Is Red Palm Oil Beneficial to Our Health-What is the Environmental Impact?

red palm fruit and oil

Red palm oil is a substance that has attracted a lot of attention as of late, as the demand for this product as skyrocketed. Increased demand means that the people who farm Palme need moral and in order to meet this demand, which can have negative environmental impacts.

red palm oil in bowl on top of fruitsPalm Oil in particular has been under the microscope as of late, as the growing industry has had a negative impact on some areas of the rainforest and other forested areas which have been deforested to make room for new farms.
Like any other food out there, not all palm oil is made equally and some sources are going to be superior to others. This is not just in the quality of the oil itself, but also in regards to the environmental impact as well. Some sources of palm oil are very sustainable while others are reliant on exploiting the environment, and it is in the best interest of the environment to choose the former.

With all of this being said, the prevailing son of this type of oil in many different types of foods today is clearly evident, as it is bound in everything from baked goods, cereal, processed foods, protein bars, cookies, and all other types of foods. This food can provide us with plenty of health benefits as well before eating a right forms of it from the right sources.

Here are the most beneficial ways in which this food can positively impact our health.

1. Protects the Heart

Palm oil has shown the ability to protect the heart from heart disease, which is demonstrated in multiple studiescarried out over long periods of time. When studying particular took a look at individuals who regularly consumed palm oil over a period of 24 months to where 33 to% of participants showed an improvement as far as their heart health was concerned. A large portion of the group remained stable as well which is pretty telling too.
This is because in the control group over 40% of people’s conditions deteriorated, pointing to the effectiveness of palm oil in improving our health.

This coincides with our previous knowledge and belief behind how eating certain types of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats can improve not only our heart health, but improve the health of the cardiovascular system as a whole.

2. Lowers Cholesterol

Having levels of cholesterol in the blood which are to lie is detrimental to our health because this fatty substance can build up on the walls of our blood vessels, which can both hard in them and makes it more difficult to pass blood through them.

An individual of high cholesterol is going to have a greater risk of heart disease because of the additional work at par has to do in order to circulate the blood throughout the body as which is the case in individuals with high cholesterol.
Studies have shown that red palm oil can actually decrease the amount of bad or LDL cholesterol in the blood which keeps the heart healthy and in good shape.

red palm fruits and bottle of red palm oil

In addition to including more red palm oil in your diet, you should be eating other foods which are high in omega three fatty acids and are low in HDL cholesterol. In some cases no matter what a person does as far as their diet is concerned, a prescription medication may be required.

This is because of how our body works, cholesterol is a necessary ingredient in the building of many types of fats and in turn plays a large role in hormonal production. This is why we believe that the body produces cholesterol on its own, and is a reason why limiting your dietary intake of cholesterol may not be enough to reverse high levels of cholesterol.

3. Improves Brain Health

To when it comes to the health of our brain, some of the most important nutrients we can be consuming are ones we commonly referred to as anti-oxidants. This is because these anti-oxidants are compounds which bind together with other compounds known as free radicals, these free radicals being well known causes of inflammation.

Inflammation is the root cause of virtually every type of disease that we know of, and due to how demanding the brain is for oxygen a problem his even more often concern here. Degenerative diseases such as the men share,

Alzheimer’s, and other similar diseases are all strongly linked to inflammation of the brain, which can be resolved by beating more foods high in anti-oxidants such as red palm oil.

Read palm oil is particularly rich in vitamin E, which is well noted for its anti-oxidants capabilities and its propensity to protect the health of the brain.