Tips For Performing Your Best in the Bedroom

couple in bed man performing better with Progentra

Every guy wants to be able to give their all in the bedroom. It’s wrapped up in our self-identity, to some extent; it validates us as men when we can give our partner a mind-blowing time. But, especially as we age, it gets harder and harder to perform at our peak. Growing older is no reason to give up, though. There are tons of avenues available for the man who wants to boost their performance in a safe and healthy way. There’s no need to ever feel inadequate when you can take your performance into your own hands.


If you don’t get regular exercise, that’s likely to take a significant toll on your sex life. Working out is vital to your body performing healthily, and that counts for your sexual organs as well. If you get a lot of cardio, then that will strengthen your heart over time and keep it pumping strong. Achieving and maintaining erections is pretty much an issue of blood flow, so the better your blood is flowing, longer and harder you’ll be able to maintain an erection.

Furthermore, the best sex involves a good deal of strength and stretching. If you want to be able to toss your partner around, then get yourself on a weight lifting routine. Yoga and tai chi, on the other hand, are perfect exercises for making yourself more flexible and capable of trying more varied and interesting positions. As sex is a fundamentally physical activity, exercising more will make you better at pretty much every aspect of sex.

Eat Right

Exercise isn’t the only thing that will keep your blood flowing stronger. There are a number of foods that are good for your blood flow; bananas will help lower your blood pressure, omega-3 rich fish and nuts will lower your cholesterol, onions and garlic increase your overall blood flow, and natural spicy foods reduce inflammation and hypertension. All of that will get help out your blood flow, which in turn will help your erection. There are also foods that will naturally boost your libido, aphrodisiacs like chocolate or oysters. They say you are what you eat, so if you want to be a fantastic lover, you’re going that have to eat the right fuel. Eating healthier, and avoiding junk food, will also make you taste better, so doing so will make your partner thank you.


woman holding handcuffs in bedroom better sex with ProgentraSex isn’t all about physicality and biology. The best sex is between partners who openly and honestly communicate with each other. If you have hangups about sexual discussion, try to confront them. You can’t have good sex without talking about it. Ask questions of your partner, ask them what they might want to try, let them know what you might want as well. See if there are any things that make your partner feel uncomfortable, and let them know that you won’t judge them.

The more you’re able to communicate your own wants, desires, and concerns, and the more that your partner can do the same, the more you’ll be able to enjoy sex together. Communication is the bedrock of any relationship; whether it’s your wife of many years or a casual friend with benefits, being able to talk about sex will always make it better.


You don’t have to settle for regular, vanilla sex. It’s possible that vanilla sex is all that you ever want, and if that’s the case, don’t feel pressured to try crazy things. On the other hand, if you are curious about trying new things, don’t hold back. Discuss with your partner new experiences that you might want to try, and explore free of shame. Read up on what other people have to say; you can garner wisdom and learn new things to try from what others have done before you. If you’re not sure whether you’ll like something or not, try it; if you don’t like it, then don’t seek it again. Experimenting will widen your boundaries and provide you with better sex over all.


Often times, trouble achieving or maintaining an erection has nothing to do with biology or anything physical. Sometimes, it’s entirely in your own head. You start to lose the erection a little bit in the middle of the act, and it starts to make you worry. You focus on trying to bring it back, but the more you focus, the more it goes away. Ultimately, this is a psychological problem. Trying to “make” yourself perform through sheer force of will is roughly the same as deliberately not thinking of a pink elephant. It’s counterproductive. If you start to have issues with your erection, don’t force it to come back. Just relax, and enjoy the sensations, instead of trying to correct the course. The more you’re able to relax, the more likely it is to come back and stay longer.


If you have trouble lasting long enough, then masturbating is a good way to help you maintain for longer. If you can masturbate in the same day that you’re expecting to have a sexual encounter, then you can clear out the pipes, so to speak, and last longer once it comes time for the big event. Of course, it can work the other way; if you last too long, or if you have trouble maintaining an erection at all, masturbating before sex might just make the experience worse.


man taking Progentra pills before making love to wifeYou don’t need to take a pill in order to maintain an erection. There are perfectly natural supplements available on the market that don’t require a prescription and don’t come with a laundry list of potential side effects. Using natural ingredients like the south american plant maca, supplements will keep you performing better, lasting longer, and enjoying the experience more. The best part about natural supplements is that they don’t have to be a cure for anything; even young men who can perform perfectly fine can take supplements and have their sexual prowess enhanced.