Potassium and Your Health–The Top Reasons Why You Need This Mineral in Your Diet

Potassium is one of the most common minerals that people are deficient in. Everyone seems to be concerned about getting enough calcium and other important minerals, where potassium is easily forgotten.

This mineral is one that is required for the functioning of several of the organs in the body, including the brain, the heart the kidneys, liver, and all of our muscles. With all these areas of need naturally the amount of potassium need daily is relatively high, at approximately 4500 mg a day. This is a mark that many people by a wide margin and thus are suffering because of it.

Here are some of the ways in which potassium can improve your health.

Lowers Blood Pressure

A common problem that many people suffer from its high blood pressure, and one of the contributing factors to this is having high levels of sodium in our blood.

Naturally to combat this people look to lower their intake of sodium which is effective, however getting more potassium to their diet can help to lower and maintain good blood pressure levels as well.
This is because potassium is used by the body to balance the sodium levels in the blood. Eating foods such as spinach, bananas, yogurt, or taking multivitamin such as Ultimate Man by Men’s Healthy Lifestyle can help you get more potassium your diet.

Keeps Bones Healthy

Another important role that potassium plays in the body is that it keeps the bones healthy. This again has to do with its relationship with calcium, and how it balances levels of this mineral in the blood.

This is because when there isn’t enough calcium in the blood the body pulls calcium from our bones to make up the difference. Calcium is essential for the functioning of our heart, as the heart cannot pump without it.

Eating more potassium rich foods or taking a potassium supplement has shown that the body secretes less calcium out of the body, which helps the body to reabsorb these important minerals back in to the bloodstream. In doing so, the body doesn’t need to take calcium from our bones in order for the heart to function.

Synthesizing Nutrients

Potassium also plays an important role in the body’s ability to synthesize and use carbohydrates. This is a especially important for skeletal muscle maintenance, repair, and growth.

A very common and unpleasant experience that many of us have faced at one point or another during exercise is suffering from some type of muscle cramp. Muscle aches, muscle cramps, in general muscle fatigue is strongly linked to low levels of potassium in our system.

This is because potassium is required during the process of skeletal muscle contraction itself. Studies have shown that eating more foods high in potassium or supplement in your diet with a multivitamin can reduce the instances of muscle cramps and muscle fatigue.

Healthier Skin and Reduced Cellulite

One of the main roles that potassium plays in the body as we’ve mentioned prior is that in fluid retention, which is also a major problem when it comes to skin issues including cellulite. This again has to do with potassium his relationship with sodium, and the pumps that the body uses to move certain material in and out of our cells.

Essentially what happens here is that there is a major traffic backup, people consume too much sodium on average which causes material to go into the cell. In order for the material to get out the body requires potassium to work this pump, and many of us lack enough potassium to move the necessary material.

This in turn causes problems like cellulite another skin issues where the body may look bloated or asymmetrical in some areas as opposed to others. Getting more potassium in your diet will help you to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Potassium Keeps You Hydrated

As mentioned prior, potassium is important in the balance of fluid and fluid retention within the body. This is especially important during exercise as we tend to sweat more where we lose water electrolytes in the process.

Potassium is important in maintaining the delicate balance within the body as having enough potassium in the blood is going to help you retain more of that water. Providing yourself with enough potassium do you diet is going to allow you work out and train longer due to the increased stamina you’ll see in your muscles during your routine.