A Product Review of Slim Science


Slim Science Overview

The company behind Slim Science is based in Beverly Hills, California. It creates nutritional supplements made of natural ingredients to guarantee its safety. Slim Science touts that by using this product, you can begin shedding pounds after two weeks. It is also claimed that all supplements of Slim Science are produced in the United States. They’re said to be ensured in only having natural active components. On the other hand, it is crucial to know that while Slim Science says their supplements can guarantee weight loss effects, none have been assessed by the Food and Drug Administration.

Slim Science is not listed under the Better Business Bureau, so there’s no rating there. Customer feedbacks also appear to be rare. On social media, the company has seven Facebook likes and doesn’t have a Twitter page, though it is indicated on the website they can be reached via Twitter.

Understanding How the Product Function

03cbd9baa8e2b81f252d7c462bcdc6c7The supplements under Slim Science have a blend of components that have been used traditionally such as L-Tyrosine, Gymnema, Mucuna Prurien, and L-Carnitine. Apart from these, there also exclusive components, such as the following:

CitriMax®: Garcinia cambogia’s extract, this component significantly gives your body more ease to slow down the synthesis of fat, as well as control your food cravings.
Satiereal®: Originating from saffron, this component aids in controlling your hunger, thus helping you shed pounds in the process.
Meratrim®: This one here is a mixture of Sphaeranthus indicus flower and the Garcinia mangostana fruit, giving Slim Science the edge in generating significant weight loss effects in as short as two weeks.
Carnipure®: This, on the other hand, comes from the L-Carnitine amino acid that facilitates the stored fat in your body become energy.

Based on the company’s recommendation, proper dosage of Slim Science is one tablet three times each day. Ideally, take these 30 minutes before eating your meal. As long as you follow the directions, it is said that you can notice the positive effects as briefly as two weeks. Supplements from the company don’t tend to encourage addiction, harmless and free from toxic, as well as stimulant-free.

Slim Science Supplements, Cost and Money-Back Guarantee

The products of Slim Science are exclusively offered through Amazon.com, GNC and of course, SlimScience.com. They come in two options:

weight-loss-newsSlim Science Thermogenic: The trademarked Meratrim® and Carnipure® components are said to aid in the enhancement of the metabolism, as well as torch additional body fat. The cost is $59.99 while it is available for only $47.00 for GNC members.

Slim Science Appetite Suppressant – This one utilizes six primary components that include Super CitriMax® and Satiereal®. There are to help you obtain a healthy weight, decrease you calorie consumption, and control your food cravings. The price for this is $59.99 while it is available for only $47.99 for GNC members.

The shipping charge when you purchase from Slim Science is $4.99. Huge quantities will be computed separately. GNC.com, on the other hand, has a flat rate of $1.99 for every order.

If you want to try Slim Science before making a full order, you can opt to register for their 14-day trial that is claimed to be free. The product is free, but you still have to pay $4.99 for S&H. You will also be registered into their autoship plan. If you fail to discontinue your enrollment within 18 days, your 30-day supply of Slim Science will be automatically replenished every month and you will also be charged $59.99 each time, with an additional $4.99 for S&H. On the other hand, you can opt for cancellation whenever without facing any liabilities.

Slim Science Money-Back Guarantee

All supplements of Slim Science are offered with a 30-day refund policy, less S&H, starting on the date you’re the product was delivered at your residence. It is important to note that this refund is only applicable to purchases made directly through Slim Science. Those who ordered from GNC or Amazon will need to read these retailers’ refund protocols.

To ask for a refund from the company, call the customer service at 800-205-9038 in order to get a Return Merchandise Authorization or RMA. In giving back the item, place the RMA outside the package. Absence of RMA will render your returned item invalid and no refund will be processed.

Final Verdict: Are Slim Science Supplements For Real?

Slim Science seems to be a rightful company, but it is new player in the industry. It hasn’t established anything yet in terms of the reliability of its corporation and the products themselves. As a matter of fact, as we were researching, it came to our attention that numerous factors on the company’s official page were modified. Hence, the company site is under progress, hinting its new status in the market.

Given this, there is limited data accessible whether the company’s supplements work efficiently as they’re marketed and if they’re harmless for regular consumption. For customers, it is important that the company of the supplements they’re taking can be trusted and this trust can be established if a company has been in the industry for a significant period of time. Thus, this can be an issue for most prospective customers.

Due to such uncertainty on factors that are of crucial importance, we generally suggest to defer purchase of Slim Science as of the moment. It’s better to wait for consumer reviews to appear online first before proceeding with the company’s supplements. But if you really want to try one of Slim Science’s weight loss products, it may be better to purchase from GNC since their prices are lower, especially if you’re a member. Amazon also offers more reasonable prices than ordering directly from the company, which offers their supplements at a higher price, in addition to higher shipping and handling fees, as well.