How to Talk Dirty to Your Girl, and How It’s Effective for Not Only Sex


When it comes to talking dirty, most guys are afraid or are too embarrassed to do so. This is mainly because when guys think of talking dirty, the most disgusting things immediately pop in to their heads, and they would be right. Saying what they are thinking out loud probably isn’t a good idea, and they should keep that to themselves.

What most guys don’t realize is what they consider to be dirty talk, and what women consider to be dirty talk are two completely different things. Something as simple as saying “wow your hair really feels soft and smells great” can be seen as talking dirty as well. Talking dirty ranges from sensual from downright disgusting, with everything in between.

If you don’t have any experience on the low end, even the thought of saying something on the other side of the spectrum can make you cringe. This is why it is important to practice doing both, preferably starting with easier compliments because if you have no experience even something as innocuous as moaning out loud can be awkward and uncomfortable for you.

Practicing Talking Dirty Without Looking Creepy


The last thing we want to do when talking dirty to a woman is to make ourselves look or appear like the creepy old uncle that no one wants to talk to at family events. We want to complement and be flirtatious without crossing that line where she is just uncomfortable or even worse just repulsed at what we say.

Practicing talking dirty can be especially problematic if you are married, even more so if you have been so for a long period of time. If you are looking to practice talking dirty then you obviously don’t do so regularly, and in practicing you make get an eye roll or even in some cases the look of death. This can get you down but there is no need to worry.
You should only feel like a creep when you aren’t being genuine, usually as the result of trying to be too flirtatious. You are trying to get out of your comfort zone by practicing here, but it is important to stay true to yourself. Your significant other fell for you in part because of your personality, so do go looking to change that by saying things and acting like some dirty old man.

Sound Effects

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If you are especially shy, sticking to primal vocalizations may work for you. It sounds ridiculous but vocalizing your pleasure lets your partner know that he or she is doing a good job, and that you are enjoying what they are doing.

Sometimes a loud roar or soft purr can be as effective if not more than some drawn out speech that you obviously thought up beforehand. Whatever you can do to cheer your partner on and encourage them will make all the difference. Sex will be more exciting and enjoyable for you and your partner.