A Product Review of HealthViva Heart +


HealthViva Heart + Overview

This nutritional product called HealthViva Heart + has fish oils. Every single capsule of this supplement is said to have the proper dosage in order to provide you the everyday requisite of omega 3 fatty acids.

A regular dose of HealthViva Heart + is claimed to shield you from the danger of coronary disease by sustaining a healthy heart, as well as reducing your bad cholesterol levels. To add, fish oil is advantageous for the joints, growth of bones, and portrays a substantial part in the renewal of brain cells.

According to the information on the product site, one bottle of HealthViva Heart + has 60 soft gels with a price of 549 rupees. The cost depends on the retailer selling the product, as well as the current exchange rate of Indian rupees to USD.

About the Company


HealthViva Heart + is manufactured by the company of the same name HealthViva. It officially operates in India, though it has since managed to distribute their products in other parts of the world. The company is recognized for their creation of multiple vitamins and nutritional supplements.

HealthViva Heart + Assertions

Like any other nutritional supplements, HealthViva Heart + touts to be a great supplement that can provide you with your daily need of omega 3 fatty acids to protect your heart’s wellness through the presence of fish oils.

What’s HealthViva Heart + for?

As stated earlier, HealthViva Heart + aims to protect you from against coronary problems. This is achieved by helping you sustain a healthy heart and even reduce your levels of bad cholesterol. Hence, HealthViva Heart + is mostly suitable for those people who want to protect their hearts from such diseases. It is also ideal for those people with joint problems. This nutritional supplement is also claimed to be effective without any detrimental chemicals.

The company behind HealthViva Heart + purports their product to be effective in:

Promoting healthy heart
Reducing cholesterol levels and stabilizing blood pressure
Encouraging joint health and overall wellness by ensuring suppleness and movements
Facilitating brain development as well as making sure the eyes remains healthy

Understanding How It Works


The core content of HealthViva Heart + is its fish oil. Since it is also for ensuring joint health, the involvement of Omega 3 fatty acids is of crucial significance. This particular supplement is loaded with fish oil, which is widely deemed to help boost metabolism and increase one’s immune system. It is also claimed to aid users in terms of their digestion. Throughout the years, studies conducted have demonstrated that fish oil is ideal for addressing joint pain. Fish oil also aids in the growth of bones and portrays an essential part in renewing brain cells.

What Are the Components Involved?

Of course, the primary content of HealthViva Heart + is fish oil. Aside from this, the supplement also has Glycerine, Gelatine, Sorbitol, Refined Soybean Oil, and Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, but we’ll just focus on fish oils in this review.

Basically, fish oils are composed of long-chain fatty acids which have vital fats such as DHA and EPA, for which the body is not capable of naturally manufacturing. The only method to provide our body with such nutrients is to consume them through supplementation or foods like salmon or mackerel.

What are the Product Features?

This supplement comes from a manufacturer that has a solid experience in producing nutritional products.
HealthViva Heart + is completely pure without harmful chemicals.
You can purchase easily over the counter without the need for a doctor’s prescription.

What are the Adverse Reactions?

HealthViva Heart + claims to be completely natural, hence, there aren’t any adverse effects to be reported. Any side effect from the consumption of the supplement should be considered as an allergy. To manage such unpleasant manifestations, you can decrease your daily dose. If the allergy proves to be serious, then it is recommended to stop using HealthViva Heart + at once. Also, this supplement is intended for adults only, thus the only way minors can take this product is if they have prescriptions from doctors.

What’s the Proper Dose and Instructions?

Suggested dose for HealthViva Heart + is 3 soft gels per day. You just need to make sure that you take the soft gels in a manner that is evenly distributed across the day. Take HealthViva Heart + with meals and plenty of water.

What about the Visibility of Results?

It is said that positive effects can be noticed as early as two weeks, though this depends on the person taking it.

Where to Purchase?

HealthViva Heart + can be acquired online from their product website. You can also buy this from third party stores, and even a number of local resellers offer this supplement, as well.

HealthViva Heart + Consumer Feedbacks

There are positive feedbacks citing HealthViva Heart +’s effectiveness as a supplement. It is said to be ideal for those who don’t eat much fish and need supplementation to get their daily need of omega 3 fatty acids. Some customers also appreciate the supplement’s effectiveness in taking care of their joints and making sure that their muscles experience no pain.

What’s the Bottom Line?

HealthViva Heart + is made by an Indian company, but thanks to its effectiveness, it has already entered foreign markets like in Europe and United States. The claims of the company about their product are substantiated by the mostly positive feedbacks of the customers, reporting that HealthViva Heart + effective for sustaining the health of the joints and the heart at the same time. Surely, the mostly positive reception of consumers not only in India, but also abroad, says a great deal about HealthViva Heart +’s safety and efficacy. If it weren’t effective, it wouldn’t even made the foreign markets in the first place.