroup. Essentially, you become a real man again and regain sexual confidence, energy, and pleasure. The more testosterone you have, the more you’re going to feel like a man with high libido and energy, a hard cock, and a long-lasting erection. This makes Tongkat Ali an ideal ingredient in many male enhancement products.

Whereas some male enhancement supplements can be habit-forming or lifelong prescriptions, Tongkat Ali actually works with the body to increase testosterone levels. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), TA helps improve aging male’s symptoms as the body produces less testosterone naturally.
Like any other supplement, Tongkat Ali is not without its side effects. Generally, the side effects are very mild, though. They include:

  • Irritability, impatience, and restlessness due to increasing levels of testosterone
  • Increased body heat
  • Insomnia as the body adjusts to the herb early on

As long as you are using the correct dosage of TA, these side effects should be mild. Be careful to follow the instructions on the label, though, as too much TA could cause more dramatic side effects which would counter the positive benefits of taking this medicinal herb.

Typically, TA is included in many male enhancement supplements. Check the ingredients list to make sure that TA is listed if you want to benefit from its numerous effects. Not only does TA improve your sex life, but it greatly improves your strength and confidence in your manhood all around. You’ll enjoy a more energetic and satisfying sex life, but you’ll also enjoy your workouts and greater gains in muscle mass as well. Tongkat Ali is truly a gift to men from nature!