A Product Review of M Patch: Is it Effective?


What is M Patch?

If you have issues with your sexual health and have tried many remedies but failed, maybe you’ll be interested in trying M Patch. This basically is a medicated transdermal patch that aims to solve your sexual health dilemmas. This product essentially purports to help men obtain a more excellent sex life by increasing the size of their penis, boosting their sex drive, and improving their endurance during sexual activities, allowing them to enjoy sex much longer.

preview-full-shutterstock_304868180 (1)Penis increase, endurance and libido can be only obtained with the use of the right and potent components that are present in only a few products. But since the use of a transdermal path gives a steady flow of nutrients via skin absorption, this is also likely with M Patch.

It is important to note, however, that this product is presently offered on a 15-day free trial period. If you subscribe to this, you will need to input your credit card information because you still need to cover the shipping fee. If you fail to discontinue your enrollment, you will continue getting a one-month supply every 30 days with your credit card being charged accordingly. For this reason, it is important that you always read a company’s Terms and Conditions to avoid being charged for products you’re not really interested in. This practice is quite common in the industry that’s why it also being taken advantage of some manufacturers that sell fake products. But not all companies that have free trials are scams, some are rather legit and there are customers that subscribe for recurring shipments, so that they don’t need to hassle themselves with making single purchases every month.

How Efficient Is M Patch?

A transdermal patch for addressing men’s sexual concerns shows promise. While male enhancement pills have the right components, it fails when it comes to the delivery system, which means that the nutrients aren’t well-processed when they enter the body, which means that maximum benefits aren’t achieved. Thus, a highly functional delivery system must be used in order to provide all components to be processed by the body. With this, M Patch has the Instant Expansion Technology of Formula 41 Extreme.


The set of components in M Patch is what you commonly anticipate from a male enhancement supplement. It only varies when the said components are used in a transdermal patch. Even as drugs and other substances can be taken in by the skin, not everything that can be absorbed orally could be soaked up through the skin. No, it doesn’t work as simple as that.

Transdermal patches are only efficient if the compounds existing in the patch could be soaked up through the skin and spread through the bloodstream. Unluckily, the technology that’s able to segregate a 100% pure extract of potent components so that they’re accessible through transdermal use is not yet obtainable. However, present technology can make largely effective extracts that would function in the means of pill delivery.

Final Verdict

Though it would be ideal to think that there’s available technology for making the ingredients in male enhancement pills accessible through a transdermal patch, the truth is that it’s not yet here. Thus, we’re not sure if M Patch can live up to its promise. It certainly has a lot of great claims, but there’s no scientific evidence to back this up. To secure your purchase and if you really want to address you sexual issues, better acquire a male enhancement product that’s supported with a refund policy, so that you can return the product in case you’re not happy with it.