Signs Your Partner Wants to Have Sex

woman wanting sex from her man who takes Progentra

When it comes to sex, men and women approach the topic as differently as two people possibly can. If you’re in a new relationship, it can feel like getting a new car, only to find it a stick shift, whereas you’ve only driven gear shift all your life: you’ve made it so far as to actually get in comfortably, but now you have to relearn almost everything else.

No two women are alike in how they communicate, especially in how they communicate they’re ready for sex. Every woman has a different time where they’re ready, and a different means and approach to informing you. However, there are patterns that are common across most women that can give you a good idea as to what they want. So if you’re a man who’s entered a new relationship with a woman, and you want to know when the right time is to start introducing sex, here are the most common signs women tend to employ to let you know they’re at least ready for the topic to be brought up. This article will focus on straight couples, as same sex couples and how they communicate is an entire article in itself.

She invites you to her house

Just to be clear, this is not an instant indication that she wants to jump in bed with you, necessarily, but it’s definitely a clear sign that she feels comfortable enough around you that she’s willing to be alone with you. It’s a definite sign of trust, of her saying that she’s willing to be alone in an empty house with you for the night. And if she wants to have sex, the other signs on this list will not be too far behind this one. Remember to keep taking it slow and respect whatever boundaries she may still have, whatever they may be. She’s putting a lot of trust in you by doing this, so keep that in mind.

She’s comfortable with other physical activities

woman pulling in her man who takes Progentra close to her to kissThis includes cuddling on the couch or in bed, kissing in public, or just leaning against you while watching TV Women on average take a while to get going when it comes to arousal, needing to be comfortable partaking in less sensual but no less romantic physical activities before they’re ready for the big one. And like the introduction said, this may take one night, it may take months. It depends on how serious the two of you are taking the relationship, and on what type of person she is. These small actions are a great first step towards further intimacy, showing that she’s willing to be held and kissed by you, and that soon, she’ll be open to the rest. As always, the key is patience.

She lets you into her personal life

The clearest sign that you’re getting closer to a woman is she starts introducing you to her family and her personal life. It shows she’s confident that you’re not going anywhere anytime soon, and that she can start letting down her walls and let you into her life.

As odd as the practice seems at face value, this is why a common ritual among couples is for them to meet their parents or siblings. It’s a sign of confidence and trust that their family will accept you if this relationship goes further. This should also be around the time you show her to your family, and start letting her in on any personal baggage you may have. Obviously your mileage may vary depending on said baggage, but if she’s opening up to you, it’s a sign of willing vulnerability that you should at least reciprocate somewhat as a sign that you also trust her that much.

She starts licking her lips a lot

Maybe you like a woman who loves to take the initiative, showing you straight up, on no uncertain terms, that she wants to jump your bones. One seduction method women often employ is licking their lips whenever they look at you. A lot. This habit is very hard to fake, and is not done this much by accident. It’s a subconscious response used when they’re undressing you with their eyes. And if they pair this practice up with the next entry on this list, it’s a guarantee that she’s sending you deliberate signals.

She starts wearing sexier clothing when you’re alone

woman wearing sexy clothes attracting man in bed who takes ProgentraSo you come over to her house for Halloween movie night. She tells you to go ahead and put the movie in, while she’s getting ready. When she comes out, she’s wearing a lacy nighty that would barely qualify as a shirt, let alone a dress. She acts like nothing is wrong, but you sense this coy tone in her voice, a wryness that suggests she knows exactly what her outfit is doing to you. This will probably be paired up with her doing things that she’s figured out by now are your turn ons (if you think she doesn’t know, then she definitely knows). Unless you are denser than the core of a dying star, your first step should be turning off the movie and giving her your full attention.

She straight up tells you

Some women are nervous about sex, not wanting to be that intimate with the wrong person, even if they do want to bed you. However, some women are not, and, when you are sufficiently close enough, will just outright tell you that you turn them on and they want to have sex. Granted, this will usually come after several minutes of seduction and making out, and may not be as blunt as this entry is making it sound, but you’ll know when she’s telling you. If your girlfriend is so utterly aroused by you that they forego seduction and tell you that they want you to take them to bed, you will most definitely know it when you hear it.

As was said in the introduction, no two women are alike. Some will be open about their wish to go down on you, and some will be more shy and hesitant. It’s important to communicate clearly with your girlfriend and figure out her tells so that when you both have sex, it’ll be the best thing in the world for the both of you.