Reviewing the Safety & Efficacy of Genomyx’s Protocol

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Getting to know the product

Protocol is a BCAA supplement created by the company Genomyx. BCAA means Branched Chain Amino Acids and they’re the building blocks of protein. With this, BCAAs are able to heighten the synthesis of protein, recuperation of muscles, and stamina during training sessions. BCAAs have also been to decrease body fat for a leaner physique.

What are the components?

Below are the components present in the supplement’s formulation:

L-Leucine (3.25g) – It is the most essential BCAA for developing muscles since it sets off the MTOR passageway and begins the fusion of proteins.

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Beta Alanine (1.5g) – This amino acid is one of those that are widely researched. It is a common ingredient in many BCAA supplement because of the efficacy of this amino acid.

L-Carnitine –L-Tartrate (1g) – This ingredient is involved in the supplement’s formula in order to help the muscles with recuperation after going through an intense training. This component is also said to help in the breakdown of fatty acids. Its main contribution in Protocol’s formula is that it helps users with muscle recovery.

Agmatine Sulfate (250mg) – A by-product of Arginine, Agmatine Sulfate is said to aid in the production of muscle pumps. It is also touted that this ingredient helps with recovery and the delivery of essential nutrients to the muscles. In addition, this component is said to be useful when it comes to alleviating pain.

What about the taste?

Genomyx comes in cherry flavor. Unfortunately, there are no other flavors offered. Nonetheless, the cherry flavor of Protocol is amazing. This is good news considering many BCAA powders don’t taste very good. While its flavor is good enough, other customers would want to have a variety.

Does it mix well?

Another good thing about Protocol is that it combines well, except for Leucine. However, other Leucine in other supplements seems to be doing great when it comes to their mixing capacities.

Is it effectual?

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This particular BCAA supplement is actually effective especially when it comes to muscle recovery. Some customers feel that after going through intense workouts with their muscles sore, this supplement was able to help them recover. Some users also report improvement when it comes to muscle development. Thus, it seems that Protocol can help users achieve their fitness goals with stronger muscles and leaner physique with the ability to recuperate more quickly.

What’s the price?

This particular BCAA supplement is sold at around $20. If you research further, you may find better deals online where you can purchase Protocol for as low as $18. Since the production of this supplement was stopped and was replaced with a new version, you can get the new one at $30. The price is just right and it’s certainly worth it especially if you have sore muscles. Protocol is great for muscle recovery and it really delivers.

What’s the real deal?

Genomyx’s Protocol is a must try. Though it is only available in one flavor, its cherry flavor tastes great, which is a relief because many powder supplements are quite dull when it comes to flavoring. The mixing capacity is also good except for the Leucine. In general, you can expect Genomyx’s new supplement in the form of Protocol to give you the results you’re seeking for in terms of muscle growth and recovery. There are positive customer reviews to prove that. Of course, there are negative feedbacks as well, but we can only attribute that to the fact that supplements work differently depending on the person using them.

What are the product features?

It helps with muscle recuperation.
It aids in the improvement of stamina.
The price is reasonable.
It helps with getting rid of muscle pains the following morning after an intense workout.
There are decent components involved.

However, the original version of Genomyx’s Protocol has been discontinued replaced with a new one. It also has only one flavor. The leucine in the supplement does not combine very well.