A Review of the Product Alpha Limit

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Introducing Alpha Limit

Alpha Limit is a male enhancement product that’s purported as a cutting-edge development in men’s sexual health. Aside from being dubbed as a remarkable innovation, this supplement is also touted as testosterone supplementation that’s particularly developed for sexual performance and health improvement, as well as for muscle building.

This is achieved through the utilization of highly potent herbal components that are capable of boosting free testosterone levels, as well as reduce the generation of estrogen in the body. Aside from this, Alpha Limit claims to also enhance one’s sports functions and recuperation. Eventually, this so-called cutting-edge formulation touts to aid in the building of muscles, enhancing of sexual functions, and overall health. It even touts to put a stop to those substances that obstruct testosterone.

Based on the info available on the official site, this product is comprehensively examined for purity and safety and has found to have no detrimental fillers and other substances.

Alpha Limit’s Cost & Money-Back Guarantee


This particular supplement is accessible through a 10-day trial, costing you only $4.95 to cover the shipping and handling fees. With this, you’re able to get a 30-day supply of Alpha Limit. As soon as this trial finishes, you need to pay for Alpha Limit’s full cost, which is $148.

Moreover, the company behind Alpha Limit offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, less shipping and handling fees, as well as a $5 restocking charge. On the other hand, it states in the product’s Terms & Conditions page that there must be considerable content remaining in the bottle in order to be considered for this refund. Empty bottles are not qualified for this money-back guarantee. If you want to get a refund or have your free trial discontinued, you can call customer support at 855-768-2831.

Is Alpha Limit Effective?

In general, it is dubious as to how testosterone boosters really are as a product or whether they produce notable effects in the body or not. As for Alpha Limit, its official site does not provide the complete list of components and the respective ingredient’s precise dosage. Even if it did, the components found in nearly all testosterone boosters lack in scientific proof in terms of their efficacy.

Unverified Assertions

Aside from claiming that Alpha Limit boosts free testosterone levels, its official site also provides numerous assertions that this particular supplement is utilized by several well-known athletes. It also says about fighting against testosterone obstructers.

Free Trial


As stated earlier, Alpha Limit can only be purchased via a free trial. Generally though, it’s not ideal to go for supplements that are only offered through free trials. This is because such method is frequently made use by many supplement companies as means to get the customers’ credit card info so that they’re charged with expensive costs. The good thing is that Alpha Limit does not enroll customers in any autoship plans unlike other companies.

Moreover, since nearly all supplements purchased on the internet usually arrives after 3-5 days, this means you only have less than a week to check if this supplement really works. Of course, this duration is not sufficiently long to try a product’s efficacy. As a matter of fact, the product’s Terms & Conditions states that many users experience visible outcome after using the product regularly for 3 months.

On the other hand, if you opt to register for the product’s trial, remember that you’ll need to return the container to the company. This should be postmarked no later than the tenth day after your purchase is made. Moreover, customer support is only accessible during business hours. This is information worth mentioning especially if your 10th day falls on a weekend.

Steep Cost

For one, there’s no product label to provide the complete list of components used in Alpha Limit’s formulation, as well as the precise dose of each of the ingredient utilized. Plus, the scientific information regarding the efficacy of the components is lacking, so these components are not totally backed by clinical studies and tests proving their potency and safety. There’s also the fact that the supplement is very expensive. At $148 per bottle, this is considered a high cost by most customers. As a matter of fact, this is one of the priciest supplements we have evaluated. It is also worth mentioning that most testosterone enhancers in general are known to being not significantly effective.

What’s the Final Recommendation?

Since Alpha Limit does not have enough user feedbacks online, as well as adequate scientific proof to verify the company’s assertions about the potency of the ingredients, it’s hard to recommend said supplement to users. There’s also the issue of the absence of the product label, which is crucial information for users.