Is Ripped Muscle X Effective?

About Ripped Muscle X

Ripped Muscle X claims to be a muscle building supplement that can help users get ripped muscles, lose weight, obtain strength, increase energy, and enhance libido. This particular supplement is only accessible through online purchase. As of this writing, it is not revealed who the manufacturer of this supplement is.

Product Assertions

Based on the assertions made on the official site, Ripped Muscle X can increase your energy levels and endurance. Aside from these benefits, you will also notice that your body continues to develop as you continue using Ripped Muscle X. The company behind Ripped Muscle X also makes other claims about what this supplement can do. It is said that this product can also be useful in terms of weight loss. The weight loss result that can be provided by Ripped Muscle X is also fast and easy, as claimed by the information posted on the site. Moreover, the supplement is developed in a way that brings out results more instantly. It boosts energy levels to fuel your workouts and decreases body fat by accelerating your metabolism and digestion sans the adverse reactions.

Ingredient Profile

The official site where it is available does not give elaborate information on what the components are in Ripped Muscle X. But thanks to research, the ingredients of the supplement are as follows:

L-Arginine and L-Citrulline – these amino acids are connected to Nitric Oxide, which helps in increasing blood flow, particularly to muscles during training and recuperation periods. Greater blood circulation also means better sexual functions.

Acai Berry – it is said to boost the user’s energy levels, as well as improve digestive functions and immune system.
Beta-Alanine – this is an amino acid that is intended for increasing energy levels and helping with muscular exhaustion, which delivers greater outcomes.
Zinc – this is said to be ideal to help in muscle growth and repair.
Creatine Citrate – this aids in giving great muscle functions during training. It also activates further muscle development.
Green Tea – this is a potent antioxidant, which can fight off free radicals.

It is important to note that this ingredient list did not come from its official site.

Product Features

The primary components in Ripped Muscle X are intended for delivering enhanced oxygen and blood flow to the muscles.

Ripped Muscle X is said to help you fuel your training and enhance the body’s mechanism to recuperate.

The components we think are present in Ripped Muscle X are known in the workout industry and have the potential to deliver positive results.

The official site says there’s a free trial available.

On the other hand, we didn’t find a lot of user feedbacks discussing Ripped Muscle X’s effectiveness.

Adverse Reactions

The components we think Ripped Muscle X contains are not dangerous. They’re usually the ingredients used in products like this one. However, the official site where Ripped Muscle X is available doesn’t have a list of components, so technically we’re not sure of what it really contains. In this case, it’s hard to measure the possible side effects if we don’t know the components it has in its formula.

Product Safety

This particular supplement doesn’t have any remarkable precautions, just the usual ones. Ripped Muscle X must be used by those 18 and above. It’s not ideal for women who are expecting or nursing. Due to the possibility of being added with banned substances, athletes in NCAA or other huge sports must not use the product to avoid its risks.

Potential Interactions

It is advised that you speak with your doctor first prior to using this product. Also, if you have any re-existing conditions and is taking medications for it, it’s best to see your doctor.

Product Price

Ripped Muscle X is only available through a 14-day free trial, in which you will be charged for the shipping charge only. However, failure to cancel your registration will result to your enrollment to their autoship program, which means you will continue receiving a fresh supply of Ripped Muscle X per month. With this, your credit card will be billed $87.63 for every monthly delivery.

Moreover, the company only gives you 14 days to try Ripped Muscle X when its official site says that it takes about three months to notice any significant results.

The Takeaway

Nowadays there are so many products that claim to increase muscle growth and restoration, as well as help with energy boosting and endurance during training while the body’s mechanism to burn fat is also heightened. Ripped Muscle X claims the same benefits. However it’s hard to weigh its potential because there’s no product label available.