Wash Your Socks Boys! – 5 First Date Turn-Offs for Women


You’re all dressed up and raring to go, but when you hit the bar, ladies just do not find you attractive. Maybe you get in conversation but before you know it they are dipping out and making excuses to leave. Why is this? Maybe you get all the way to the bedroom, only to find them recoil without explanation. A sensitive creatures, there are several things that really turn women off. And while some of these things may seem less than dramatic, women’s sex drives are complex and can switch to off with the tiniest dirty fingernail. So consider these things and try to avoid them if you can.

Fingernail disasters

Young woman making rude gesture on a bad date You may have a job working on a dirty building site or working with cars, but bringing your unkempt fingernails near a lady is purely disrespectful. Think about it like this. Your intention is to have sex with that women. One the one hand, you either intend to use those dirty nails to give her pleasure, which is disgusting. Equally, long fingernails incite the feeling of terror in women who don’t want to be internally stabbed. Either way, it’s a big no in a woman’s eyes. Keep your fingernails in good shape by taking Optimal Omega to help keep them healthy looking.

 2. Arrogance and rudeness

Be careful how you treat those around you on a date. While you may act like Prince Charming to her, if you treat the waiters like dirt, she will notice. This will give her an indicator of your deeper personality. Arrogant men in public are usually arrogant in bed, and she is likely looking for someone to share a sexual relationship with, not find someone who thinks they are the best at one. Keep your ego in check.

 3. Wearing your work clothes out

Men who don’t wear different clothes to work as they wear out to a date are just asking for trouble. This shows women that you don’t have a strong social life. Alternatively, it shows them you couldn’t be bothered to wash and change before you came to meet them. Either way, it doesn’t give a good impression.

 4. Not being generous or being too lavish

On the one hand, it is cliche to think that women like nice things. However, they don’t like to feel constricted. If she wants dessert, give her dessert. If she wants another drink then buy one. Conversely, women are not fans of men who feel that they need to splash their cash around. A conservative man who is willing to treat a woman is a turn on. A man who isn’t willing to go out of his way for her, or who likes to show off, can both be seen as a turn-off.

 5. If you tell her she’s ‘different to other girls’.


To you, this might sound like the complement of the hour. What you are saying to her is that in your eyes she stands out. To the woman’s ears, this will sound like ‘I have a low opinion of women in general, and I rarely deem them worthy of my attention, however, you have proven to be a special little fairy’. Not only do they find it condescending, it sounds pretty downright arrogant.

 6. You turn out when she’s talking

She can see if you’re not interested and she won’t respond kindly to it. If you can’t engage in conversation, how well will you really engage in the bedroom? Keep a keen eye and be an active listener.

 Don’t get caught up in your own hype, she’s watching like a hawk!