Reviewing the Safety & Efficiency of SkinnyMint Teatox


SkinnyMint Teatox Introduction

SkinnyMint Teatox is defined as a green tea-based system that touts to be helpful in boosting your energy, purifying and revitalizing your body the natural way, getting you to have a healthy lifestyle and helping you obtain your weight loss and overall health objectives. SkinnyMint Teatox is also called the “original 2-step teatox”.

To achieve this, SkinnyMint says that their Teatox is created with comprehensive clinical studies as its backbone. The components also come from purely natural, organic sources that are highly capable of increasing the metabolism, eliminating toxins, alleviating stomach upset like bloating, and torching of fat without requiring you to change your diet or take weight loss pills.

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The trademarked SkinnyMint Teatox formula is professionally developed in Germany. It has the following options:

Morning Boost: a formulation that’s suitable for your morning drink, which consists of guarana, green tea, and Yerba Mate. These are all developed to optimize the components that can increase your energy.

Night Cleanse: this one is ideal for drinking every second night. It has ginger root, licorice root, lemon grass, senna leaves, and psyllium husk for cleansing and detoxifying the body.

Though you’re not particularly into drinking teas, the manufacturer of Teatox believes you’ll make an exception with their product since it can generate health gains and even weight loss results. All things considered, can you really expect these benefits? Is detoxifying even important to begin with?

Let’s find out more how SkinnyMint Teatox is created.

Product Development

The company behind Teatox says that the formulas in all their Teatox products are exclusively patented. They’re also especially developed with components that work hand in hand in one harmonizing process. Simply put, these components are more effectual when combined than when used singly.

Morning Boost

preview-full-what-is-the-best-weight-loss-plan-for-women-oceanside7-blue-tape-400SkinnyMint asserts that their Morning Boost is sweet and fruity tasting. It also smells good. Its content is of distinctive formulation that is said to be valuable in terms of giving you an energy boost to last the day productively. Apart from this benefit, this is also said to be helpful in repressing your desire for foods. It has eight super components in the forms of green tea, yerba mate, nettle leaves, dandelion, guarana fruit, grapefruit leaves, strawberries, and pineapples.

To further, Morning Boost is marketed as a suitable substitute for your morning coffee. Consumption of this could even help you to stop yourself from consuming drinks that are high in sugar like sodas and energy drinks. Instead you get to drink something that’s tasty but natural and healthy.

Night Cleanse

This, on the other hand, is the company’s blend that doesn’t have caffeine. It touts to naturally cleanse and detoxify the body, as well as aid in the more effective absorption of nutrients in the body, which results to your Teatox’s optimized positive effects. The components in this blend are ginger root, orange leaves, lemongrass, senna leaves, peppermint, licorice root, hawthorn berries, and psyllium husk.

Teatox’s manufacturer said that Night Cleanse must be consumed alternately every other night. But if you’re already tolerant to this, you can drink this every night. It is important to note that it is not advised to take Night Cleanse for over 14 nights each month.

After discussing the basics of SkinnyMint Teatox options, let’s move on to its components and whether they’re effectual or not.

The Efficacy of the Components

Generally, the clinical proof that green tea, yerba mate, nettle leaves, dandelion, guarana fruit, ginger root, hawthorn berries in SkinnyMint Teatox can generate the results as touted by its company is weak and lacking. Also, there are many other components in the formula that were included for flavoring purposes and not to enhance its potency.

Still, it was shown that senna leaves and psyllium can potentially alleviate constipation while ginger can lessen menstrual cramps.

Overall, the efficacy of the components relies on your expectations of what they can do.

But if you check the company site, you can see before and after images and even the company’s name itself, SkinnyMint, implies that their products can promote weight loss and facilitate detoxifying.

On the other hand, as previously stated, the clinical data indicating that SkinnyMint Teatox products is effective for losing weight is weak and lacking.