A Product Review of Superior Muscle X


Superior Muscle X Introduction

This nutritional supplement proclaims itself as the best dietary product out there that’s composed of natural, plant-based components. It is said to have L-Arginine combination of amino acids and herbal elements in order to increase levels of nitric oxide in the bloodstream. With these, the following effects take place:

Muscle growth is accelerated
Stamina and libido are increased
Force and the body’s mechanism to burn fat are also improved
These are just some of the benefits that Superior Muscle X are said said to be capable of.

Defining Nitric Oxide

shutterstock_561771916Based on the information on NutritionExpress, nitric oxide is defined as a molecule that drifts in the blood stream. It is in-charge of sending signals of information between nerve cells in the brain, stabilizing blood pressure and lessening inflammation. In addition, this also heightens your body force and stamina as well as enhances blood circulation. Due to these results, heightened levels of nitric oxide mean better heart health. An increased nitric oxide level in the body is also believed to alleviate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

While a boost in the levels of nitric oxide can generate health gains, the question remains – do the components in Superior Muscle X do something to boost the nitric oxide levels in the body? Can the supplement really live up to its promise and produce the results that its company says it will?

Getting to Know the Components

Based on the information on the product website, Superior Muscle X prompts Arginine Alpha-Ketogulutrate to be freed into the blood stream, which results to nitric oxide levels getting a manufacturing boost. With this, your surge of energy and endurance lasts for a longer time, making you more productive during your workouts.

Apart from saying that Superior Muscle X uses L-Arginine mix of amino acids and plant-based elements, the official site does not include other components; although we found the list of ingredients on another of the supplement’s official pages. The ingredients are as follows:

Vitamin B3, B6, and B12
Green Tea Extract
Yohimbine Bark Extract


Based on the information published on WebMD, the clinical proof linking B3, B6 and B12 to weight loss and higher sex drive is inadequate. These vitamins surely has health gains, just not the ones described by Superior Muscle X’s manufacturer when looking at it in the scientific perspective.

Meanwhile, green tea extract may boost mental focus courtesy of its caffeine, arginine could potentially help address erectile dysfunction, l-carnitine could be potentially address male impotency but not essentially increase sex drive, and yohimbe could potentially help in dealing with infertility, though this doesn’t mean sex drive is also increased.

It is important to note that Superior Muscle X’s page has no product label, so the precise quantity of these components is unknown. The absence of the product label makes it also harder to determine whether the amount of the ingredients is enough to generate potency.

The only benefits we see that the ingredients in Superior Muscle X can produce are heightened mental focus because of caffeine, and maybe a bit of enhancement to address erectile dysfunctions and improve sex drive a bit.

Advertising Gimmicks

Since the components Superior Muscle X are not clinically proven, its company relies on cheap advertising ploys to gain customers’ attention.

As mentioned by SupplementCritique, manufacturers often make sites that are designed to look legit with articles from prominent fitness magazines, but they are actually just a bunch of ads. Apart from only posting marketing content, such websites resort to making false celebrity promotions or endorsements. The likes of Ryan Reynolds and Kim Kardashian, and many others are often used.

These counterfeit articles now called farticles, will also put pictures that give the impression that the products have appeared in well-known fitness magazines, when in fact such cannot be confirmed by any third-party information.

What’s more is that companies producing nutritional supplements such as Superior Muscle X will create their websites in a way that will trigger your weakness, which is to look lean and toned, in order to manipulate you into purchasing. This usually involves posting photos of attractive models and generating this heightened sense of necessity by telling you their supply is limited due to high demands.

What Customers Have to Say About Superior Muscle X?

While the supplement has been in the market for many months now, we couldn’t find a lot consumer feedback as of this writing. It seems the manufacturer has only begun endorsing it for real.

In its place we found Superior Muscle X feedbacks on affiliate sites that had been created to appear as genuine testimonials, when they’re also just mere marketing content from the manufacturer. SupplementCritique was also noted for saying that Superior Muscle X doesn’t have real potential in executing its company’s claims and that there’s nothing cutting-edge about its formulation.

Moreover, its manufacturer is mainly headquartered in La Jolla, California. It is listed with the Better Business Bureau which has a B-rating. This is based on two closed complaints citing billing concerns.

Terms & Conditions

Based on the above section, remember that you’ll be in an arbitration agreement when making your purchase. This means that the legal action you can file against the company, if it will come to that, will be limited. This includes filing a case for damages or becoming part of a class action lawsuit.

Superior Muscle X Cost & Money-Back Guarantee

You can try this product via a free trial that’s not fully free since you have to cover the shipping and handling costing $4.95. For this amount you can get a 30-day supply of Superior Muscle X.

The trial period starts on the date the order is made. When it finishes, you will be billed $98.63 for the complete cost of the supplement. Subsequently, you will be registered with their autoship plan. This means your 30-day supply will be automatically replenished every 30 days and you will be billed $98.63 for every

Remember that free trials aren’t really free and autoship enrollments are the company’s means of making sure that you will be billed recurrently. Hence, supplements with such purchasing option are not recommended.

Also, Superior Muscle X won’t give any refunds or accept any returns for cancellations requested over 15 days of making your order. Simply put, once the trial is over and you’ve already been charged the total cost, there’s no refund for you.

For cancellations of autoship plans, call customer support at 888-659-8337.

Bottom Line: Is Superior Muscle X Genuine?

There’s no scientific proof confirming that the components in Superior Muscle X are effective for the benefits claimed by the company. It also engages in cheap advertising and marketing tactics that are intended to lure customers into making purchases based on emotions, rather than on informed decision. Of course there’s also the never-ending concern for companies that use free trials and autoship programs, where Superior Muscle X is one of them. Generally, it is expensive and its high cost cannot be justified by any significant benefits.