A Product Review of Daily Wellness Fertility Blend


Introducing Daily Wellness Fertility Blend

In this website, the male enhancement supplements that we evaluate are usually about boosting a man’s sex drive and erections. However, we haven’t actually dug deeper into the subject of male fertility. This article is about Daily Wellness Fertility Blend for Men. According to the company behind it, this product can enhance the quality of your sperm, so that the likelihood of your partner or wife being impregnated by you becomes higher.

As we all know, infertility is a reproductive issue that happens to millions of individuals worldwide. Due to this dilemma, couples from different parts of the globe spend billions of money in fertility clinics and experts in order to do everything that they can just to bear a child. If Daily Wellness Fertility Blend does what it claims to do, then couples all around the globe can surely save thousands of dollars in expenses for endeavoring pregnancy.

Why Male Infertility Occurs?


Male fertility is a greatly intricate course that comprises numerous procedures. First, you need to create healthy sperm, which is secreted by your testicles, that is why one of your testicles needs to work efficiently. In the case that you develop any impairment to your testicles, it may impact the way your body generates sperm cells. Apart from physical impairments, medical problems like inflammation of the veins, infection, and ejaculation problems can also lead to infertility.

How Efficient Is Daily Wellness Fertility Blend?

This specific male supplement purports to enhance the possibility of impregnating your partner, though it does not address all concerns surrounding male fertility. On the other hand, it enhances your chances by avoiding infection and boosting your testosterone levels, at best. With these positive effects in your body, the generation of your sperm can also significantly improve.

This particular supplement has the following components:

Vitamin C 120mg
Vitamin E 150IU
Vitamin B6 2mg
Vitamin B12 6mcg
Folate 400mcg
Zinc 15mg
Selenium 70mcg
Green Tea
Dong quai

In the case you haven’t noticed, even your daily multivitamin has more vitamins than Daily Wellness Fertility Blend for Men. But if you’re not taking any multivitamin, this supplement can be useful in shielding your body from infections as it also facilitates better sexual capacities in men.


Moreover, it is interesting to see a number of components that are, in reality, are more valuable for women than men. For instance, Folate and Dong Quai are two components linked to female nutritional requirements. As a matter of fact, Dong Quai or Angelica sinensis, is recognized as the female ginseng. Of course, it wouldn’t be called “female ginseng” if it’s specifically fit for men. The results of these herbs are not completely comprehended, at least not yet. Plus, there’s no existing research verifying that these components can impact the motility of sperm.

The only component that has logical explanation for being in the formula is Zinc. To be specific, Daily Wellness Fertility Blend has 15mg of Zinc. This is useful when it comes to the manufacturing of testosterone in men. Moreover, testosterone impacts sperm motility just like how estrogen impacts a female reproductive system. Thus, you get to have greater possibility of augmenting sperm motility when your zinc level is high. Nonetheless, there are other brands of multivitamins that have more than 15mg of zinc. There are even independent zinc pills that contain up to 50mg being sold in pharmacies.