Reviewing the Safety & Efficiency of Cerebria


Cerebria Overview

This brain booster claims to be composed of purely natural components to boost energy, sustain concentration, increase brain functions and overall performance, as well as heighten your focus, lucidity and frame of mind.

In order to obtain this, a distinctive blend of formula is utilized. This formulation consists of tyrosine, alpha GPC, GABA, vinpocetine, bacopa monnieri, and huperzine a, delivering optimal blood circulation to the brain with heightened nutrient and oxygen delivery. As a matter of fact, the company behind Cerebria promises to give genuine results in only within 30 minutes where it can unleash your brain’s hidden capacities as long as used regularly.

For this reason, the supplement’s company says that they have sold over 26 million capsules solely this month.

Whether you’re studying or already working, it’s ideal if you’re mentally sharper and focused in order to have the edge and be noticed. Can this supplement help you gain this much needed edge?

Before anything else, let’s discuss what nootropics are.

Defining Nootropic


Nootropics are a kind of dietary supplements that utilize an assortment of components designed to augment mental capacity and cognitive abilities. This term was coined in 1972.

Even as nootropic supplements obtained prominence on colleges and universities nationally since about 25% of the student populace have used them, these products are receiving widespread recognition now. Brands such as Brain Storm Elite, Neuroflexyn, Evo Brain Pill and, of course, Cerebria are some of the popular ones.

Before we go any further, what is cognition?

Defining Cognition

About Psychology gives the following definition:

“The mental processes involved in gaining knowledge and comprehension. These processes include thinking, knowing, remembering, judging, and problem-solving. These are higher-level functions of the brain and encompass language, imagination, perception, and planning.”

Simply put, cognition is all about our capacity to respond to various internal and external factors around. We’re able to do so by learning and planning. Based on the information on Cerebria’s website, the supplement utilizes a blend of tyrosine, alpha GPC, GABA, vinpocetine, bacopa monnieri and huperzine A to bring out the results as promised by the product’s manufacturer.

In every day doses of 150mg, tyrosine is considered as potentially efficient for boosting mental functions under taxing situations and increasing alertness after being sleep deprived.

Also, 60mg daily doses of vinpocetine could have a slight effect on decreased cognition for people with Alzheimer’s. However, the scientific data with which this information is based from seems to be questionable.

Beyond this, there is inadequate scientific proof showing that the rest of the components in the product can generate any significant benefits that can help improve brain performance and health. Even for those ingredients that show promise, we’re not informed of the dosage of every component, so we can’t tell if the quantity of every ingredient would be enough to make any difference.

What Are the Adverse Reactions Associated with Cerebria?

Despite the uncertainty in the effectiveness of most of its components, the said ingredients are generally safe for human consumption and are not anticipated to produce any adverse manifestations. The only reported side effect is minor stomach discomfort.

About Cerebria’s Manufacturer

This particular product is manufactured by NSS Labs Ltd that is mainly headquartered in London, England. There’s an information security company that uses the same name that is based in Austin, Texas, but it seems to be not related to Cerebria.

As of this writing, NSS Labs Ltd is not registered with the Better Business Bureau. We tried to look them up online, but no results came up. For prospective customers, this should be a cause for concern when the company of the product they’re thinking of purchasing is nowhere to be found online.

Cerebria Cost and Money-Back Guarantee

This product is offered through these 3 buying selections:

1 Bottle (60 capsules): $59.95 plus $ S&H
3 Bottles: $119.91 plus free S&H
5 Bottles: $149.85 plus free S&H

It is a good thing that there’s nothing that indicates it has a free trial with a subsequent autoship program enrollment because this kind of arrangement causes troubles most of the time. As with Cerebria, it seems you’ll only be doing one-time orders only.

Whatever option you go for, Cerebria is also offered with a 30-day money-back guarantee, less shipping and handling fees. But this refund policy is only applicable to unopened bottles with seals on them. Once you open an item, there’s no returning.

For refunds, you have to call their customer support at 888-884-1744.

Cerebria’s Arbitration Agreement

Once you made a purchase, Cerebria automatically binds you into their arbitration agreement. This means that should there be problems as a result of your consumption of the supplements, your legal rights as a customer would be seriously limited. This includes not being able to become part of a trial by jury or a class action lawsuit. So, think about this prior to proceeding with your order of the product as this is an important factor that you should not overlook.

Final Verdict: Is Cerebria Effective for Improving Brain Health & Performance?

In general, nootropic supplements we’ve evaluated here on this site are not well-received by most consumers. Between dozens of customer feedbacks for these brain boosters, they only got an average of 1.5 stars. This is according to customers’ issues of ineffectiveness, steep costs, and inefficient customer support in concerns like getting refunds and many others. However, this does not mean that you’ll experience the same with Cerebria.

But considering the lack of clinical evidence on most of Cerebria’s components and the absence of product label, which renders us clueless of the dosage of each of the ingredient, you can only practice extra caution with using this product.

It will be better, though, if you consult your doctor first if you’re experiencing any memory issues before deciding to take brain supplements you’re not very sure of.