A Review of the Product Ripped Freak Hybrid


Getting to Know Ripped Freak Hybrid

Essentially, Ripped Freak Hybrid is a weight loss product that works through thermogenic components being collaborated appetite control results in order to provide a dual method for the purpose of fat torching.

Before, this particular supplement was in the form of a black and red capsule that possessed DMAA or Geranium extract. This ingredient is not prohibited by the FDA due to its detrimental adverse reactions. In the present, the product only contains components that are legitimate to ensure their safety.

Putting a potent yet toxic ingredient in the form of DMAA in Ripped Freak Hybrid’s formulation before certainly resulted to a major weakness for the product. Presently, several consumers could say that Ripped Freak Hybrid is completely different from its original formulation with less potent components for the sake of just meeting the requirements. Among those products who had to alter their formulas due to the prohibited components, Ripped Freak Hybrid was the only one who held on to its original formula sans the DMAA.

The nutritional supplement industry contains hundreds of supplements that use thermogenesis as its main feature. This article will take Ripped Freak Hybrid into further assessment to whether this supplement can really deliver to its promises or not.

How Efficient Is Ripped Freak Hybrid?

First and foremost, let us take into consideration what the manufacturer of this product touts to bring to the market:

It claims to promotes shedding of pounds through fat elimination

It touts to boost the thermogenic process in order to promote fat loss

It purports to be potent in a single capsule

The assertion to promote fat elimination is similar to its thermogenic outcome. It is touted that OleuopreinAglcone (OA) can sustain adrenaline and UCP levels. Based on some researches, however; there are no direct connections between OleuopreinAglcone and adrenaline and UCP levels. This brings us to the other component that triggers results, which is the caffeine.


Just like any other products containing caffeine, the effects of this said ingredient is immediately felt by the consumer. When you take caffeine, you surely feel a great surge of energy, a higher sense of focus with the occasional jitters. These instant results users encounter are all thanks to caffeine. In Ripped Freak Hybrid’s case, it seems that it only has caffeine as the ingredient that can trigger effects. The rest of the components don’t really have something to show, just caffeine with greater dosage. This doesn’t sound very promising, especially when there are hundreds of other products out there that promise thermogenesis as the one thing that makes their supplements truly work. Users need to see something t hat stands out and it can be achieved by having components or formulation that actually works like it’s claimed to be.

What are the Components?

Several weight loss products have the inclination to conceal the dosage and concentration of their components by recording them in exclusive blends. This is the case with Ripped Freak Hybrid. Though it reveals its active components, this information is not complete because the quantity of these components in every serving is not divulged. Thus, customers wouldn’t be aware of the amount of every component in one serving.

Furthermore, multiple consumers ingest more than one nutritional product. So, it would be useful if there’s a comprehensive supplement label in order for the consumers to gauge their consumption for a particular nutrient. For instance, a lot of supplements have caffeine. When one consumes Ripped Freak Hybrid, then takes another product that also contains caffeine, the user cannot recognize if he’s consuming just enough caffeine that the body can deal with or if he’s taking more than the recommended daily dosage for caffeine. Concealing the dosage of the ingredients doesn’t favor the customers in anyway.

Below are the components in Ripped Freak Hybrid’s formulation:


Green Tea Leaf Extract
Olive Leaf Extract
Green Coffee Bean Extract
Sweet Red Pepper Extract
Raspberry Ketone
Gallic Acid
Ripped Freak Hybrid Product Features

It is claimed to have great thermogenic results.

It doesn’t contain DMAA anymore, which has since been banned by the FDA because of its harmful side effects.

What’s the Bottom Line?

As mentioned before, the ingredients in Ripped Freak Hybrid aren’t very promising in terms of delivering fat loss results. There’s only caffeine in it that’ll generate effects. Consumers mostly look for a formulation consisting of potent ingredients in order to deliver real results. Though it’s good that Ripped Freak Hybrid’s company removed a harmful ingredient, its lack of effectiveness or potency is now the main issue. If you want to give it a try, you still can since supplements affect each person differently. But in general you’re just likely to experience energy boost and heightened sense of alertness due to higher caffeine content.