A Product Review of Traumeel: Is it Harmless & Efficient?


Getting to Know Traumeel

As we all know there are lots of brands of products out there that guarantee to lessen pains and other discomforts. These can be in the forms of supplements or creams. It is also true that since there are so many options, it becomes tough for prospective consumers to make a wise selection. The process becomes easy when you really evaluate a product before spending money on it. Review what components are included in its formula. Research about these components and read what experts think about them. Next, read consumer feedbacks online. There is a wide assortment of these joint pain solutions that is why you have to be smart about choosing. Manufacturers typically make promising assertions about their products, but upon using it, there’s nothing in it that can help you with your joint pains.

Buying a supplement or cream means you have to shell out money. But it has to be done prudently. There’s this product that claims to be a value for money because of how effective it claims to be. Its name is Traumeel. Reviewing its official site, this particular product is available in many forms – ointment, gel, tablets, and oral drops. You also have the option to purchase the value package.

General Idea

Man With Pain In Elbow. Pain relief concept

Man With Pain In Elbow. Pain relief concept

 This particular product provides a range of joint pain treatments, so customers can select based on their personal preferences. You can choose for the one that can be applied topically or the supplement type, so you can just ingest it. The company behind this product acknowledges the significance of adaptability. Traumeel is asserted to be a mixture of 12 types of natural potent components that work hand in hand to generate positive results. The ingredients in Traumeel go together with the body’s natural course of actions to deliver momentary respite from pain and discomfort. This particular joint pain solution is distinctive because it functions even without undergoing digestive processes. It’s also harmless even if you use it for over 10 days.

Product Definition

This product for joint pain is developed with the use of plant and mineral extracts. In Germany, Traumeel has been in the market for over 60 years. The exclusive mixture of ingredients in Traumeel is made use to address injuries, joint pains, and sprains. It also serves as therapy for achiness and swelling.

Purchase of Traumeel can be done in many forms. You can buy it as a tablet, drops, injection, gel, or ointment, depending on what you like or what your physician advises. The components in this product are also accessible for therapeutic functions. It was developed by Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg, a German doctor. In the 1930s, he devoted his time to generate an organic remedy by utilizing herbal and mineral components. This paved the way for the creation of Traumeel.

The Company behind the Product


As previously stated, it was the German doctor Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg that developed the product. He then developed his creation after getting promising outcome from his further researches. With the promising results in mind, he and his colleagues built the company named Heel, meaning “plants come from light” in Latin. Heel is the acronym of such phrase. In 1979, Dr. Reckeweg moved his company to New Mexico. There, he started Biological Homeopathic Industries (BHI), another company of his. It went into the US market with a range of homeopathic treatments. Some of the products were intended for joint pains. In the present, products from BHI are allocated throughout the globe by several health stores.

The Difference between Various Traumeel Forms

Basically, this explains the differences between the multiple forms of Traumeel:

Ointment: odorless, white-colored ointment that is ideal for massage

Gel: transparent and non-greasy joint pain treatment that’s mostly well-liked by athletes and those with active lifestyles

Drops: this is recommended for people who want to avoid sugar consumption

What are the Product Components?

Aconitum Napellus: for the numbing and cooling of the skin

Arnica Montana: contains anti-inflammatory features useful in alleviating pain

Belladonna: well-known ingredient in most pain creams

Bellis Perennis: a distinctive curing catalyst that encourage faster treatment

Chamomilla: greatly advised to serve as a tonic

Echinacea: it contains antibiotic traits

HamamelisVirginiana: a homeopathic medicine that’s well-recognized because of its efficiency in providing respite from pain

HeparSulphurisCalcareum: contains anti-inflammatory traits

HypericumPerforatum: believed to be an effectual treatment for aches

Millefolium: believed to be an effectual cure for hemorrhages.

SymphytumOfficinale: recognized cure for illnesses of the bones, this range from swelling to cancers sarcomas

Proper Use of Traumeel

Of course proper application depends on which kind of Traumeel you buy. Just read and do as the instructions say on the product label.

What are the Adverse Reactions?

In the case of skin redness, swelling or you’re feeling nauseous; let your physician know right away. Generally, Traumeel does not generate adverse effects since the components in its formulation are low in quantity, hence the doses are harmless.

Is Traumeel for Long-Term Use?

The product isn’t strong, so you can apply/ingest it for over 10 days. This is in contrast with other products, which are so strong that continuous use is not advised. Nevertheless, it’ll be better if you ask your healthcare provider about it.

What about Clinical Studies/Research Performed?

Since Traumeel was created by a doctor, it underwent many studies for several years. The German doctor who made it devoted his time on homeopathic solutions.

Bottom Line

The product has been in the market for so long. This alone signifies that it’s safe and effective. Traumeel is a reliable remedy for joint pains or arthritis. Many users testify to its efficiency as they themselves have seen the remarkable outcome.